(Part:3) Mine (Manan)

At Midnight, Nandini woke up in Manik’s arms and she thought someone had come into her room, therefore she kicked Manik and shrieked, “leave me, leave me.”

“What the fuck.” Manik shouted and stood up, glaring at Nandini in anger.

Nandini came back to reality and recalled what had happened with her yesterday night. As flashes of yesterday night revolved in her mind, her innocent eyes brimmed with tears.

“Don’t dare to cry,” he warned her. “If you have forgotten our deal, then let me remind you, if you don’t cry, I’ll free your parents.” He crossed his arms around his chest and she stared at him innocently.

“Now come in my arms and let me sleep, and you also sleep,” he again lay on the bed and she was just looking at him with a sad pout, her eyes were filled with innocence.

“Oh god, Nandini, why don’t you listen to me in the first time?” Manik asked, but still, she didn’t give any reply. “Say something, I am not an animal who will eat you up,”

She instantly asked, “so who are you? I don’t even know your name and you kidnapped my Mumma and papa, you forced me to marry you.” She again burst into tears and sobbed.

“Baby, please stop crying, I will tell you everything and I promise you, I will not harm your parent, but please stop crying, I can’t see you in tears,” he requested, wiping her tears. She was crying nonstop.

“I can’t stop my tears,” she hiccuped, “Mumma papa ki yaad aa rhi hai, tumhse dar lag rha hai, (I’m missing mom and dad and you’re scaring me.)” She cried like an innocent baby.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Okay fine, you sleep alone, but please stop crying,” he joined his hands in front of her because her tears were making him angry. Her tears were affecting him a lot.

Manik got up from the bed and turned to walk out of the room, but stopped as he heard her loud sobs. He turned toward her and asked, frustrated. “Now what do you want?”

“Mujhe akele room mein sone mein dar lagta hai, (I’m afraid to sleep alone in the room.)” She cried like a baby because she was not in a habit to sleep alone.

“Okay, okay fine. I am sleeping on the sofa, now for god sake stop crying,” she tried not to cry by pursing her lips while he poured water into the glass for her.

“Have water.” He gave her the water and she immediately drank it.

“Now sleep,” he laid her down on the bed and covered her with the blanket. She closed her eyes.

“Don’t cry, okay.” He pecked her forehead.

He strolled to the sofa and lay down over it, facing Nandini. He fell asleep, gazing at her.

Nandini opened her eyes. As she saw him sleeping, she sat on the bed and cried silently holding her knees. “I am not understanding anything, what should I do? God, This monster doesn’t even let me cry. He is scaring me a lot, I want Mumma, she must be worried for me also.”

Next morning

Manik woke up, holding his back because his back was aching, he was not in a habit of sleeping on the sofa, but he slept for Nandini. This proved his love for her. He could even sleep on the bed of burning coal for her.

He saw Nandini who was sleeping. He strolled to her and kissed so many times on her cheeks and then lay beside her. He fondly gazed at her beautiful and innocent face.

Half an hour passed and he was still engrossed in her. He came on the earth back as his phone rang up. He made an irritated face and placed the phone over his ear.

“Sir, you have a meeting in an hour, should I cancel it?” As his secretary asked, he jumped out of the bed.

“No… no, I am coming.” He rushed to the bathroom after tossing his phone on the sofa.

Nandini also woke up, rubbing her eyes. She looked around and sat on the bed, making a sad pout. Mukti stepped into the room with the tray of coffee in her hand. Nandini’s eyes glinted with fear as she saw her. Mukti slightly smiled at her before putting the tray on the side table.

“Hey, I am Mukti, Manik’s sister.” Mukti introduced herself and held out her hand in front of her. Nandini was staring at her bemusedly, narrowing her brows.

“Who Manik?” She asked in a low voice and her question made Mukti shocked because her brother had married a girl who didn’t even know his name.

“Manik, whom you have married yesterday.” As she told Nandini, she moved back. She became more scared from Mukti as she thought, she would harm her.

“Hey, relax, I’ll not harm you.” Mukti placed her hand on her shoulder. Nandini was not any condition to trust anybody, she was staring at her dubiously.

“Look, I know you are scared because Bhai has married you forcibly, but he will not harm you. He is good a good person, I don’t know why he married you but trust me, no one will harm you here.” Mukti tried to assure Nandini that she is safe in this house.

“Drink coffee, you will feel better.” Mukti gave her coffee and she shook her head negatively.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t mixed poison in this.” Mukti tried to make her feel comfortable. Nandini smiles lightly and took the glass of coffee. Mukti gave her a cheerful smile.

Manik came out of the bathroom and saw them.

“Enjoy coffee, and feel free to say anything to me.” Mukti placed her hand over Nandini’s face. She stepped out of the room without even looking at Manik. Mukti always shows her anger to Manik like this by staying silent.

“Baby, you woke up.” Manik strolled to her and she grasped the glass of coffee tightly, staring down.

“Good morning,” he leaned down and kissed her forehead, she just remained silent.

