(Part: 23 A Painful Decision) {Manan} Master And His Princess

After having breakfast with my Princess, I went to college. Now I’m coming back home from the college, driving my car, stressed. I’m lost in thinking about my Princess.

I don’t know when the police will find that girl who is behind us. My Princess is a free bird, but she has been caged in my house because of her. I can’t let her suffer because of her.

I came on the earth back as my phone rang up. I glanced at the phone which is kept on the passenger seat to see the caller Id before picking up the call from the AirPods.

“Hello, Dad,” I answered the call, concentrating on the road.

“Hi, are you free? I want to talk about something very important.” He is sounding very serious and this made me anxious.

“Is everything fine?” I asked, concerned for him.

“I’ll talk when we meet. Don’t tell Nandini about this.” Now I can sense there is something very serious.

“Okay, I’m coming home,”

He uttered, cutting my words. “No, not at home. Meet me at the clouds cafe.”

“Okay, I will reach there within fifteen minutes.” I disconnected the call with a gloomy expression. My heart is thumping with fright. I’m feeling like there is something very serious.

I drove the car as fast as possible and reached the cafe in no time. I parked the car and rushed inside. My eyes fell over dad who is sitting at the corner seat. He looks gloomy and his eyes are brimmed with the tears. He gave me a dejected look as I reached his table. I settled down before him on the chair and placed my hands and phone on the table. He is staring at me with brooding eyes. He is scaring me with his expression.

I took a deep breath and asked, “Dad, what’s the matter?”

A tear streamed down his cheek as he shuttered, “I-I want you do-do some-something for me, Manik. Will you do?” His lips are trembling.

“Of course, anything for you, Dad.” I agreed instantly and held his hand with my both hands. He gazed at me with his sorrowful eyes and few more tears trickled down his cheeks. My tension is increasing, seeing him in this condition.

“I-I, wa-want you,” he shut his eyes and pursed his lips. I squeezed his hand to assure him that I’m with him.

He opened his eyes and completed his sentence. “I want you to leave my daughter.”

I gasped, my eyes shot up in shock at him, my hands left his hand and my lips quirked disbelievingly as he asked me to leave Nandini, my Princess, my whole world. How could he ask me to leave her?

“No, I’ll never leave her.” I shook my head. “I can’t live without her.”

“Anjali met with an accident, today. She is in a hospital,”

I widened my eyes in shock. “What? Mom is in hospital. Is she fine?” I asked anxiously, cutting his words.

“She’s fine, but her life and Nandini’s life are in danger. Today, I got a call from an unknown number and she threatened me that if I let my daughter to date you, she will kill Anjali and Nandini both. You’re a nice person, and you’re like my son. I know I’m doing wrong with you, but it’s about my wife and daughter. Don’t you want their safety?” I’m utterly numb after listening to his words. My biggest fear of losing people whom I love is coming true.

No, No, I can’t lose her, mom, dad, my family, there has to be the other way out.

“You all can live safely with me in my house. Cops will find that person soon, Dad.” I tried to explain him and few tears rushed down my cheeks.

“I have lost my son already, and I had almost lost my wife. Now I can’t go through that same pain again. You’re dangerous for my family, Manik and you have to go away from my family. Put yourself in my shoes and think. Think as a father and a husband. Would you let your daughter stay with someone who is becoming a threat to her and your family?” As he asked, I pursed my lips to control my sobs.

I would have done the same what dad is doing if I were in his place. Sometimes to protect your loved ones, you have to go away from them. This is the hard truth of life which I have to accept.

I’m dangerous for my Princess and mom. They both are the most important person of my life who brought light into my dark life. Now I can’t even imagine my life without them. Why God always do this to me? I was happy after ages and now this happened. I have to go away from their life for their safety. I can’t put their life at risk because of me. I need them badly in my life, but if something happened to anyone of them, I would never able to forgive myself. I have to live without them to keep them safe. I’m a threat to their life. My past life is risky for them. It can’t ruin their life. They will live safely without me always. I will not put my Princess and mom’s life at risk because of me, not anymore. Dad is right, I have to go away from them.

My heart is aching painfully. “You-you are saying right, I have to go away from their life.” My lips quivered, and I cried hysterically, squeezing my eyes shut. I have to go away from my Princess who is peace of my life. I can’t live without her, still, I have to leave her. If I leave her, she will hate me. I’m ready to bear his hatred, but I can’t put her life in danger. I’m feeling so wretched.

As Dad clasped my hands, I opened my eyes. “I’m sorry, but I don’t have any other option. It is hurting me a lot to send you away from us, you’re like my son and you always be my son. I’m there for you always. Your father is always there for you, my child.” We both cried in agony, gazing at each other. My chest became heavy and my heart is aching terribly and painfully. I never thought that one day, I’ll take the decision of leaving my Princess who is like oxygen to me. I can’t survive a single second without her, but now I’ve to leave her, for her.

“Dad, my Princess, how-how will I-I explain her all this? Will she-she agree for this?” I stammered, crying bitterly.

“She won’t agree, therefore, I asked you to meet me alone. Do anything, but don’t tell-tell about all this to Nandini and Anjali both. They both will never agree to-to let you go.” I turned my face to another side and cried, shutting my eyes and pressing my lips together. It is hurting me a lot. My heart is throbbing with intense pain.

I startled as my phone rang up which I had kept on the table a few minutes ago. I moved my eyes down at the phone and squeezed my eyes in agony after watching the caller ID.

I composed myself and wiped off my tears before placing the phone over my ear. Dad was staring at me, distressed.

“Hello,” I answered the call, scratching my neck.

“Manik, where are you? I’m starving and waiting for you to have lunch with you.” A fresh tear trickled down my cheek.

She can’t even have her lunch without me, how would she live without me? My soul trembled with this thought.

“I… I got stuck in some work. You have your lunch.” I stammered a bit and rubbed my forehead with my thumb.

“No, I will take the lunch with you when you come back. Your Princess is missing you a lot, Master.” My heart ached and I bit my lower lip to control my sob.

“O… Okay, I’m coming.” I just disconnected the call and cried hysterically, shutting my eyes in anguish, moving my hand into my hair and pursing my lips. I’m shuddering at the thought of living without my Princess. I’m feeling like someone is squeezing my heart. I can’t live without my Princess, but I’ve to.

My biggest fear of living without her is coming true. I’m feeling like the whole world is collapsing in front of my eyes. Living without her is like living without heart and soul, living like a dead soul.

So what do you think, what will happen next?

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update..
    Poor manik why he is the one to always someone he loves first his mother and now nandu and her mom…
    Now he has to bear the pain of there separation and make nandu hate him so she will leave him and go which will hurt more…
    Hope god gives him enough courage and patience to go through all this alone…


  2. Okay…I don’t know what you have planned ahead but this was unacceptable😞😞
    I wonder what will manik do and how will his actions affect Nandini but I trust you that you will make them meet for sure😌❤️


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