(Part:4) Mine (Manan)

Nandini was silently sitting on the bed and Manik was doing work on the lappy. After the kiss, Nandini was so shocked and confused about her feelings. The kiss was something new for the innocent girl like her.

“Kiss and all, I have seen in movies only, but why and how I responded to him, I don’t even know how to kiss, apne aap hi hogya. (It happened automatically.) Why I felt so good, I am not understanding anything, what is happening to me.” Nandini was so naive to understand her feeling. She was staring at Manik wondering all this and biting her nails.

“Shut up, you idiot.” As Manik shouted, Nandini jumped on her place with fright.

“Bloody irresponsible people, how the hell you miss placed the important file, I am coming to office, if I don’t get the file, I will shoot you.” Manik roared on phone and this made Nandini hell scared. She hid in the comforter and prayed to god.

“Oh god, please, save me from this monster, every time and on everyone he keeps on shouting, Mujhe toh bhut dar lag rha hai. (I’m scared.)” She murmured to herself, grasping the comforter tightly over her face.

When she heard no voice of him, she slowly pulled the comforter down her face and slowly opened her eyes and signed with relief after not seeing him. She took a long breath and sat on the bed.

“Will he shoot the person whom he was talking on the phone? Will he also kill me if I don’t listen to him? And will he also kill my parents?” These questions were revolving in her mind because Manik’s words had scared the naive soul like hell.

“Please god, you can do anything with me but please save my parents, I can do anything for them, I can live with this monster also but please keep my parents save.” She started crying badly. She was anxious for her parent more than for herself. She loved her parents so much.

That time only Mukti stepped into the room. As she found her crying again, she felt very bad for her.

“Sweetie, what happened?” As Mukti asked lovingly, strolling to her, she immediately hugged Mukti and cried louder. Mukti immediately hugged her back and became worried.

“Please, save my parents, he will,” she sobbed, “he will kill them, ” Mukti because confused by her words because she was unaware that Manik had kidnapped her parents.

“Sh, bhai will not harm anyone and why will he kill your parents, Nandini? “She cupped her face and asked after breaking the hug. Nandini’s next words were like a bomb fell over her.

“He kidnapped my parents…” Nandini cried louder after seeing this and flashes of her tied up parents revolved in her mind. Mukti was staring at her in utter disbelief.

“Nandini, bhai can’t do this, he is my hero,” as Mukti took the side of his brother, Nandini nodded her head negatively.

She hiccuped and uttered, “He has shown me the video.”

Mukti was shocked to hear that her hero had kidnapped someone. This truth was heartbreaking for her. The brother whom she blindly trusted, whatever he said, she did and today that brother only became criminal in front of her. It was shocking for her and she was hell angry.

“Sweetie, I will talk to him and I am sorry because of my brother, you are suffering but I promise you, I will save your parent, stop crying.” Mukti consoled Nandini first, clasping her face. Then she made her drink water. After some time, she stopped crying.

“I am coming.” Mukti cut the phone after saying this. Nandini was sitting beside her silently now, but she was feeling better after Mukti’s consolation.

“Sweetie, I am sorry, I have to leave, there is an urgent meeting with my client.” As Mukti told her, placing her hand over her face, Nandini pouted sadly.

“But, I’m scared to live alone, how I will live alone in this big house?” As she asked cutely like an innocent baby, Mukti chuckled on her words.

“Sweetie, there are so many maids in this house, you’re not alone and if it wasn’t important, I would have stayed with you,” Nandini smiled cheerfully.

“You’re very nice, can I call you didu.” She asked cutely and Mukti hugged her tightly after getting speechless.

“Yes, my sweet sister,” Mukti agreed after breaking the hug and kissed her forehead to assure her that she will always protect her like an elder sister of her.

“You know, from childhood, I always wished to have my sister, with whom I can share everything and can do fun with her,” Nandini told her joyfully and her eyes were shimmering with happiness. Mukti was just smiling brightly at her.

“Oh my God, Nandini, same was my wish and finally god has fulfilled our wish, I really don’t want you to go away from here now, but I will fulfil my promise,” Mukti assured her, Nandini was just smiling blissfully at her because she felt blessed to get a sister like Mukti.

Nandini was shedding silent tears, staring at her parents’ photo on the laptop, given by Mukti. She was missing her parents a lot. She was not in a habit of living without her parents.

Then only a girl in a short dress stepped into Manik’s room. She frowned as she saw Nandini, the girl was non-other than the witch Alia.

“Manik’s new servant, how dare she could sit on his bed, now I will show her place.” Alia muttered to herself and strode to Nandini. She misunderstood that Nandini was a servant.

“You bitch, how dare you sat on my Manik’s bed.” Alia roared on Nandini and pushed her harshly on the floor. Nandini was shocked and cried in pain.

“Your place is here on the floor, not on my manik bed. Do you understand?” She was shouting on Nandini. The poor soul was shivering on her place, staring at her with her sorrowful eyes.

