(Part: 29 Beautiful Morning ) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}

Sidharth woke up next morning and widened his eyes in shock as he saw Shehnaaz who was standing in front of him having a bright smile on her face.

“Good morning.” She wished cheerfully, and he sat against the bedrest, rubbing his eyes. He thought, he was seeing a beautiful dream.

“Pinch me.” Suddenly he asked her to pinch him and she narrowed her brows in confusion.

“Pinch me..” he shouted and this time, she pinched his hand lightly and he hissed in pain. She was still looking at him bemusedly.

He held her arms and pulled her toward himself. “Are you in real?” She smiled at him and nodded her head. He smiled broadly and took her in his strong arms. He hugged her so tightly like he wanted to store her in his arms forever. She hugged him back, having a bright smile on her face.

He broke the hug and cupped her face. “I just can’t believe that my star is shining again. I am so happy, Shehnaaz. I got my shining star back. Thank you so much.” His eyes were shining with happiness, seeing his star’s smile. This morning became one of his best mornings. He was happy from his heart after seeing her happy after so many days.

“I am smiling because of you. You’re the only reason that I am smiling again. Your love has given me a new life, Sidharth. I love you so much.” She confessed and gazed into his eyes deeply.

“I love you more my star.” He kissed her forehead and confessed his love. A lone tear trickled down her cheeks from her eyes. Her ears were craving to hear these three magical words and this moment made her emotional.

“Now no more tears, Shehnaaz. It hurts to see tears in your eyes. Only smile suits you, not tears.” He spoke, nodding his head and wiping her tear softly with his thumb. She smiled at him. He again kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response feeling the touch of his lips. Then he kissed her eyelids. By kissing her eyes, he wanted to take away all her sorrow and pain.

“Now you get fresh and until then I will make breakfast ready.” She turned to walk, but he stopped her by holding her hand after getting up from the bed. She looked at him after turning her face toward him.

He turned her toward himself, holding her arms and asked. “Are you really fine ?”

“What do you think ?” She asked looking at him.

“I just.. can’t believe…” he stammered a bit.

“I am completely fine, Sidharth.” She spoke cutting his words.

“This is the magic of your love which brought me back. I was in shock after what had happened a day before yesterday. I was scared. But now I am not scared because I know you are with me and you will always protect me. Until you are with me, I have no fear. Your eyes are evidence of your love, Sidharth. I was such a fool to believe you that day when you told me that you don’t love me. I forgot that the eyes never lie. Eyes are the window to the soul. I can read your eyes, Sidharth. I can see in your eyes that you love me so much. Your love made me strong again. I am not only fine I am very happiest today knowing that you also love me.” She held his hands and poured her heart out in front of him. Both were looking into each other eyes deeply and intensely.

“I am really sorry for hurting you.” He apologised and brought her hands up to his lips. He kissed her knuckles, gazing in her eyes. She smiled at him in response.

She put her hand on his face. “It’s okay. I can understand. I know it would be difficult for you to accept me because our relationship is so complicated. I understand you because it was difficult for me also to accept you. But we lost in front of our destiny and love. Our love won in the end and see we are together. Destiny brought us together.”

She stood on her toes and kissed his cheek and whispered in his ear, “I love you.” He smiled wholeheartedly on her purest confession. She also smiled cheerfully, gazing at him.

“Now get fresh fast because I am starving.” She spoke before walking out of the room. He was smiling, staring at the door from where she had gone out.

He reached in the kitchen after taking a quick shower and a smile touched his lips as he saw his star. She was standing facing her back to him. Her long silky hair was falling on her back. She was wearing his shirt. This moment was very special to him. The girl whom he loved, she was preparing breakfast in his kitchen. He wanted her to prepare breakfast for them like this every day in which he will help her. He wanted to bring her in his house making her his wife. He knew it wouldn’t be easy but one day he would surely make her his wife and bring her in his house forever.

He strolled toward her and held her waist from behind. She was breaking the egg for the omelette, she stopped instantly as his hands held her waist. He nuzzled her hair and inhaled the exquisite scent of her hair. Her lips drew up into bright smile and she closed her eyes. He snaked his one arm around her waist and from his other hand, he gently placed her hair on her one side. Her breath was becoming heavy with every passing second and her heart was racing fast.

As he leaned down and blew the air on her neck, she shivered and clutched the hem of her shirt in response. He pulled down the shirt from her shoulder and kissed down her neck to her shoulder. She felt so good to feel the touch of his lips on her skin. She wanted him to kiss her whole body like this. She was feeling alive with his soothing kisses.

“I want to kiss and love every inch of your body.” He turned her toward himself and whispered, his thumb was brushing her lower lip. “But before that, I want to make you mine.”

“I am all yours, Sidharth. But I know.. it is complicated. Even I also want to proceed further with you after ending my marriage with Shivansh officially.” They stared into each other silently.

“Do you know, when did I kiss for the first time ?” She asked after a few minutes of silence. He shook his head in response. She smiled at him before saying something.

“My first kiss was with you in the bathroom. I can still feel your lips on mine. The kiss made me feel so good at that time also.” She blushed and her eyelashes moved down.

“Really ?” He was surprised to know that it was her first kiss. She nodded her head in yes, smiling at him. He smiled broadly.

“Yes, because I never fell in love before. You are my first love, Sidharth. Iss dil ne sirf tumhai chaha hai aur tumhra hi intzar kiya hai (My heart has always loved you and waited for you.) Therefore I never able to proceed further with Shivansh.” Both were smiling at each other and their eyes were shining with happiness. Their fingers were playing with each other.

“One day you told me that your favourite book is ‘Is it love’. Remember?” She asked.

“The book touched my heart. It was so beautifully written.” He nodded his head confusingly not knowing that why she was asking this from him.

“The concept of the story is related to my life. Every word is written in that book was what I used to think. I have cared for Shivansh but somewhere I knew that it wasn’t love. That’s why I never proceeded further with him. My heart never permitted me to love him. I was with him because I don’t want to hurt him. But in this, I forgot about my own happiness. For the first, I am thinking about my happiness, Sidharth, and my happiness is with you. Am I doing right, Sidharth ?” She asked, staring at him doubtfully.

“Sometimes thinking about your happiness is not wrong, Shehnaaz. You are so selfless, Shehnaaz, therefore you are thinking that you are doing something wrong. Becoming a bit selfish for your own happiness is not wrong.” He explained her after placing his hand on her face and she closed her eyes to feel the touch of his hand.

“I love you, Shehnaaz.” He confessed before kissing her forehead.

“I love you more, Sidharth.” She confessed back, smiling at him and gained in his eyes deeply.

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Love Mehak

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