(Part: 6) Mine (Manan)

Next morning

She woke up, rubbing her eyes and her eyes fell over Manik and she thought, “Haye while sleeping, he looks so sweet and cute.”

She murmured, “and as he wakes up, he will start shouting on everyone, first on me, poor me I have to bear all this,” she made a cute sad pout and rubbed her fake tears.

“But don’t worry, Nandini, be strong and think something to get rid of this monster.” She wondered how to get rid of this Monster.

“Perfect idea,” she shrieked joyfully after jumping out of her bed. “Ab dekho monster, tum mujhe apne aap iss ghar se out kar doge. (Now you will see, Monster, you will yourself push me out of your house.)” She placed her hands on her waist and murmured, staring down at him in attitude.

Manik’s P.O.V.

I aroused from slumber, hearing some sound and what I saw, it was enough to make me angry. The whole room was messed up and nothing was on its place, everything was on the floor. As I saw her, I widened my eyes in shock and rushed to her because she was about to break the mirror after picking up the vase from the table. I stopped her by holding her from behind.

“What the hell?” I shouted in fury and she struggled in my arms. I was glaring at her angrily through the mirror. Seriously this girl is testing my patience. I love her and it doesn’t mean she has the right to do anything.

“I will break this whole house if you don’t let me go.” She shouted louder and tried to come out of my arms, but I gripped her tighter.

I was about to shout on her again after turning her toward myself by holding her arms but stopped as I recalled Mukti’s words. Damn, now I can’t even shout on her because she said right, Nandini is like a kid and she is innocent, therefore I love her. I should handle like parents handle their kids.

Nandini’s P.O.V.

As he turned me, I squeezed my eyes shut and clenched my fist in fear. I was damn sure that now he was going to shout over me like an animal. I was waiting for him to shout on me, but what he said, I was stunned.

“Baby, break this room properly because I was thinking to change the interior of the room yesterday only, as you know, you’re my wife and this room should be according to you.” I opened my eyes instantly in shock and stared at him incredulously. He was smirking at me devilishly.

Is he suffering from bipolar disorder? I wondered.

I couldn’t let him win.

“I will break this mirror and I will break everything.” As I shouted, he left my arms and stood in front of me casually, sliding fingers of his hands into his jeans pockets and his thumbs were hooked out. I stared at him in utter disbelief.

Why he is not reacting? Why he is not shouting on me? I want to irritate him because I want him to throw me out of his house, but my words and my acts are not affecting him. I want Mumma papa, what I should do? I want to cry.

“Go ahead, I am not stopping you.” He comfortably sat down on the couch. I stamped my foot on the floor, fuming in anger. I will also not stop, I will force him to throw me out of this house as like he had forced me to marry him.

As I threw the vase over the mirror, I immediately covered my ears and shut my eyes as it made a loud sound when it broke down. As I heard his laugh, I narrowed my brows and opened my eyes. I turned and saw him laughing crazily. He is laughing on me, Monster. I averted my eyes in anger.

“Keep trying, baby.” He strolled to the bathroom after winking at me mischievously.

“I wanna kill him, Mumma.” I cried out loudly, frustrated.

Manik was standing under the shower and water was cascading down his hot and tempting body. He could clearly hear the sounds which were coming from the room. Nandini was breaking the things. His lips were drawn up in a smile. He wasn’t angry, in fact, he was enjoying this game with her. And for this, he was calling himself a big fool.

He had so many ways to make her quiet because he very well knew how to control people. He was going pretty well in controlling Nandini before Mukti had explained Manik, her words effected him because he wanted to make her accept him as her husband by her heart. Now he couldn’t do anything, poor Nandini’s monster Manik. It was just starting only.

He opened the door and frowned with extreme anger as he saw Nandini standing on the bed with a rod in her hand. She was jumping because she was trying to break Chandelier which was hanging above her head. Manik became anxious for her and scurried to save her. He climbed over the bed hastily.

“Are you out of your mind?” He bawled at her and snatched the stick from her hand.

“Haha…” she laughed, “finally I won, so this was your favourite chandelier which I was trying break and finally this made you angry.” She was feeling so proud of herself after making him angry. He was fuming in fury.

“You stupid, this chandelier was nothing for me, I became worried for you.” He retorted after pulling her toward himself by grasping her arms, not so tightly because he didn’t want to hurt her in any manner.

“If this had broken down, it would have fallen over you.” He said calmly after clasping her face.

She was just staring at him silently. His anger made her quiet, she had never seen him so angry before. This was something new which she was seeing in him. His words were vividly showing how much he cared for her. For him, nothing was more important than her. She was the most precious gift for him.

“Do whatever you want to, but remember one thing, never try to harm yourself because you’re mine and if you find a single scratch on your body, then I will show you, what I can do?” As he warned her, dangerously coming close to her face, she shivered.  She was numb to react. She was not used to this kind of behaviour. His overprotective behaviour was new for her.

He climbed down the bed and picked her into his arm in bridal style. He strolled to the bathroom. She was just silently staring at him with her eyes filled with innocence. She was trying to figure out who was he. He was a mysterious soul for Nandini. Sometimes he behaved rudely with her and sometimes very sweetly. She was utterly puzzled with his strange behaviour.

“Take a shower and come for breakfast, you haven’t eaten anything in dinner also yesterday.” He ordered after placing her down on the floor. His voice held dominance, but his words were filled with concern. He stepped out of the room and left after shutting the door.

Manik and Mukti were having breakfast. As Nandini came there, Mukti gave her a cheerful smile, but she didn’t react. She just sat beside Mukti and started eating breakfast silently. Mukti found her behaviour weird. She immediately understood that certainly, something serious had happened between Manik and Nandini because today Manik was also shouting on the maids without any reason.

“Somebody is behaving like a good girl today,” Manik praised her, cleaning his hands with the hand cloth after eating his breakfast. She knew that these words for her, but then also she didn’t look at him. Something was going in her little brain.

He stood up and strolled to her. “Goodbye and remember my words.” As he pecked her lips after leaning over her face, she instantly moved her eyes up at him, her eyes were wide open in a shock because he kissed her lips in front of Mukti. As she looked at Mukti, she pretended like she didn’t see anything.

He left from there not before biding bye to mukti. As he left, Nandini took a long breath of relief, he was scaring her a lot. He really had the power to dominate and control others.

“What happened, Nandini? Is everything okay?” Mukti asked concernedly, placing her hand over her shoulder.

“Didu, nothing is alright, the monster is not a monster, he is a big wala monster.” She stretched the word big and showed with her both hands how much big a monster he was. Mukti laughed on her cuteness.

“Now what he did with my sweet sister?” She asked lovingly, caressing Nandini’s cheeks. As Nandini told her everything, Mukti burst into laughter after listening about her idea of breaking his room.

“Didu, but today he shouted on me so badly, I couldn’t even cry also, please, help me in running away from this house, I want to meet my Mumma papa.” Nandini requested after holding her hands, staring at her pleadingly. Mukti’s lips drew down in sadness, she felt bad for her. She was helpless, she didn’t want to go against his brother.

“Sweetie, I am sorry I can’t help you with this.” As Mukti denied to her help her and apologised, Nandini pouted dejectedly. Mukti felt bad after breaking the heart of the innocent soul.

“But I can try to make you meet your parents.” As Mukti uttered, Nandini’s eyes shone with happiness and her lips drew up into a broad smile. Mukti smiled too. Mukti was just praying from God to make the poor soul meet her parents. She wondered, “why bhai is keeping her away from her parents if he loves her?” This question was eating her mind.

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