(Part: 22 A Twist ) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}

After what Sidharth had said to Shehnaaz, she was numb. She was feeling nothing. She was not crying. She became completely emotionless. She had never expected this kind of words from Sidharth. The person with whom she was in love, he accused her for something which she had never done. He made the fun of her love. She had been enduring so much pain since the day she had fallen in love with him. She forgot that what is happiness. She forgot herself in his love. She had always kept him in her prayers and loved him unconditionally. And in return, he gave her this. He insulted her and called her love, a mistake. He pointed on her character.

Shehnaaz was sitting in front of the mirror of her room. She had directly come to Shivansh’s mansion after booking the cab and Sidharth had followed her in his car. Now he was standing outside of her room and looking at her because the door was slightly open. He was in guilt for doing this with her. He wanted to hug her tightly and wanted to tell her how much he loved her but he couldn’t because Shivansh was more important than her for him. He could do anything for his happiness. He couldn’t bear his sadness. The person who had always given him the reason to smile, he didn’t want to snatch his smile for his few days love. He was dying inside more than her after hurting her. He was feeling like to kill himself for breaking the heart of the innocent girl like Shehnaaz who loved him so much.

“No, I won’t cry for that person anymore. I had cried enough for him. It said true, Whatever happens, it’s for our goodness. Because in the end, I got to know his true colours. Now I hate him a lot more than I ever loved him. It was a phrase of life which passed away and I got my lesson.” She said those words emotionlessly looking at the mirror. With this, she was trying to convince herself that she hated him. But the truth was that her heart was still not ready to accept that he didn’t love her. She was listening to her mind and hating him.

“Now you are happy to know that she is finally going to move on from you.” Sidharth’s heart asked him in anger. His heart was very disappointed with him for doing this with her.

“Sidharth, now she hates you. It’s good. Now she will able to love Shivansh again. They both will be happy with each other one day. Your happiness is their happiness, right?.” Before he could answer his heart, his mind convinced him that whatever he was doing, he was doing right. He was a selfless person who always put other happiness before himself.

“Yes, I know she hates me now but I love her a lot and my love for her will never end. I will always protect her and follow her like a shadow. I will fulfil every duty of being a lover. I will help her to fall in love with Shivansh and bring happiness in her life.” Sidharth thought, looking at Shehnaaz. He was so determined to make her fall in love with Shivansh which was never going to happen because Shehnaaz could never stop loving him. She had given her heart to him and now she had nothing to give Shivansh.

“I will enjoy my life and one day, I will take him out of my life completely. This love made me forget how to live. This love has only given me pain that today I don’t even forget what is happiness and what was my life before him. Don’t I deserve to be happy?” She questioned herself remembering all the pain which she had been going through since the day she had met him.

“I will find my happiness. I will bring happiness to my life.” Saying this she got up and walked toward the cupboard. Her legs were trembling and she was feeling dizziness because of the weakness.

She took out a black hot dress from the cupboard and messaged her few friends to meet her at the club. She still had a high fever and cold. She was not in a condition to walk even but she was going to do party. Just to show herself that she could live happily without him. She went to her dressing room to get ready. Sidharth roamed in the corridor waiting for her to come back.

She was drying her hair with the dryer sitting in the dressing room. She was completely lost in her thoughts. His words were echoing in her ear, “you think if you do this drama and I will accept that I love you. Never, I can never love the girl like you who can stoop so low. Oh now I understand, last night whatever happened, it was planned by you, you wanted to come close to me. How can you stoop so low, Shehnaaz? I am pity of Shivansh that he fell in love with a girl like you.”

“How can he think about me like this? I know it is my mistake to marry Shivansh but how could he say that so cheap things about me. I always cared for him and loved him wholeheartedly but he thinks so wrong about me.” She spoke those words dishearteningly. She was just on the verge of crying but she composed herself on right time.

“No, I won’t fall weak at this time. I won’t cry for him anymore.” She repeated these words to make herself strong and got ready. Her phone rang up which was kept on the dressing table. She picked up the phone and Shivansh’s name was flashing on the screen. She took a deep breath to compose herself before answering up the call.

