(Part: 5) Mine (Manan)

He yanked her to himself by grasping her arms and uttered, glaring at her. “I haven’t kidnapped your parents, do u get that?” Nandini widened her eyes in shock after knowing this. If he hadn’t kidnapped her parents, then how did he get that video? She was utterly baffled.

“Then what was that video? “She asked instantly.

“It was an edited video so that I could blackmail you, to marry me,” Manik told her, pulling her more closer to himself, there was anger in his dark black eyes and she was looking at him incredulously.

“You’re a monster, I’ll never accept you as my husband,” Nandini stormed at him and struggled to come out of his tight grip. She was trying to be strong.

Manik chuckled devilishly. “Yes, I am a monster, if you don’t accept me as your husband, then you know that I have my own ways.” He trailed down the tip of his index finger from her shoulder to her hand and she looked at him, having fear in her eyes.

“Please, let me go, why are you doing this with me?” She pleaded, trying to push him away with her tiny hands.

“Baby, how many time you will ask the same question, you are mine and therefore you are here with me and no one in this world can separate you from me.” He clasped her face and stated, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs and gazing in her eyes intensely. Now his eyes were filled with love only.

Nandini was confused with his bipolar behaviour, sometimes he shouted and sometimes he behaved like he is the sweetest person. One question always came in her mind, “who is he?”

“Now, let me get fresh and then we will take dinner,” he said sweetly and went to the bathroom after placing a soft kiss on her chubby Cheek. Nandini was utterly confused with his behaviour.

Mukti stepped into the room and saw Nandini sitting on the sofa, talking to herself. A bright smile touched her lips because Nandini’s expression was too cute.

“Hey, sweeties, what’s up?” Mukti sat beside her. Nandini’s eyes glinted with excitement as she saw her.

“Didu, I am so happy,” she squealed with joy and hugging Mukti tightly. Mukti smiled cheerfully and hugged her back. She was also happy to see her happy but confused too with her sudden happiness.

“Didu, Manik hasn’t kidnapped my parents, they are fine. I was so worried about them.” She merrily told everything. Mukti sighed with relief after knowing that his brother hadn’t kidnapped anyone.

Nandini glanced at the bathroom to check Manik and then she moved close to Mukti’s ear. She whispered, “now I will run from here and didu, it’s a secret, don’t tell this to the monster.”

Mukti smiled on her cuteness and also felt bad for her because Nandini was thinking that it was very easy for her to run away from here, but the reality was that it was impossible because she knew her brother, he would never let this happen.

“Didu, would you help me?” She asked cutely, having hope in her bewitching eyes, Mukti became speechless as she didn’t want to break her heart by telling her that what she wanted, it was impossible.

Before mukti could speak something, they saw Manik coming out of the bathroom. He was in grey lower with a casual t-shirt. He glanced at them sternly and marched out of the room without saying anything.

“Didu, why he is like this, sometimes so sweet and sometimes an angry monster.” As Nandini shout the last line making an angry face, Mukti laughed loudly seeing her adorable expression.

“Didu, why are you laughing? I really wanna know, I’m scared of him.” She murmured innocently, moving her down in sadness and played with her fingers.

“Aww, Nandini, don’t worry. I am assuring you, he won’t harm you. Actually Nandini, he is short-tempered, if someone doesn’t listen to him in once, he becomes angry.” Mukti tried to make her understand

“Don’t you get scared of him, kya aapko dar nhi lagta hai, didu?” she asked instantly.

“Hmm, sometimes, he is very strict, he wants everything to be perfect and according to him. You know, Nandini, bhai has taken care of me and cabir as like our mother and father after mom and dad left us, he is my superman, sometimes he shouts on me, but it’s okay as he also loves me a lot, whatever he does, he does for our happiness.” Mukti shared about her feeling which she had for her brother and Nandini lost in her thought after listening Mukti’s word. Her words made Nandini more confused.

“If he’s a nice person, then why he is doing this me and giving pain to me?” She wondered, baffled.

“Sweetie, don’t think too much, now come let’s have dinner,” As Mukti uttered, Nandini came out of her thoughts and nodded her head positively, getting up.

“Bhai, where is cabir?” Mukti asked Manik when they were having dinner at the dining area. Nandini was sitting in the middle of Manik and Mukti. She was just rolling the spoon, wasn’t eating anything. She was just wondering about Manik’s behaviour.

“He has gone to Pune for a project, he will come back within a few days.” Nandini narrowed her brows bemusedly because she didn’t know about Cabir.

“Didu, how is Cabir?” Nandini asked in the low voice after coming close to Mukti’s ear.

“He is our brother.” As Mukti answered her, she made O mouth and then her eyes fall on Manik who was glaring at them.

“Mukti, you know that I hate it when somebody talks while eating,” Manik said sternly, glaring at Mukti, indirectly telling this Nandini.

Mukti immediately apologised, “I’m sorry, Bhai.”

“Iss monster ko har bat par gussa ata hai, lagta hai roj rat ko karele kha kar sota hai, tabhi itna khadhus hai. (This monster gets angry on everything. I wonder, he sleeps every night after eating Karele, that’s why he’s so rude and arrogant.) Oh god, please, help me and give me the strength to run from here.” Nandini murmured to herself, staring at Manik.

“Nandini, why are you not eating?” As Manik asked, she came on the earth back. She curled her lips and rolled her eyes. Manik’s eyes glinted with fury because of her attitude, and also she didn’t reply to him.

“Nandini, how many times, I have to explain, listen to my word in once.” As Manik stormed at her, she flinched and looked at him, having fear in her eyes.

“No, Nandini, be strong. You have to fight back.” She said this to herself in her mind.

She growled at him after standing up, “no, I don’t want to listen any of your words, I will not eat, I will not do anything, I don’t want to live with a monster like you.” She threw the bowl on the floor in anger and rushed to the room before Manik could stop her.

“Nandini…” Manik shouted after getting up. He was about to go behind her but stopped as Mukti held his hand.

“Bhai, what are you doing? “As Mukti asked and Manik looked at her confusingly.


“Do you really think that if you shout on her like this, and she will love you? No, never, by doing this, you are only increasing her hatred toward you and you are frightening her. Maybe day because of fear she will accept you as her husband, but she will never accept you as her husband from her heart if you behave like this with her.” Mukti explained to her elder brother like she was his elder sister because she found him wrong this time.

“Bhai, she is like a small kid who needs love, if you love her then I want to advise you to handle her with care and love. Be kind to her. Try to control your anger or else you will lose her forever, I really don’t want you to regret later.” Mukti stated in serious tone after leaving his hand. He was just staring at her silently. It seemed like he was understanding her words.

He left from there silently. He stepped into the room and saw her sleeping on the bed covering her face also. He sat on the bed and Mukti’s words were, again and again, echoing in his ears. Then he went to the balcony after calling someone and placing the phone over his ear.

“You Monster, I will never listen to you, I will run from here, Mumma papa will be waiting for me, I am missing them a lot.” She whispered to herself after peeking out of the blanket. She was glaring at Manik angrily. He was standing in the balcony and talking to someone on phone.

What do you think, will Manik take his sister’s advice.

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