“I’m going to the office and please, take breakfast on time and I don’t want any complaint,” he instructed her, wearing his watch standing in front of the mirror.

“Now goodbye, baby. I’ll see you soon,” he strode out of the room after kissing her cheek.

Mukti and cabir were taking breakfast and they were talking about Nandini.

“Cabir, that girl is so naive, she was scaring from me a lot, for the first time bhai has disappointed me. I still can’t believe this.” Mukti shook her head in disbelief. She was feeling very bad after seeing Nandini’s condition.

“Mukti, you forget who is our Bhai, he is our superhero, I am also confused after what Bhai has done with an innocent girl, but I know he must have any reason behind this.” Cabir had full trust in Manik, but Mukti was angry because Manik had spoiled the life of an innocent girl by doing this.

As they heard Manik’s voice, they looked at him. He was instructing something to maids about Nandini, standing out of his room.

He strode to them. Mukti kept herself busy in eating and this time also she didn’t look at him.

“Cabir, we are getting late, hurry up.”

“Bhai, I am done,” Cabir stood up, leaving half food in the plate.

“Cabir, how many times, I have to explain, never left food in the plate.” Manik scolded cabir like he was his small kid and Mukti intentionally stormed from there, leaving her food too, showing her anger to Manik.

“Bhai, she is angry with you,” Cabir told him. He left out of the house without giving any reply and Cabir rushed behind him.

Mukti stepped into Nandini’s room with the breakfast which maid had prepared for Nandini on Manik’s instructions. That time only Nandini came out after taking bath and she was shedding silent tears. As she saw Mukti, she immediately wiped her tears and Mukti felt bad for her.

“Hey, your breakfast, darling,” Mukti said very sweetly to Nandini while putting the tray on the table.

“I want Mumma,” she uttered like an innocent baby, looking at Mukti helplessly.

“I will make you meet your Mumma,” as Mukti reassured her, placing her hand over Nandini’s cheek, her eyes shimmered with the happiness and a cheerful smile touched her lips.

“Really, you’ll make me meet my Mumma, thank you,” she hugged Mukti joyfully.

“Yes, promise. By the way, What’s your name sweetie?” Mukti asked as they broke the hug.

“Nandini.” She told her, smiling.

“So Nandini from now we are friends okay,” as Mukti held out her hand in front of her, she merrily shook her hand with Mukti because Mukti had promised her that she would make her meet with her parents.

Then Mukti made her eat breakfast and all the time trying to talk with her, she wanted to make her comfortable. Mukti was very a nice person with a pure heart.

Manik came back home and he saw Nandini in the hall with Mukti. They were watching the movie. Manik smiled broadly as he saw Nandini happy. He was relieved after seeing her getting comfortable with his family. He strode toward them.

“Hey baby, I am back.” Nandini gripped Mukti’s hand tightly and looked at Manik, having fear in her eyes.

“Nandini, he will not harm you.” Mukti tried to make her understand.

“Yes, Mukti is right, you don’t need to be scared of me, now like a good girl come with me, I have to show you something.” He said politely.

She looked at Mukti and as she blinked her eyes, Nandini got up. Manik gave her his handsome smile and held her hand.

He led her to one room. There was darkness all around the room. As she gripped his arm tightly, his lips curved into a smile. He switched on the light and she widened her eyes in astonishment to see the room. The whole room was filled up with her photos from the age of ten. Her photos were hanging on all the walls of room and so many photo frames of her photo were placed on the table.

”How did you get these pictures?” as she asked innocently, he chuckled.

“I clicked these photographs, whenever I got time from the office, I came to see you. Yes, Nandini, I’ve been in love with you for eight years. I hired a guard for you. Do you remember a night when a person had saved you from goons, that person was me only. Nandini, I will never harm you because I love you, baby.” Manik confessed, holding her hands. Nandini was staring at Manik bemusedly and flashes of that night were revolving in her mind.

“But you are bad, you kidnapped me, I was getting married to Aman and,” before she could complete her words, Manik pinned her against the wall by grabbing her arms and then slammed her glossy lips, she widened her eyes in utter shock. He was kissing her softly, pouring his all love. This all was completely new for Nandini, but she felt good and she automatically kissed him back, placing her hands over his face and this shocked him because he had never expected that she would kiss him back. For both of them, this was their first kiss, but they were kissing each other like a passionate couple. He was feeling like he was kissing rose petals. Her lips were so soft and delicious. They were feeling incredible. Manik never wanted to break the kiss but broke it after becoming breathless.

They both gazed into each other eyes, panting. She was trying to catch her breath back. Her eyes were asking from Manik “who are you? My hero or villain?” and Manik’s eyes were only filled with love for her. He had kidnapped her parents, but still, she had a soft corner for him, she didn’t know why. She was utterly baffled. He was a mystery for her.

“You’re mine only, I don’t want to listen to any boy’s name from your mouth,” as he whispered, dangerously coming close to her face, her eyes glinted with fear. He was now brushing her lower lip with his thumb, gazing at her fondly.

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Love Mehak

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