“Shehnaaz, How are you ?” Shivansh asked concernedly as soon as she answered his call.

“Shivansh, I am fine. I am going out to spend some time with my friends.” She answered him.

“I don’t know why I have been getting negative thoughts since morning. Please, you just take care of yourself.” Shivansh was sounding worried for her more than usual days.

“Shivansh… What happened? Is everything alright ?”Shehnaaz asked getting up from the chair.

“Shehnaaz, everything is fine but still I don’t know why I am feeling like this. I know, I am sounding crazy. It just that I don’t want to lose you and I can’t see you in pain. You know how much I love you, right.” Shivansh’s words made her feel so relieved at that time. She was happy to know that somebody was there who cared for her as she cared for Sidharth.

“Shivansh, I am fine. Please don’t worry. You just take care of yourself and don’t worry about me, I will take care of myself.” Shehnaaz assured him that she was fine.

“You will never leave me, right?” Shivansh asked making Shehnaaz quiet. She had no answer to his question. Shehnaaz loved Shivansh like a friend. He had become an important part of her life until now. She was living with him since one year. She didn’t love him but she got attached to him. His happiness also mattered to her. That’s why it was difficult for her to say that she could never love him. She didn’t want to break his heart.

“I got my answer. You just take care of yourself, bye.” After a few minutes of silence, Shivansh spoke disappointedly and hang up the call before Shehnaaz could say something.

“I am sorry, Shivansh. My life is so messed up. I don’t know if I could ever love you. But now I will not keep in you in darkness anymore. When you will come back, I will tell you everything. Then rest you will decide that you want me in your life or not.” Shehnaaz walked out of the dressing room after talking to herself.

As she came out, Sidharth got completely lost in her standing at the window. She was looking stunning in that black dress. She applied the heavy heavy makeup to hide her dark circles. She felt like he was around him. She started looking everywhere and Sidharth immediately stood on the side before she could see him.

“Stop thinking about him for god sake, Shehnaaz. Why he would be here? He doesn’t care for you. You need to move on from him.” Her mind scolded her and her eyes brimmed with tears because she felt sharp in her heart.

She composed herself by shutting her eyes and didn’t let herself cry. She was trying to be strong from outside but inside her soul was shattered completely. She was not feeling anything.

Shehnaaz was completely drunk and dancing crazily with her friends in the club. She was completely out of her senses. Sidharth was standing in the corner, wearing the hoodie and keeping his eyes on her. Seeing her condition, he was regretting every second for doing wrong with her. But he had promised himself that he would protect her always.

Sidharth’s eyes shot up in anger when he saw a man in a white shirt trying to touch Shehnaaz intentionally while dancing and he was ogling her hips. The man was about to spank Shehnaaz’s hip but before he could, Sidharth grabbed his hand and closed his mouth from his other hand. Before anybody could see him, he dragged him outside with him.

“How dare you look at my Shehnaaz like this.” He roared after grabbing his collars, his eyes were spitting fire. Before he could say something, he started punching his face. He was feeling like to kill him for seeing his Shehnaaz like this. Nobody could see her like this and on the top of that, he was about to spank her. Sidharth lost his all control over himself, he was punching him constantly and cursing him. He was boiling in anger.

“If I see you around my Shehnaaz again, then I will bury you inside the earth.” He warned him, giving him the hard punch on his face and that person fell on the floor in blood. Sidharth walked inside wearing his hoodie last time glaring at him.

“I am sending you the picture of a girl. Just take care of her. You know, What I mean ?” As Sidharth left, that person called somebody and said having an evil smile on his face.

“That girl is gone. You have beaten Rahul Khanna. Now your girlfriend has to pay for your deeds.” Rahul sat on the floor and said mischievously, wiping off the blood from the corner of his lips.

On the other side, Sidharth walked inside but he got worried because Shehnaaz was not there.

“Where you went Shehnaaz ? I shouldn’t have left you alone.” He was regretting baldy for leaving her alone.

Screen divided into two parts, one side there was Sidharth’s worried face and other side Rahul smirking face.

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