(Part: 22) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

Part: 22 We in the swimming Poll

I woke up the next morning and a bright smile flashed on my face as I saw my Princess’s beautiful face. Last night after our Master and Princess session, I took her to our room. She is sleeping on her one side, facing me, placing her one arm around me and other under her head. Our naked bodies are partially covered with the comforter. She is heavily beautiful. I can gaze at her all day.

She also woke after a minute, smiling widely. “Good morning, Master.”

“Good Morning, Princess.” I placed a kiss on her cheek.

“Sleep well?” I asked.

She put her hand over my face and moved closer. “With you, I sleep well every night.” She answered and sucked my lips lovingly.

My eyebrows creased as my eyes fell over the light reds marks around her wrists. Last night, I shouldn’t have tied her so tightly with the ropes. I held the fingers of her hand and stared at the marks guiltily.

I swept my eyes to her face and apologised, “I’m sorry for these marks.” I placed a few soft and tender kisses there.

“Don’t be sorry, these marks are not hurting me.”She will never accept in front of me even if I hurt her.

“I won’t tie you from next time.” As I declared, she raised her brows in surprise.

“I enjoyed a lot, last night, Sidharth. All those positions were incredible and I want you to tie me in every different position. I want to experience every possible position with you.” She’s crazy. I shook my head in disbelief.

“Can’t you see that I’ve hurt you?” I asked, showing the marks to her. I’m angry with myself for giving her those marks to her.

She instantly answered me back, “I can’t see because you haven’t hurt me, Sidharth. These are light marks which will disappear in a day. Trust me, last night was incredible. Don’t regret for the last night.” She explained to me.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yes.” She nodded her head. “Look it is not hurting.” She pressed her wrist to show me that it is not hurting her.

“I never want to hurt you, Princess. Promise me, if I ever hurt you, you will tell me.”

She gazed at me deeply and spoke with full confidence. “I’m hundred percent sure, you will never hurt me.” I smiled slightly after seeing her faith in me. She trusts me more than I trust myself.

“But still I want you to promise me.” I’m stubborn. She shook her head in disbelief.

“Okay, promise, I’ll tell you if you hurt me.” I grinned, she added, “But that day will never come.”

I grinned widely and took her into my protective arms. “I love you so much.”

She snuggled in my arms. “I love you more, Master.” She murmured.

The day flew away, I went to college and came back home in the afternoon to have lunch with her. After that, I went to the office. At night I came late, exhausted. My all tiredness vanished away after coming into my Princess’s arms. We had dinner and slept peacefully in each other arms after the good night kiss.

Next morning, we planned to have some fun in the swimming pool.

I’m in the swimming pool waiting for her. I have a small surprise for my Princess. My lips curved up into a broad smile as my eyes fell over her. She is strolling towards the swimming pool, gazing at me. She’s wearing my black shirt, her hair is tied up in a messy bun. She stood outside of the swimming pool and grinned at me before opening the first button of the shirt. She slowly and sexily opened all the buttons. She is seducing me by biting her lower lip and giving me a seductive look. She pulled the shirt out of her arms and revealed the red hot bikini which she is wearing. I’m dead after seeing her tempting body. She aroused me utterly with her this look. I’m gazing at her with open mouth. She is stepping into the pool from the stairs sexily, arousing me more.

I reached over her and pinned her against the pool by grasping her waist. I leaned down and moved closer to her ear. “You’re doing this to me, Princess,” I whispered in her ear and ground my hardness against her.

We gazed into each other passionately and my hands travelled up and clasped her face. “You’re irresistible, Princess.” I breathed against her lips before sucking them lovingly and wildly. She placed her wet hands over my chest and kissed me back. My hands trailed down her back and unhooked the strap. I moved my hands all over back, sending the chills down her spine. As I squeezed her twins, she moaned in my mouth. We kissed each other hungrily and deeply like we’re kissing after ages.

After the kiss, we are gazing into each other eyes fondly, breathing heavily. Now it is time to give her the surprise. I slid my hand into the pocket of my short and took out a small waterproof bullet vibrator. She has no idea that I’m going to use the vibrator in the swimming also. I just can’t wait to see the expression on her face.

I turned on the vibrator, and as I placed it over her inner thigh inside the water, she widened her eyes and raised her brows in surprise. I grinned, rubbing it against her. She shut her eyes and pressed her lips, enjoying the sensation.

“Do you like it, Princess?” I asked, rubbing it vigorously.

As she didn’t answer me, I turned it off. She instantly opened her eyes and gave me an irritated look. Her eyes are begging me to turn it on.

“You didn’t answer me,” I answered her unasked question.

“I want you to turn it on because I’m loving it.” I grinned devilishly and turned it on. Now I’m kissing her neck and shoulder, holding the vibrator with my one hand and massaging her twins with my free hand. She is moaning in pleasure and her sweet moans are making me harder and harder.

I turned off the vibrator and kept it on the floor outside of the swimming pool. “Now I just can’t wait to come inside you,” I said huskily, sliding her undies down her legs.

She raised her brows in surprise and asked, “here?”

I smiled. “Yes, here because I’m aroused.” As I placed her hand over my crotch, she flushed.

I took off my short. I grasped her waist and shoved into her after pinning her against the wall. She screamed, digging her nails into my skin. Her arms encircled around my neck. She wrapped her legs around me, and I thrust her hard and fast. This is the first time, we’re making love in the swimming pool and the experience is incredible. Everything is tremendous with my Princess.

Miss this story?

Hope you enjoy the part after a long time.

Love Mehak

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