(Part: 27 I’m incomplete without my Princess) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

I stopped the car in front of Princess’s home. I have come here to drop her. Both of our eyes filled with tears. As we gazed at each other, a lone tear trickled down our cheeks. We’re feeling wretched.

Her lips curved up into a slight smile, and she placed her hand over my face. “You know, you can never go away from me because you live in my heart. It’s fine if we can’t meet each other for a few days, the time will pass. Our love will win in the end.” She uttered with full confidence, stroking my stubble. How she can be so strong always?

I know she is also distressed at this time, but then also she is giving me strength and smiling for me. Then why can’t I smile for her?

I smiled too, putting my hand over her hand and we gazed into each other eyes deeply. I have no idea, after this when I’ll able to look in her bewitching eyes like this. I just want to stop the time at this moment and keep gazing at her till infinity.

She clasped my face and placed a kiss on my forehead. “Take care of yourself.”

“I love you a lot, Princess,” I confessed through the core of my hear and few tears streamed down my cheeks automatically.

“Don’t cry like this, or else I’ll also join you.” She warned me cutely, wiping my tears. I chuckled. Only she has the power to bring a smile on my face at this depressing moment also.

“We’ll see each other very soon, Master.” As she hugged me, I instantly hugged her back tighter by throwing my arms around her. I’m pulling her closer and closer to myself, moving my hands all over her back. I want to store her in my arms forever so that nobody can take her away from me. Now tears are rolling down my cheeks constantly. I immediately wiped them off before breaking the hug.

Our hearts are crying from inside, but we’re still smiling for each other because we know our smile is each other’s strength.

As she stepped out of the car, my heart ached and fresh tears trickled down my cheeks and a sob escaped out of my mouth automatically. She glanced at me for the last time with a smile on the face and pain in her eyes before facing her back to me. She is strolling towards her home, going away from me and I’m feeling like she’s taking a part of me with herself. My heart is hurting painfully. I want to step out of the car, rush behind her and stop her by hugging tightly from behind, but I can’t because I’m helpless. I have to let her go for her safety.

As she stepped into her home, I became hysterical and cried my heart aloud, gripping the steering and resting my forehead over it. I became alone again. Why God is so cruel to me? Whenever I start living happily, he snatches away the reason of my happiness. My Princess is my happiness and now she’s not with me.

“The time will pass, don’t think too much. I’m always with you, in your heart.” As her words resonated in my ears, I raised my face from the steering, sobbing.

“I can’t become weak like this and blame my life. I’ve to do something to bring her in my life back. And she can never go away from me because she lives in my heart.” I placed my hand over my heart and the corner of my mouth lifted in a slight smile because I can feel her in my heartbeats. She is present within me. I was such a big idiot before that I was thinking that she is not with me. She is with me always, in my heart and soul. That bitch wants to separate my Princess from me, but she doesn’t know that nobody can do this, because nobody can take her out of me. She can separate our bodies, but not our souls and hearts. She can never separate her from me because we’re connected to each other through our hearts and souls.

I wiped off my tears, having a blissful smile on my face. I’m contented after realising that nobody can separate her from me.

I stared at her house and murmured, “You were right, Princess, nobody can separate us, even separation can’t separate us and this is true love.”

God has separated my Princess to make me realise that nobody can separate her from me. Earlier I was blaming God and thinking that he is doing terribly wrong with me because I wasn’t aware of his hidden motive. Now I’ve understood that whatever happens in our life, whether it is good or bad, it happens for a good reason. Bad times make us stronger and give us a lesson.

I reached back at my farmhouse to get ready for the office. I dejectedly looked all around the house, standing in the hall. I’m already missing her. I’m feeling empty without her in this house. This house without her is completely like a body without a soul.

As I stepped into my room, my phone beeped in my pocket of jeans, I took it out. A smile touched my lips as I saw my Princess name flashing on my phone’s screen. Only her name on my phone’s screen makes my heart happy. I opened the message, smiling.

My Princess: Reached home?

This was home when she was with me. Now it’s just a house.

Me: Yes, how’s Mom?

My Princess: She’s fine and wanted to meet you, but I said you’re not in Mumbai.

Me: Take care of her and yourself.

My Princess: I’m already missing you.

Me: I’m feeling so incomplete without you in this house.

I felt a stabbing pain in my chest as my eyes fell over the empty bed. When will I able to see her sleeping on my bed again? I wondered. My bed, my house and my life is utterly incomplete without her.

My Princess: I’m also feeling incomplete without you here. I’m at home, but not feeling that anymore because my real home is in your arms, with you. I feel safe in your arms.

Me: We’ll get our home back soon, Princess. I’ll find that bitch as soon as possible. She can’t hide from me anymore. First, she tried to harm you and mom, now she separated us, she’s crossing all the limits.

I frowned, my bottom lip quivered with rage.

My Princess: I know, you’ll find her soon and we’ll be together again.

Me: Yes, we’ll be together again very soon.

My Princess: I love you.

Me: I love you more, Princess.

My phone rang up, as an unknown number flashed on my phone’s screen, I narrowed my brows suspiciously.

“Hello,” I answered the call, placing the phone over my ear, staring straight warily.

“Hello, Master.” My blood boiled in anger and, I knitted my brows, gritted my teeth and clenched my fist in fury as I heard the voice of that bitch, Jiya Gupta, my last submissive who is behind all this.

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Love Mehak


  1. Finally us chudail ne phn kiya ….ise kyu itna shoq hai bhai sher k bill me haat dalne ka …ye to aisa bukha baitha hai k isko kachha chaba jaye ga ….ise kehte hai aa bail muje maar. …😂😂😂


  2. Awesomee mimdblowing update…
    Manan are each others strength when one is weak the other tries to pick up the battle they are fighting same way when manik was feeling weak and was crying nandu became strong for both of them and assured manik that they will be together soon…
    Poor manik ketna pain mai hai woh his tears are not stoping he is feeling empty as his house is empty without his princess…
    Hope woh jiya jaldi pakde jaye taki manan wapas ek sath hou jaye…


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