Our Angel (Part: 14)

After three months

Manan didn’t come to know how the three passed with their Angel. She was growing so fast in front of their eyes. Her cheeks became chubby and now she screamed, smiled, reacted to their voices, grabbed things, put things in her mouth, controlled moment of her head, rolled over, recognised her parents, and she was becoming more beautiful and cuter day by day. Her skin colour was very fair and her facial features were very sharp. She had beautiful black eyes like her Mumma and daddy. Her black hair was still short. Manan were enjoying every moment with their Angel to fullest. She had completed them and doubled their happiness. She made them laugh a lot with her cute antics. She was their lifeline. They felt like she was born yesterday only. They were taking proper care of their Angel in their best possible way.

Manik was extremely overprotective for his daughter as like he was for his wife. Angel was completely like her father, she slept while frowning. If someone else picked her up, she knitted her brows and glared at them in anger or sometimes screamed on them. She loved to be in her Mumma and Papa only. She only wanted them to carry her and play with her. She didn’t like when her Mumma played with Golu, her brother who was Mukti’s son. His name was Arjun, but everybody called him Golu because of her big black eyes. She cried and shrieked loudly when her mother picked him up. She was possessive for her parents like her father.

It was evening time, Manik had gone to office and Nandini was playing with her Angel. Angel was lying on her sheet on the bed, wearing a cute red frock with matching hairband, botties and mittens. Nandini was sitting in front of her, crossing her legs. Her toys were scattered all over the bed. Nandini was shaking rattle above her eyes.

“Ah-ah,” she was taking out cute voices, trying to reach out for the rattle by waving her arms and kicking her legs strongly. She wanted to grasp the toy. She was also trying to lift her head from the bed.

Nandini was giggling, seeing her cute antics.

“Grab it, Angel. You can do it.” She encouraged her, bringing the rattle closer to her.

“Ooh,” she shrieked and grabbed it from her mother hand.

She shook it cheerily, moving her legs in excitement.

She smiled broadly and gleefully at her Angel. “Well done, my doll. Mumma is so proud of you.” She leaned over her and kissed her cheek. Then caressed her nose against her lovingly.

She sat back and as she tapped Angel’s nose with her forefinger, first an adorable smile touched her lips and then she laughed, making a cute sound, shaking her head. Her nose was the button of her smile and laugh. She used to always laugh when somebody tapped her nose. Nandini was doing this again and again to see her pretty toothless smile and to hear her soft and cute laugh which was soothing music to the ear. There was a constant wide and cheerful smile on Nandini’s face. She never got bored with playing with her daughter. She was her whole world. She was her little bundle of joy, her happiness.

She rolled over on her front after a minute and raised her head. She yelled gleefully, moving her head up and down.

Nandini laughed, seeing her. “Wow, Angel, you’re growing so fast.”

She was trying hard to move forward by pressing her legs against the bed.

After a few minutes, she frowned at her Mumma before crying, indirectly telling her Mumma to hold her in her arms. She was whimpering, making an adorable face, moving her legs rapidly, and she placed her face down on the bed.

“Aww, my baby wants to come into her Mumma’s arms.” As Nandini scooped in her arms upright against her shoulder, she instantly stopped crying and gazed straight adorably. Her tootsies were against her lap. She was moving her head back and forth.

She held out the baby in front of her by placing one hand under her bottom and put another hand behind her neck and head.

“Baby loves to be in her Mumma’s arms, right?” She stroke Angel’s nose with her nose after leaning down. Angel passed an adorable smile to her mother in response and lovingly caressed her mother’s face with her soft and tiny hands.

“You know, you’re the cutest baby in this world.” She was talking to Angel and placing a few soft kisses all over her face.

“Ooh-ooh,” Angel responded to her by cooing. She sucked her mumma’s cheeks lovingly.

As she farted, Nandini laughed loudly. Her fart was also cute like her. She held her out upright, facing her back to herself by wrapping her arm around her.

She asked, “Did you Poop, Angel?” She held the elastic of her undies, stretched out and peeped into it to check if she pooped or not.

“No, Poop.” She said and cradled her close to her chest.

She sat, leaning against the bed. She was exhausted, she hadn’t slept properly last night because Angel had been crying whole night to come in her mumma’s arms. She wasn’t letting her Mumma lie down and sleep properly, but still, Nandini wasn’t complaining.

After a minute, she started squalling in her Mumma’s arms. Nandini rocked her to soothe her but she was crying louder and louder. Nandini understood that she wanted to sleep and wanted her Mumma to make her sleep by walking across the room.

