(Part:1) Mine (Sidnaaz)

Sana was getting ready for her marriage, sitting in front of the mirror. It was a big day for her. She was an innocent girl, utterly different and very naive. She was unaware that her life was going to change with the blink of her eyes as she has become the OBSESSION of a man. The man who was arrogant, aggressive, but love her a lot.

“Uhmm…” she tried to scream as someone palmed her mouth from behind. She became unconscious as the person injected something in her body.

In a dark room, a man took out Sana from the sack in front of his boss.

“Sir, here is your girl, now my money,” As the man asked for the money, his boss glared at him in fury.

“Shut up, you bloody bastard, I told you to bring her without any force, but you brought her in the sack and now you are asking for bloody money.” Sidharth roared at him with outrage and yanked him toward himself by grabbing his collars.

“From these hands, you brought her like this, right,” as he broke the bones of his hand, that person screamed in pain. Then Sidharth pushed the man on the floor and strolled to Sana.

“Oh baby, now open your eyes,” as he uttered, she gained her conscious back. She stared at Sidharth blankly as like she was trying to recognize, who is he?

“Who are you? where I am?” She asked, narrowing her brows in confusion and Sidharth was smiling like an idiot at her.

“Today is my marriage. Who are you, have you kidnapped me?” She asked innocently and her eyes glinted with fright.

“Yes, I have kidnapped you and now you’re going to marry me, baby,” As he held her hand softly, she instantly jerked his hand.

“No please, let me go.” She begged and cried, getting up hurriedly.

“Oh baby, don’t cry, I love you,” As he touched her soft cheek, gazing at her fondly, Sana closed her eyes and fresh tears trickled down her soft cheeks.

“Now come let’s get married,” he held her hand and led her out of that room and she was constantly screaming and struggling.

He took her outside of the room, everything was arranged for their marriage. Pandit was sitting in front of havankund. Sana widened her eyes in shock and sobbed more loudly as she saw all this arrangement.

“I don’t even know you, why are you doing this with me? Please, let me go.” She begged.

“Stop crying…” suddenly he shrieked and she flinched and immediately stopped crying, getting scared.

“If you cry or say something more, I will kill your parents.” He warned her and showed her a video, in which her parents were tied up with the chair.

“Mom… dad… Please leave them, I will do anything, please, leave my parents.” She now begged for her parents’ life after seeing the video. She was horrified, she didn’t want to lose them. They were her life and she could do anything for them.

“Don’t cry baby, I Don’t want to kill them, just wanna make you mine, you are mine, right?” He asked like a crazy man, moving close to her. She sniffed, staring at him with her eyes filled with fear.

“Answer me…” he shouted and pulled her toward himself by grasping her arms.

“Yes, I am yours, please, leave my parents,” she cried, he just gazed at her, having pain and love in his eyes.

“Okay, baby now stops crying, I promise you, I will not do anything with your parent,” he wiped her tears and then he took her to the mandap and made her sit.

So here is a short Intro Part of this story.

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