(Part: 28) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

“You’re gone, Jiya. How dare you try to mess with me?” I clenched my teeth and roared at her in fury.

“You’re only mine, Master, and I won’t let anybody come close to my Master.” I’m fuming in angry, her words are adding fuel to fire.

“I’m not your Master. You’re sick. I’ll find you soon and you will regret badly for messing up with me.” My lips quivered with outrage.

She laughed evilly. “You can never find me.”

“I think, you have forgotten who I’m. Don’t worry when we meet again, I’ll show who I’m. You’re gone, Jiya. Nobody can save you from me for attacking my family and threatening them.”

“You can’t do anything. You will never get that bitch,”

“Shut up, not a single bad word against her.” I shrieked in fury as she referred my Princess ‘bitch’. How dare she? She’s testing my patience.

“So much love for that girl, why not me, Master? I love you a lot, Master. Why can’t you see my love?” I rolled my eyes.

“Love,” I chuckled, “do you even know the meaning of love? Let’s come to the main point, why did you call me?” I asked directly because I can’t tolerate her.

“I just want to tell you that I won’t let anybody come in your life because you’re only mine, Master.”

“In your dreams, and for your kind information, let me tell you, you can’t separate me from my Princess because she lives in my heart. You can only separate us physically.”

“I can do anything.” She growled.

“You can do nothing, I’ll find you.” I cut the call and tossed the phone on the bed in anger. I held my head with my hands and sat on the edge of the bed.

I stood up and muttered, “I have to find her at any cost. What does she think of herself?”

I picked up my phone and called Princess. Only she can calm me down.

“That bitch called me,” I told her lividly as she picked up the call.

“What did she say to you?”

“I want to kill her, Princess. She’s a crazy bitch.” I’m roaring in fury.

“Calm down, take a deep breath.” I inhaled deeply. “Now tell me what did she say?”

“She said,” I paused and bit my lower lip, “she will never let us be together.” I moved my hand through my hair, frustrated.

“But why she’s doing this?” She asked anxiously.

“Because she is obsessed with me.”

“We’ll find her soon. Just be relax. We’ll meet each other again.” She reassured me.

“I know, and I love you a lot, Princess.”

“I love you too.”

I spent my whole day in office, talked to Cabir and inspector and asked them to find Jiya Gupta as soon as possible.

At night, I’m trying to sleep, changing positions, but can’t sleep because I have become habitual of sleeping with my Princess. I’m missing her even more at night, I’m feeling so lonely and incomplete without her. I can’t even call her because she is spending time with her mom and dad.

As my phone rang up, I picked it up from the side table and like always a broad and cheerful smile spread across my face as I saw my Princess’s photo flashing on my phone’s screen. She’s doing video call to me.

I answered the video call, a broad smile flashing on my face, I’m excitedly waiting to see my Princess’s face. My smile grew bigger and my eyes shimmered as I saw her smiling and glowing face. She’s lying on her one side, hugging the pillow, wearing my grey shirt, her hair is open and messy. She’s looking so gorgeous. I want to touch her chubby cheeks, kiss all over face and caress her soft and silky hair.

“I want to sleep, holding you in my arms, Princess.” I pouted sadly.

“I’ll sleep, hugging this pillow today, feeling you. You can also try this.” She hugged the pillow tightly. I just smiled widely because I found her so adorable.

“Try it.” She insisted me to hug the pillow like her.

“I only want to sleep hugging you, Princess.”

“I want you too, but we don’t have any other option. I know, this is difficult, but don’t be upset. Enjoy these moments also. We can live like we’re in a long-distance relationship. Think about the excitement and happiness when we meet again. You know, we’ve two options, we spend the time, crying, wondering what we would do if we could meet each other, or we can enjoy this time also, these videos calls. So what do you think, which option is best?” She raised her brows.

I’m just staring at her in utter disbelief. How? How every time she finds out the positive side of every situation of life. I’m surprised. I’m trying to learn this thing from her.

“I’m waiting for your answer.”

“Of course, the second option, Princess. You are right, we can enjoy this time also if we want.” She smiled cheerily and tucked her hair strands behind her ear.

“You know, we can do so many things by staying away from each other.” I grinned, something naughty is going in my mind.

She instantly asked, “like what?”

“We can have Master and Princess session,” I smirked and her eyes glinted with excitement.

“Now you’re mind is going in the right direction.”

“So are you ready for this, Princess?” I asked, smirking.

“I’m always ready to for this session, Master.” We beamed at each other.

So, are you excited for their video call Master And Princess Session?

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Now jiya is same as dead body usne bhot galat keya manik se panga lekar and even she was cursing nandu which was a very bad move on her place hope manik usko jaldi pakde and punish her like hell…
    Awww manan are soo sweet they are always each others calm breath thats why as soon as manik heard nandu’s voice he calmed down…
    Aab maza ayega now manik found out new ways of master princess sessions…


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