(Part: 26 Our Last Day) Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

I’m spending my last day with my Princess before our separation. I don’t know, after how many days we will meet each other again. My heart is aching painfully, I have no idea how will I spend my days without seeing her, without feeling her in my arms. But I’m a bit relieved now after sharing everything with her. She’s giving me strength at this time also. I know her heart is aching too, but she’s smiling for me because she knows her smile is my biggest strength.

We’re cooking together in the kitchen. No, no, she’s cooking and I’m gazing at her adoringly, wondering, “how will my days pass when she is not with me? I will not able to see her angelic face.”

She is whisking the better in the bowl for the pancakes. I’m standing beside her, leaning against the counter and admiring my Princess, crossing my arms. Her few hair stands are coming over her face, disturbing her again and again. As I gently tucked them behind her ear, she swept her eyes to me and smiled.

She mouthed, “I love you.” I moved closer to her face and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

After having our evening snacks. We’re sitting on the couch in the hall. She is sitting in between my legs, facing her back to me and resting her head over my shoulder. My lips are brushing against her temple and my one hand is wrapped around her and fingers of my other hand are firmly interlocked with her. Like our fingers, I want to interlock her with myself forever. Our eyes are close and we’re just feeling each other touch and presence at this time which we’re going to miss a lot in future.

“The time will pass, don’t think too much. I’m always with you, in your heart.” She uttered, breaking the silence. She said right, she lives in my heart. In fact she resides me.

“It is so difficult to live without you, Princess. I can’t sleep peacefully without you.” I held her tighter and pulled her closer to myself.

She moved her eyes up at me and placed her hand over my cheek. “It just a matter of a few days. We’ll pass this difficult time together.” She gazed into my eyes intensely, stroking my stubble. She raised her face to kiss me. The electricity of desire rushed down my spine as her warm breath caressed my lips. She kissed my lips softly and smoothly, pouring her all love. I let her kiss me the way she wants, and I enjoy the kiss.

“Let’s love and feel each other to the fullest today so that in future it will help us to spend time without each other by remembering about this day.” She suggested, breathing heavily against my lips after the kiss.

“Love me, Princess, and make me forget everything. I just want to live in this moment with you.” I breathed, putting my hand on her face.

“As you say, Master.” She turned around and sat facing her front to me. She held the hem of my t-shirt and pulled over my neck, without shifting her intense gaze from my face.

“Just feel my touch.” She whispered, trailing her hands down my chest. My body is shivering with her touch. Then she leaned over my chest. A shiver rushed down my whole body as her warm breath caressed my skin. She placed a few kisses all over my chest, skimming her hands across my shoulders. I closed my eyes, I’m enjoying the soft touch of her soft lips. I’m feeling like she is directly touching my soul with her every kiss. She kissing down my stomach, taking my breath away. I’m running my fingers in her soft hair, feeling so incredible.

Suddenly I felt so wretched as I thought that after today, I will not able to feel her touch, I’ve to wait for a long time. I’ll miss her a lot. My heart cried inside me.

I groaned and came on the earth back as she bit my nipple. She looked up at me and winked. I just kept looking at her gorgeous face. I’ve never seen such a beautiful face in my life before.

I clasped her face and confessed from the core of my heart. “I love you so much, Princess.”

“I love you more,” we kissed each other again.

I broke the kiss for a few seconds to pull the sweatshirt over her head. I threw it in the corner of the room before grasping her hair and kissing her lips. She is wearing nothing under it. I slowly and gently laid her down on the couch and came above her. I kissed and love every inch of her body and she shivered with my every kiss. I pinned her hands above her forehead and as I pushed into her, stretching her, completing her. She shrieked loudly, digging her nails into my hands and wrapping her legs around me, taking me deeper into her.

I thrust her hard and fast, groaning, “I will miss you a lot.”

“I will,” she paused as I thrust into her deeper, “miss you,” I came out of her and thrust her harder and deeper, “too, Master.” She finally completed her sentence.

Then we made love for hours on the couch, then on the bed of my room and at last in the bathtub. I’m not feeling like to leave her today because after this I won’t get her.

Now we’re lying naked at night in the duvet, facing each other and gazing into each other deeply and lovingly, our souls talking to each other through our eyes. Our legs and fingers are entangled with each other legs and fingers. I just want to keep looking in her bewitching eyes till infinity.

“Tomorrow, I won’t be able to gaze at her face, I won’t be able to touch her soft hair,” I thought, touching her black and silky hair. “Tomorrow she won’t be lying on my bed in my arms.” I pulled her into my arms and held her firmly as I thought, tears mechanically streamed down my cheeks. I silently cried, digging my face in her shoulder. She’s crying too, I can feel the wetness over my chest. We both are shedding tears, wondering how we will live without each other. I just want to store my Princess in my arms forever, so that nobody can separate her from me. I wish a miracle happen and she doesn’t go away from me.

Do leave your precious comments. Now a days nobody is commenting and I’m so disheartened.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Poor manan dono bhi sad sad hai that now they have to away from each other and they even dont know for how much time…
    They have spend so much time together in each others arms that now they are each others habit and we cant live without our habits…
    So iss last day ko dono ne special banaya by loving each others till there heart content…


  2. Btw this part was super emotional and the pain of separation is just making me cry with them😔…but I know you will get them back soon 😌❤️


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