(Part: 30 Remembering About Our Old Days) {Sidnaaz&Manan} Master And His Princess

After our Master and Princess session, we lay down, facing each other, pulling the blanket over us and placing the phone beside us against the pillow.

“Oh my God, this was incredible, Master.” I smiled widely.

“I knew that you would enjoy it.”

“But I’m missing you, Master. After this, I want to feel you inside me.”

“I missing you too, Princess.” She looked at me sadly, her eyes are filled with sleep.

“Now, you should sleep, Princess.”

“First you sleep, then I’ll sleep.”

“Why me first?” I asked.

“Because I know, you won’t sleep.”

“Now hug the pillow and sleep, Prince.” She ordered me becoming my Mistress.

“I love you..” I hugged the pillow and close my eyes, feeling incomplete without her.

“I love you more.”

I can’t sleep without holding my Princess in my arms, but I’m pretending to sleep so that she falls asleep because I know, she is feeling sleepy, but not sleeping because of me.

“Did you sleep?” She asked, but I didn’t respond.

“Aahaa…” Suddenly she cried out in pain and I opened my eyes instantly.

“What happened, Princess?” I asked anxiously.

“I just want to check if you have really slept or not. So I was right, you were pretending.”

Shit, how could I forget that my Princess is smart and she knows me very well.

I looked sheepishly at her. “Please, Princess, you sleep, I’ll fall sleep admiring you, Promise.”

“No, no, we’ll talk and when you fall asleep then only I’ll sleep.” She is so stubborn. She is feeling sleepy, but not sleeping because of me.

“Sleep, Princess, it’s an order from your Master. If you argue, you will be punished.” She frowned as I warned her, taking the advantage of being her Master at this moment.

“That’s so unfair.” She complained surely, and I stifled the smile.

“Princess, are you sleeping, or do you want me to punish you?” I asked sternly.

“You’re evil, Monster and I hate you.” She shouted and closed her eyes, hugging her teddy. I smile as she looks super adorable in anger.

“I love you, Princess.” I murmured.

“I hate you, I hate you.” She shrieked, I chuckled.

The phone is kept against the pillow beside her. She’s lying on her one side, facing to phone.

I’m gazing at her fondly while she’s sleeping. I want to enter into the phone and hold her into my arms. Her few hair strands are coming over her face and she’s crying in sleep like a small baby. Uff, I want to tuck them behind her ear, but I can’t. I pouted disappointedly, watching her.

She threw the pillow on the floor in frustration and finally tucked her hair behind her ear in sleep. I also fell asleep within a few minutes, gazing at my sleeping beauty who looks like an angel while sleeping.

Next morning, as I woke up, rubbing my eyes, I looked at the phone’s screen to see my Princess as the video call is still on.

A blissful smile touched my lips as I saw my Princess glowing face. She’s gazing at me, her eyes are filled with immense love.

“Morning, Master.” She wished me cheerily.

“Morning.” I moved closer to the phone and kissed on the phone’s screen, making the sound, “uhmaa..”

She laughed loudly. “You’re so cute.”

“Not more than you. Yesterday in anger, you were looking so adorable.”

“I thought you would not sleep, but I’m happy that you slept last night.” She smiled.

I’m also shocked because I also thought that I would not able to sleep without my Princess. I slept peacefully because I’m not feeling like she is not with me. She is always with me in my heart.

Suddenly my eyes fell on the battery of the phone. “Princess, my phone’s battery is 1%, I’m putting it on charging. I’ll call you again after getting fresh.”

“Okay, Love you.”

“I love you more.” We beamed at each other and she disconnected the call.

I climbed down the bed and went to the bathroom after putting the phone on charging.

We’re talking to each other while taking the shower, putting the phone on speaker. We’re not doing video call during the shower because we know, we will get turn on if we do it.

“You know, the phone calls like this are reminding of the old days when you were my Mr Stranger. Do you remember, we used to talk like this in the shower and fall asleep while talking to each other at night? Those days were also amazing. I didn’t get to know when I fell in love with you. Our love story is so unique. When you first time messaged me, I never thought that you would become my life. Time flew so fast, a few months back you were just a stranger to me and now you’re everything to me.” She’s talking about the old days and I’m getting the flashes of those days.

“I was so happy when you had started talking to me.”

I’m massaging my scalp with my fingers and water is cascading down my body. She has changed me so much within these few months. Before meeting her, I was in a habit to only look at the negative side of every situation, she taught me and still teaching me how to stay positive in every worst situation of life. She made me look at the world in a complete different way. She brought peace into my life and filled my life with immense happiness. I’m so thankful to God for blessing her to me. She’s a precious gift given by God to me.

“Okay, now we’ll meet in college.” As she uttered, I came on the earth back.

“I’m not coming to college, I’m on leave for a few days.”

“You are scared that if we meet, she can harm me or mom, right?” She assumed right.

I sighed deeply and answered dejectedly, “yes.” I turned off the shower and closed my eyes dejectedly.

“I’m going to college after so many days and that too without you. I’ll miss my hottie, Professor.”

I took the towel from the hanger and wrapped around my waist.

“Take care of yourself, Princess and please take the guard with you. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you yesterday that I have hired a bodyguard for you. I hope you don’t have any issue.” I picked up the phone from the slab.

“No, I can understand, you’re doing this for my protection.” I smiled after listening to her reply. She always understands me and makes me feel so lucky.

“I love you, Princess,” I confessed heartily after placing the phone over my ear.

“I love you more.”


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Aww manan cant sleep without each other they are each others peace who make them feel like heaven in each others arms thats why they have problem in falling asleep..
    Hehe nandu is so cute uska gussa makes her more adorable which makes manik go crazy…
    There old days are like golden days for them which made them fall for each other…


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