“Oh, my chotu baby is feeling sleepy. Therefore, she’s crying.” She climbed down from the bed carefully, holding Angel in her arms who was crying noisily and continuously in her arms. As Nandini stood on her feet on the floor, Angel instantly and automatically stopped crying like magic. Nandini shook her head in disbelief after seeing this.

She roamed across the room, holding her little doll in her arms. She was gazing adorably all around, moving her big black eyeballs and turning her head. Nandini was gazing at her lovingly. She was her peace.

Angel slept after few minutes and Nandini kissed her forehead before placing her down in the cot. As Nandini placed her down, she frowned and started crying noisily, kicking her legs and waving her hands, her eyes were close.

Nandini placed her hand over her forehead and shook her head in disbelief. “Angel, today you won’t let your Mumma take some rest.”

She instantly stopped crying and slept peacefully as Nandini scooped her in her warm arms.

“It’s okay, you sleep peacefully, your Mumma will sleep when your daddy comes back.” She placed a tender kiss on her forehead and sat down on the bed.

As she heard the knock on the door, she asked the person to come inside.

“Mam, your evening snacks.” A maid stepped inside with the tray. Manik had strictly instructed the maid to give the food to his baby on time because he knew Angel would not let her Mumma eat on time.

“Keep it here.” She gestured her to keep the plate in front of her on the bed. Maid nodded at her before keeping it. Nandini held Angel with her one hand and eat with her free hand. The maid kept standing there until she finished the evening meal as Manik had instructed her to go after making her eat because he knew his baby could do something mischief to skip her meal.

After sometime Manik came back from office, exhausted. He stepped into the room, hanging the black blazer over her arm, the sleeves of his white shirt were rolled up to her elbow. A bright smile touched his lips and his all tiredness vanished away as he saw two most important people of his life, his baby and his Angel. They both were his life. He couldn’t even imagine his life without them.

Angel was lying on her front on her Mumma’s tummy and talking to her in her own language. “Ah… goo…” Her head was raised and she was gazing at her Mumma with her pretty black eyes.

Manik strolled to them after keeping his blazer on the sofa. “You know I’m planning to bring new toys for you, Angel.” Nandini was engrossed talking to Angel, she didn’t even come to know that her hubby was present in the room.

He cleared his throat to catch her attention, standing beside the bed. As she swept her eyes to him, they shimmered with the happiness after seeing her hubby.

Angel also looked at her daddy and shrieked with excitement, kicking her mumma tummy, “Ah-ah-ah-ah” trying to come into her daddy’s arms.

“Oh, my Angel missed daddy?” He held her upright and placed a soft kiss over her forehead. She laughed cheerfully after coming into his arms.

Nandini squealed, “Hubby, when did you come? I’d been missing you since you left.”

“Lier, you didn’t miss me.” He just said to tease his baby. Angel was gazing and smiling at her father, moving her tiny hands over his dark stubble.

Nandini made a cute angry pout and asked, “Why would I lie?”

“If you were missing me, then why you didn’t call me?” He asked, raising his brows and sat beside her.

“I was busy with Angel. You know, she didn’t even let me take a nap. I’m not complaining, I’m just telling you that Angel wants you or me twenty-fours.” She told him.

“I know, baby. You were busy with Angel, therefore, you didn’t call me. I was just teasing you.” He pulled her cheek with his free hand, she smiled at him.

“Uhh…” Angel cried and caught their attention. She wanted her Daddy to take her on the walk.

“Hubby, you give her to me, and you go and freshen up.”

He stood up before Nandini could take Angel from his hands. “No, I’ll soothe her, you take some rest.” He shook Angel in his arms and she stopped crying and grasped his shirt.


He shushed her by glaring at her. “No, Arguments, baby.”

“Now you take a Nap, I’m taking her to the balcony.”

“You never listen to me, hubby.” She complained, and he chuckled.

Then he went to the balcony with Angel, talking to her, “Now Daddy and chotu baby will spend some alone time. Right, Angel?”

After a long time, the part is here. Did you guys enjoy it? My next update will depend on your response, if you can’t comment here, comment on wattpad or Instagram.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Awww angel is soo sweet she loves her mumma and daddy so much that she doesnt want to share them with anyone hehe not even with her cousin naughty baby…
    And she is whole world of her parents manan adore her and love her to no ends she completed them and gives them happiness by being there for them…
    But manik tou same hai phele woh nandu ke liye protective tha aab angel ke liye bhi hou gaya hai…


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