“Now get out of the room, get lost you bitch.” As Alia yelled again, Nandini dashed out of the room, crying. First, Manik and now Alia made her scared even more.

Nandini was now crying sitting on the sofa in the hall. Alia also came downstair and again she became angry as she saw her sitting on the sofa.

Alia matched over her. As Nandini saw her, her eyes glinted with fear, and she instantly stood up from the Sofa.

“Do you have any shame left? Still, you are here and crying, don’t you know what is your work? Your work is to clean Manik’s shoes.” Alia was shouting on Nandini and like always Nandini was crying, looking down.

That time only Manik came back home and after seeing that Alia was insulting his Nandini, he became angry hulk. He strode to them, fuming in anger.

She was about to slap her but stopped in midway as she heard Manik’s shout, “Alia, just shut up.” Nandini palmed her face in shock.

Manik raised his hand to slap her, glaring at her in fury but stopped. “You are a girl, and therefore I’m not slapping you, but you don’t have any idea, what mistake you have done, you have insulted my wife.” Manik stormed over her, moving his hand down. Alia raised her brows in shock after knowing that Manik had married to someone else.

“Now you get lost from here and don’t show me your ugly face.” Alia scurried from there in shock after glancing at Nandini, having hatred in her eyes.

Manik looked toward crying Nandini, he felt bad for her and without saying anything he led her to their room by holding her hand because he had no idea that how to console crying girls.

“How could manik marry her? I love him.” Alia was coming out of the house, she was in shock. She wanted to marry Manik. Then she bumped with Mukti.

“Alia, what happened, you are looking lost, “Mukti asked her, but she didn’t answer her because she was not in a state to answer her back. She just left from there. Mukti thought to call her later and she walked inside the house.

Manik gave water to Nandini. She was still crying and Manik was fuming in anger, seeing her crying like always.

“Stop crying, Nandini, please.” As he shouted with frustration, holding his head, the poor girl pursed her lips to stop crying. He felt bad after seeing her condition.

Manik sighed deeply to compose himself. “She is just a piece of shit, you don’t need to cry, whatever she said to you, just forget it please,” Now he said calmly after holding her arms and pulling her closer himself, she was still silently crying.

When he didn’t find any other option, he just captured her lips to make her stop crying. She widened her eyes in shock. She tried to push him, but it didn’t work because his grip was tight. Eventually, she also responded to him. Both of their lips were moving in rhythm. He was kissing her softly. Nandini got lost in his kiss forgetting everything. She placed her hands over his chest, and his hands were on her waist. They were kissing each other like a passionate couple. After getting breathless, he finally broke the kiss.

“I told you before, if you don’t stop crying then I have my own ways, see.” He smirked at her and she was looking down because she was feeling shy.

“So baby, now whenever you cry, I will make you stop crying by kissing you like this.” She looked up at him and widened her eyes in shock. He was just gazing at her, smiling devilishly.

Manik stepped out of the room, his lips were still curved in an evil smile. As he saw mukti entering into her room, his smile faded into a frown and he finally decided to talk with her. He strolled to her room and walked inside.

As Mukti saw him, she taunted him, “whoa Bhai, finally, you get time to come here.” Manik frowned at her after seeing her attitude.

“Mukti, behave, voice down.” Manik said in a dominating tone, pointing his finger at her.

“Bhai, I can’t behave properly, I want the answer why did you kidnap Nandini’s parents, how could you do this?” Mukti asked in anger and staring at him in disbelief. Manik fisted his hand after hearing this.

“Mukti, enough is enough, don’t you have any trust in me, do you really think I can do this?” Manik asked.

“No, I have full trust on you, but seeing you spoiling the life of an innocent girl, seeing my hero acting like a villain. It is hurting me.” A lone tear trickled down her cheek.

“Mukti, then trust me, whatever I am doing, I am doing for her only, please, give me some time.” Manik explained her after clasping her face and wiped her tear. The helplessness was vividly visible in his eyes.

“Bhai, I have full trust on you, you will always remain my hero and I am sorry for my behaviour,” she apologised, hugging him. Manik also hugged her back and kissed her head.

“What is happening to me, I am not understanding anything. When he kisses me and touches me, I feel like my body is on fire.” Nandini was again lost in her thought. She became more confused with her new feelings after their second kiss.

“I should think about my parents, he has kidnapped my parents, Nandini, you have to be strong for your parent,” Nandini murmured to herself, getting up.

Then she saw Manik, stepping into the room. She marched to him in attitude. “Leave my parent or else I will go to the police,” she warned him, she was trying to act strong.

He knitted his brows in anger after listening to her words. First Mukti and now Nandini, everyone was shouting on him, blaming him and he was not in a habit to bear this kind of behaviour from anybody. He wanted that everyone should speak in front of him in low voice respectfully.

He yanked her to himself by grasping her arms and uttered, glaring at her. “I haven’t kidnapped your parents, do u get that?” Nandini widened her eyes in shock after knowing this. If he hadn’t kidnapped her parents, then how did he get that video? She was utterly baffled.

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