(Part: 30 We will be Together Forever ) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}

Sidnaaz were sitting on the dining table and chitchatting while having breakfast. They were eating omelette and sandwiches which were made by Shehnaaz. Sidharth was happy because his star was shining again. Seeing her happy, his heart was happy and his soul was at peace.

“Do you know, Sidharth that I was so naughty in childhood? Once a teacher scolded me and then the next day I kept bubblegum on her seat. The whole class was laughing at her after that.” She laughed loudly after telling him about her childhood. Sidharth was also laughing with her.

“But you did wrong with that teacher.” He became serious.

“But Sidharth, that teacher scolded me without any reason.” She cried like a small kid and made a sad pout. Sidharth chuckled after seeing her cuteness.

“My cute bacha..” he pulled her chubby cheeks, and she giggled.

“Okay leave all this and tell me something about your childhood.” She said while cutting the omelette with the knife and then eat it with the fork which she was holding in her other hand.

“I was an innocent kid. I was not at all naughty like you.” He told her after eating the one bite of sandwich. She smiled at him.

“You are still innocent.” She laughed and he smiled looking at her. He got lost in the laugh.

“I love you,” he spoke suddenly looking at her. She stopped laughing and looked at him. She was taken aback with her sudden confession.

“I love you more, Sidharth.” She put her hand on his hand which was kept on the table and she put her other hand on his face.

They moved closer to each other face, gazing deeply in each other eyes. Her heart was thumping and her breath became heavy because of their proximity. He cupped her face. A shiver rushed down her spine as his cold hands touched her skin. She closed her eyes in response to feel his touch. His warm breath was caressing her lips and driving her crazy.

“I badly want to kiss your juicy lips. You have no idea how much tasty they are.” He whispered against her lips and brushed her lower lip with his thumb. They were looking at each other passionately like they were kissing each other soul with their eyes.

“But we have to wait because, before all this, I want to make you my wife.” He moved away from his face from her and left her face. She looked down dishearteningly.

“Look at me, Shehnaaz.” He asked her to look at him and she raised her head to look at him. Her sad eyes looked at him.

“Don’t be upset.” He spoke caressing her hair with his both hands.

“You will become my wife very soon. We will be together forever very soon. I am ready to fight with the whole world for us. Do you trust me ?” He asked, cupping her face. She nodded her head in yes. He rested his forehead over her and both got lost in each other after closing their eyes. Her hand were kept on his chest.

They came on the earth back as Sidharth’s phone rang up which was kept in the pocket of his trouser. He took out the phone from his pocket and looked at the phone screen. Inspector Raichand name was flashing. He was investigating the case of Shehnaaz.

“I just come.” He said, getting up from the chair. She nodded her head at him and he went into his room to attend the call.

Sidharth came back after a few minutes and sat down with her. They passed each other a small smile.

“What did Inspector Raichand say?” Sidharth’s eyes shot up in a shock listening to her question. He was confused that how did she come to know.

“I read his name when your phone was ringing,” she answered his unasked question.

“Sidharth, I am fine now. You can tell me everything.” She said, holding his hand and he nodded his head in yes.

“Those people who tried to..” he paused and closed his eyes dejectedly.

“It’s okay, Sidharth. Tell me.” As she squeezed his hand, he opened in his eyes.

“They are taking the name of one man, Rahul Khanna. He is behind all this. Do you know any man with this name ?” He asked her and Shehnaaz tried to remember.

“No, Sidharth. I don’t remember.” She shook her head.

“Shehnaaz actually, Inspector Raichand want to ask some question from you. If you are comfortable, I’ll ask him to come in the evening. I don’t want you to face all this but..” He spoke sadly.

“It’s okay Sidharth. Now I am fine. I am not scared now.”She cut his words and put her hand on his shoulder.

“Until you are with me, I know nothing will happen to me. You will always protect me. I am not weak. Your love has made me strong. So don’t worry. Call Inspector Raichand in the evening.” She cupped his face and blinked her eyes. He smiled slightly after seeing his star who was not weak like before.

“I really want my culprit to be get punished.” She said, having anger in her eyes. She couldn’t forget that dreadful incident. If Sidharth wasn’t with her, she would have lost herself.

“I promise you that I will make them suffer more than you have suffered, Shehnaaz. I won’t leave them easily.” His eyes started boiling with the anger.

In the afternoon, they were lying on the bed, cuddling each other. He was kissing her hair after every few seconds and making her smile in response. She was playing with the chain which he was wearing around his neck.

“Did you talk to Shivansh?” He asked suddenly.

“Yes… I called him in the morning. I told him that I want to tell him something when he will come back.” She answered him and raised her face to look at him.

“And he became so excited. Maybe.. he is thinking that.. that I am going to confess love.” She spoke sadly looking at him and a lone tear escaped from her eyes and directly landed on his cheeks. Sidharth also became sad, but he didn’t want to break down in front of her.

“We are doing wrong with him. He will hate us. He will hate you, Sidharth. I am coming between you both.” She cried miserably. Sidharth pursed his lips to control himself from crying.

Only the thought of Shivansh hating him was killing him. Since the day he had chosen Shehnaaz over Shivansh, he was feeling like he was going to lose him and this feeling was killing him from inside. But he couldn’t share it with her. He didn’t want to fall weak in front of her.

“Shehnaaz, we aren’t doing anything wrong. You don’t love him and he deserves to know the truth. You can’t pretend your whole life that you love him. In fact, this will be wrong. He has to move on from you. His love is one-sided. His one-sided love will give him nothing and he will understand this. He will surely get a girl who will love him like the way you love me. He will be hurt and maybe he will hate us but he will be happy someday. He will surely understand one day.” He tried to explain her after cupping her face and wiped her tears with his thumbs. It was killing him from inside but still, he was standing strong for his star.

“I am sorry that I am coming between both of your friendship. I never wanted to come between you both.” She cried burying her face in his chest. He embraced her in his arms and shed silent tears. He didn’t want to lose Shivansh. But till now he also came to know one thing that he couldn’t live without Shehnaaz. She was her heart and how can a person survive without his heart.

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