(Part: 24 The Last Kiss) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

Part: 24 The Last Kiss

I’m crying in agony, wondering how I’ll survive without my Princess. Dad rose from his chair, he walked over me and stood behind me.

He placed his hand over my shoulder and squeezed it. “I’m sorry. I never want-want to do this with you.” I moved my sorrowful eyes at him, he was crying too.

“I know, Dad. I know you’re helpless like me. We can’t do anything because it’s about mom and Princess’s safety.” I halt to breathe deeply. “I don’t want, anybody, to harm them again because of me.” I bit the corner of my lower lip and squeezed my eyes shut.

I continued after composing myself. “If anything happens to them because of me, I will never able to forgive myself.” I shook my head at him, tears are trickling down my cheeks constantly.

I wiped my tears and inhaled deeply, closing my eyes. “I’ll go away from their life, for them,” I told him my final decision, staring at him.

As I stood up, Dad hugged me tightly. “I’m always there for you. You can call me anytime you need me.” I cried in his arms like a small kid and he rubbed my back to console me.

I cried all the way from the cafe to the farmhouse. My whole body is aching with the piercing sadness. Living without my Princess is living without heart and soul. I stopped the car and cried loudly, resting my head over the steering and clutching it tightly. I want this pain to end, but deep inside I know, it just the beginning of my sufferings. I’m shattered utterly.

I wiped my tears and composed myself before stepping out of the car. Now I’ve to face my Princess. I don’t know how will I control my emotions in front of her. How will I smile in front of her when my heart is crying inside me?

I plodded into the house with the heavy heart, my lips are drawn down and my eyes are filled with pain. Today is the last day which I’m going to spend with my Princess, after that I have to live without her because I’m a threat to her life.

I saw her sitting in the hall, talking to someone over the phone. A smile instantly touched my lips as I watched her laughing and giggling adorably. She’s so breathtakingly gorgeous. I got lost in her, forgetting everything. I forget about the whole world every time I look at her smiling face.

I felt a stabbing pain in my chest as I realised I’m watching her laughing and giggling for the last night. A solitary tear streamed down my cheeks mechanically. As she shifted her gaze to me, I turned my face to another side and wiped off my tear hastily. I instantly looked back at her, plastering a smile on my face.

She is strolling over me, smiling widely. “I missed you a lot, Master.” She rested her head over my chest and wrapped her arms around my back firmly. I instantly held her in my warm arms, wondering if I will ever hold her in my arms again. I pulled her closer to myself and held her tightly and securely. Her arms are heaven on earth for me. They take away all my stress and fear, I don’t know how will I survive without them. Few fresh tears trickled down my cheeks, my heart is aching with piercing sadness. I’m pulling her closer and closer to myself, feeling like to store her in my protective arms forever. I can’t live without her, I can’t live without the peace of my life.

“Are you alright?” As she asked me concernedly, I came on the earth back. I instantly wiped off my tears before breaking the hug. She’s staring at me anxiously.

“Actually, Princess, tomorrow I have to go out of Mumbai for a few days. I have some work. Therefore, I’m a bit upset.” As I lied to her, rubbing the nose, her eyes glinted with the sadness and her lips drew down. My heart broke down a bit more as I saw the sadness on her face. I always want to see smile on face. I’m going to snatch her happiness by going away from her. Oh God, this is so difficult.

“What? For how many days?” She asked, becoming sad.

How do I tell her that even I don’t know for how long I’m going away from her?

“For three days.” I again lied to her. It is so difficult to lie to my Princess.

“So I have to live here alone without you?” She pouted disappointedly.

“I’m thinking to drop you at your home tomorrow.” I’m fighting back with my tears difficultly.

“Am I safe there?” She asked instantly.

You’re safe at all the places where I’m not with you. I’m dangerous to you. This is the hard truth of our life which I’ve accepted it. I wish I could make you understand this. You can live in my heart, but not with me.

I took a deep breath and explained to her. “Your house is also fully secured. If you live here alone, it will be more dangerous.”

“Can’t I go with you? You know, now it has become so difficult for me to stay without you even for a few hours because I’m addicted to you like people become addicted to drugs and alcohol.” I felt a sharp pain in my heart and fought back with my tears difficultly after listening to her words.

She is also like a drug to me, but now I’ve to spend my life without my drug.

“You will be more secure at your home, Princess.” I clasped her face and caressed her soft cheeks with my thumbs. I don’t know if I could again touch her those cheeks. I’m blankly gazing in her bewitching black eyes, wondering, “will I ever gaze in her intense eyes after today.”

She pouted disappointedly at me. “Okay.” I bit the corner of my lip to control my emotions which are overflowing inside me, trying to come out.

She grasped my collars and yanked me closer to herself. “Your Princess will miss you a lot, Master. Try to come soon, don’t make your Princess wait.” I just gazed at her sadly, controlling my emotions.

“I love you a lot, Master.” She whispered against my lips and sent the thrills down my spine. She pecked my lips and as she moved away from me, I clasped her face and sealed her lips with mine after pulling her closer to myself. I sucked her lips hungrily and my fingers went into her soft and silky hair. I’m kissing and exploring every corner of her mouth with my tongue insanely, making her breathless. I want to keep kissing her lips till infinity because this is the last time I’m tasting her delicious lips. My heart is sinking because I’m just wondering while kissing her lips that this is our last kiss. I start up my day with this kiss and end up the day with this kiss, I don’t know how will I survive without it. My chest became heavy with the intense pain, tears welled up in my eyes and rolled down my cheeks mechanically.

“I can’t live without my Princess.” My heart is screaming inside me in agony. My every part of the body is aching thinking at the thought of living without her. She is the only peace of my life and staying without her is utterly impossible.

As we broke the kiss, my bottom lip quivered and big tears rolled down my cheeks. I became hysterical and started crying in anguish, pressing my face against her. I just wanted to cry heart aloud. I’m sniffing like a baby. I’m crying, forgetting everything, not thinking about the consequences. I just can’t hide my emotions from my Princess, but now what I’ll say to her.

So what do you think, will he tell her that he’s going away from her?

Love Mehak


  1. Kisi chahne wale se jhut bolke alag hona bahut painful hota hai …. I know how much it pains …ye mai ne khud experience kiya hai apni life me …but idhar Sid door sana n mom ki safety k liye jara ha hai …. Mai is pain se bahut acha relate karti hun


  2. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manik ketna pain mai hai woh by just thinking he has to go away from his princess and this is something which even he cant avoid…
    To save the lifes of the people he loves he has to go away he knows that but the pain which he is going through he didnt deserve that poor baby…
    Nandu unknowingly is increasing his pain and now he is thinking how will he live without her when she is his breath which he takes…


  3. So I’m gonna say this only there manik is crying as he is leaving her and here I’m feeling bad for his helplessness 😭😭💔. This separation track is going to be very emotional 😔


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