(Part: 34 Consoling Her) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}

She looked at him with her sorrowful eyes. “Sidharth, please leave me. We are not meant to be together.” She uttered, crying in agony and guilt. Sidharth’s heart broke down after listening to her words, but he controlled his emotions. He lumbered to her and sat down in front of her. She was crying, staring down.

“Look at me, Star.” He moved her chin upward by putting his index finger under his chin. She looked at him, having pain her eyes.

“Do you want me to leave you?” As he asked, wiping her tears with his hands, she instantly shook her head and he sighed relief, closing her eyes.

“I just don’t want to snatch you from your friends. They would hate you because of me.” She sniffed and uttered, looking at him. She shut her eyes dejectedly and fresh tears rolled down her cheeks.

“You are not snatching me from anybody, Star. They are shocked and whatever they said, they said in anger. They will understand me, Shehnaaz. I will make them understand, don’t worry.” He cupped her face and with his thumbs, he was wiping her tears. He was consoling his star in the best way. He was in pain but still, he was standing strong for his star.

“No Sidharth, nobody will understand our love. Everybody will blame us.” She cried more after removing his hands from her face.

“There is still time. You should leave me..” Sidharth shushed her by placing index finger over her lips and glared at her.

“No, I will never leave you. I am ready to fight from this whole world for us and our love,” he said in a serious tone and cupped her face, gazing in her eyes intensely.

“Shehnaaz, why aren’t you seeing the positive side that we are together now? Everything has a positive side and a negative side but we should always look at the positive side to live happily. Don’t think negative, everybody will understand us.” Sidharth took her hand in his hands and tried to make her understand calmly.

“If they won’t understand, then?” She asked making him think for a few seconds.

Sidharth took a deep breath and then said. “I am sure, they will understand me, Shehnaaz. They are my friends, they know me.”

“Didn’t you see their reaction? I am scared, Sidharth.” She cried, looking at him.

“Shehnaaz, they were shocked and angry to see us together. Once they calm down, I will explain them and they will understand me, trust me.” He assured her and held her face with his both hands.

“You know, this is just a phase which will pass. In this phrase, only our love can keep us strong. Please, never ask me to leave you. I’m nothing without you, you are my everything. You are in my every breath. I am completely incomplete without you, Shehnaaz. I just can’t live without you. You have completed me.” He rested his forehead over her and told her what she was for him. Shehnaaz closed eyes and felt a bit better.

“I love you, Sidharth. Even I am also nothing without you. I can also fight from this world for us, but I just don’t want your friends to hate you because of me. But you are right, I should think positive.” She said after resting her head on his chest. Sidharth wrapped his hands around her and caressed her hair.

“I don’t know when I became so weak and negative person.” She spoke in disbelief after coming out of his arms after a minute only.

“You have gone through a lot. Any person will think negative if he is at your place. Just wait for this phrase to be passed and trust our love. Don’t think negative, think about our beautiful future. Trust me, Shehnaaz, I will make everything fine.” He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in response to feel the touch of his lips.

“In all this, you are becoming my strength. I am sorry for always bothering you with my negative talks. I know, somewhere I am making you weak.” He frowned after listening to her words and cut her words in the middle.

“Who told you this? Shehnaaz, you are my strength at this time. I am ready to fight the whole world for you. You don’t have any idea that how much your love has made me strong. I never want to lose you. I love you a lot.” He took her in his warm arms and kissed her hair. She smiled slightly and felt so good to be in the arms of her love. She forgot everything after coming into his arms. It gave her peace to her soul and mind.

“I just can’t believe, Sidharth is doing this behind Shivansh’s back. At that moment also, he was only thinking about Shehnaaz. I just can’t understand why he is not thinking about Shivansh.” Cabir slumped down on the sofa, holding his head. He was really shocked, angry and also worried for Shivansh.

“Cabir, we know Sidharth. He is our best friend. You know, he has always thought about Shivansh before himself. I think something is still hidden from us. We should talk to Sidharth.” Mukti said walking toward Cabir and he frowned at Mukti because, after all this, she was still supporting Sidharth.

“Are you crazy, Mukti? After all this, you are still supporting him. He has betrayed Shivansh. I just can’t believe you.” Cabir shook his head in disbelief and went to his room after getting up from the sofa.

“Cabir, I don’t know, why I am still feeling like something is missing which we need to know and for that, I have to talk to Sidharth.” Mukti thought and think to talk to Sidharth. She knew Sidharth, he could never hurt Shivansh intentionally.

At night, Shehnaaz was lying in the arms of Sidharth. He was talking about his childhood, he was trying to distract her mind because she was depressed.

“You know, I was so golu molu (fat) in my childhood. Everybody used to pull my cheeks.”

“I know, I saw your photos. You were so damn cute. Even I want to pull your cheeks after going into the past.” She laughed and Sidharth was so relieved seeing her laughing.

He smiled and placed her hands over his cheeks. “You can pull them now.” She pulled his cheeks, holding them with her index finger and thumb and he grinned at her.

“I love you so much, always keep smiling like this,” as he suddenly kissed her nose, she stared at him and stopped laughing.

“I will always shine for you, Sidharth because I know you will never let my shine go away from me. I know, whenever I fall weak, you will help me in standing up and make me strong.” She spoke having full confidence on her love. He just kissed her forehead in response and held her tightly in his arms. She snuggled in his arms, having a peaceful smile on her face.

“Sidharth, if Cabir and Mukti tell Shivansh about us then? I want to tell him myself.” She asked suddenly looking at him after coming out of his arms.

“They won’t, don’t worry. Shivansh is coming after two days. We will tell him together.” Sidharth said, putting his hand on her face. She was still looking at him worriedly. He blinked his eyes.

“Don’t worry, He will understand us. By the way, he already knew that I am in love with the girl who is married and he has always said to me to accept my love. I know, it will hurt him a lot, maybe he will shout on me but in the end, he will understand me. I have full trust in our friendship.” He had full trust on Shivansh that he would understand him, but this time the matter was about his wife whom he loved so much.

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