(Part: 7) Mine (Manan)

Mukti and Nandini headed out of the mansion. Nandini’s lips were drawn up in a broad smile. Mukti was looking at the excited soul who was beaming with excitement to meet her parents. Mukti badly wanted to help her in this. But on the main gate of the mansion, security guards stopped them. Mukti showed them her eyes.

“Mam, Sir has given us a strict order to not let this girl go out of this house.” As One of the guards informed Mukti, pointing at Nandini, Nandini’s eyes glinted with fury. She knitted her brows and clenched her fist.

And she burst out her anger over him. “You monkey, stupid, idiot let me go.” She bowled at him and yanked his hair, gritting her teeth in anger. She was taking out all her anger on the poor security guard. Guards were unaware that with whom they had messed up.

“Sweetie, calm down, there is not any fault of them in this.” Mukti tired to pull Nandini back, the guard was crying in pain. Finally, she succeeded in pulling her back and she huffed after completing this difficult task.

“Didu, do something.” At the end she pleaded to Mukti and she gave her helpless look.

“Sweetie, come inside first, I will talk to Bhai when he comes back home.” As Mukti held her to take her inside, she nodded her head.

She snarled, “no, no, I will not go.” She sat down on the floor. “I’ll not go inside until monster doesn’t let me meet my parents.” She was behaving like a stubborn kid. As Security guards laugh on her, mukti glared at them and they became quiet.

Mukti knelt in front of her and clasped her hands. “Sweetie, it’s so hot outside, you are sweating badly, come inside, I promise you,”

She cut her words, “no, no, no, I will not go from here anywhere, I want to meet Mumma and papa. Didu, you go inside.” Mukti got up and held her waist, wondering what to do now. She wasn’t understanding how to convince this stubborn kid to go inside with her.

Mukti was standing in front of her and wiping her sweats with the back of her palm from her forehead, Nandini noticed this and said, “Didu, you please go inside, you are sweating badly.”

“Sweetie, you also come inside with me, please.” As Mukti pleaded, Nandini shook her head like an innocent baby and wiped the sweat from her forehead with her hand.

One hour had been passed and Nandini was still sitting there. She was constantly trying to manipulate security guards to let her go. On the other hand, Mukti had been trying to contact her brother, but he had been not answering to her calls since an hour. Mukti tried to make her drink water, but she was denying to take anything. Mukti was seeing her condition. Her body was burning in the sun and it was becoming red.

“Hello, bhai.” Finally manik picked up the phone and as mukti told him everything, he freaked out.

“What? From one hour, she has been sitting outside, I am just coming, Mukti.” He disconnected the call.

After two minutes only, three maids came to Nandini, one of them was holding umbrella, others were holding fruits and juice for Nandini.

“Mam, juice.” One maid offered her juice and the other one stood beside her, opening the umbrella over her.

Nandini threw the juice away in fury and stormed, “no, I don’t want anything, I only need my Mumma and papa.” She also pushed the maid who was standing beside her, holding the umbrella.

Mukti came outside and saw Nandini fighting with the maids. “Go from here, go.” Nandini was shouting over maids, frustrated. “No mam, we can’t go. Sir has strictly ordered us to take care of you.” As one maid uttered, she rolled her eyes.

“Oh Bhaiya, let me go, I am like your sister.” As Nandini requested security guards to open the door, he opened the gate. A broad smile touched her lips and her eyes shimmered with happiness because she thought finally the guard was letting her go.

“Thank you so much.” She hastily stood up and dashed to the door, smiling broadly, but smiled faded into frown as she saw Manik. He was climbing out of the car. She instantly understood that the guard had opened the gate for Manik, not for her. As Manik glared at her, she moved her eyes down, appalled. Manik was going crazy after seeing redness all over her body and the way she was sweating.

Manik marched over her, clenching his fists and gritting his teeth. “Leave me, Monster. I will not live with you, mumma.” She cried out, kicking her legs and beating her small hands on his solid chest as he lifted her into his arms in bridal style, he was taking her into the mansion mutely. Mukti followed Manan with Maids.

He took her into the guest room and placed her on the bed. As she was about to move out of bed, he grasped her arms and gave her deadly glare and she instantly moved her eyes down, scared.

“Bring Ice cubes and towel. Keep the juice on the table and go from here.” As Manik ordered the maids sassily and loudly, they scurried out of the room and Nandini shivered on her place.

“Bhai,” Mukti was about to say something, but he cut her words.

“Mukti you also leave right now.” Nandini stared at Mukti for help, but she ambled out of the room helplessly. A lone tear trickled down her cheek.

He captured her lips and kissed her hungrily. This time he didn’t give her any chance to respond. It was a pure dominating kiss. He was kissing her to calm himself down. Nandini was about to hold his face, but Manik didn’t let her do that. He grabbed her hands and pinned them over the mattress. Nandini was extremely annoyed because she also wanted to touch him. This was a foreign feeling for her, but this feeling was making her restless, but she was enjoying this also.

“I warned you before that if you try to harm yourself, then I will show you.” He uttered after breaking the kiss, gazing at her.

He left her hands and smirked at her. She was staring at him, narrowing her brows bemusedly because she was confused with her unknown feeling. She was not understanding what was happening to her. A knock on the door startled them. He stood up after winking at her and she rolled her eyes.

As he opened the door, a maid walked inside and left after putting the tray of ice cubes and towel on the table. Manik locked the door and came back to her. She was staring bemusedly, she was sitting leaning against the bedrest. As Manik put the tray on the bed after sitting before her, she looked at him. He held her hand and picked one ice cube from his other. She shivered as the ice cube touched her arms. He was rubbing it all over her hand which had become red. Nandini gripped his hand tightly and dug her nails into his skin, closing her eye. He was gazing at her intensely, his eyes were filled up with love and possession.

He was rubbing the ice cube over her neck and she was sitting, closing her eyes and enjoying this.

“I’m again warning you, baby, don’t try to harm yourself, or else the consequences will be more worst next time.” Listening to his words, she instantly opened her eyes and saw the smirk on his face.

He was now dabbing the towel over her wet arms and she was silently sitting, staring straight, she was lost wondering about her foreign feelings. Manik stood up and went to bring a dress for her after glancing at her.

He came back with a mustard full-length gown. He had purchased only full-length gown and jeans top for her, no short dresses because he didn’t want her to roam wearing short dresses in the house because of male worker of the house.

Manik placed the dress on the bed before her. Nandini came out of her thoughts as he said, “Baby, go and change your dress.” She slightly nodded her head and climbed down the bed. She grabbed the dress and strolled to the bathroom.

“What is happening to me? Why I always feel like my body is on fire whenever he touches me and kisses me? This feeling is very new which I have never felt before, what is this, I am not understanding anything and why he cares for me so much. If he really cares for me, then why he is not letting me to meet my parents?” She was standing before the mirror and wondering bemusedly, caressing her lips.

“But he is a big wala monster,” she mumbled, fisting the dress tightly.

“I shouldn’t think about him, I should think about Mumma papa, they will be worried for me, they will be finding me.” Her eyes brimmed with tears as she thought about her parents.

“I have to think something else to get rid of this monster, I will run away from here anyhow, ” she uttered, staring at the mirror in determination.

Love Mehak

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