(Part: 11) Mine (Manan)

Manik pulled her toward himself by grasping her waist and slammed her lips. He sucked her lips but didn’t get any response from her, because she was in a shock, it was very difficult for her to believe that her own parent had tried to sell her. As he felt wetness on his face, he immediately understood that she was crying. He broke the kiss. Her tears was breaking his heart like always. She was crying, staring down like a baby.

“Mumma papa, they don’t love me, no one loves me,” As she uttered, crying, Manik nodded his head negatively.

“No baby, I love you, I promise you, I will never hurt you,” Manik clasped her face and wiped her tears with his thumbs. Manik knew that at this time, he should handle her calmly. This was the only reason, he was quiet till now.

“No no, no one loves me, everyone hates me,” she beat his chest with her small hands. He grasped her both hands and tried to control her, but she was not listening to his words because it was not easy for him to trust him easily.

“Nandini, I love you.” Manik shouted, holding her arms and pulling her closer to himself. She instantly became quiet and looked at him with her sorrowful eyes.

“I am not saying you to love me back, Nandini. I just want to protect you from every evil world, I know that you are very naive, you can be trapped by anyone easily, I want to make you strong but never want to change you, I want to make you mine, but not without your permission.” Manik was calm now and gazing in her eyes deeply. His words were clearly showing that how much he loved her. She was staring at him blankly. She was utterly shattered.

They reached back to the Malhotra mansion. Nandini was lying silently in the blanket. Her Beautiful memories with their parents were revolving in her mind. Manik was also lying on the sofa, and he was just staring at her tensely. First, he was worried for her and second thing which was bothering him that who had helped Nandini from escaping from his mansion.

Next morning

“Were you sleeping at yesterday night ? Yesterday was your night duty and in your presence, how did Nandini run away?” Manik bawled in anger on guard. Mukti and cabir were shocked to know that Nandini had escaped yesterday.

“Sir, I am not lying, I haven’t slept for even a second only yesterday night,” Manik was about to punch the guard, but cabir and Mukti held him from behind and in gesture cabir asked the guard to leave.

“Bhai, relax and tell when did Nandini run? And where she is now? “Mukti asked and cabir also looked at Manik for answers. Manik told them how Abhi informed him about Nandini.

“But, how did she run away?” Mukti also asked the same question in confusion because Manik and Mukti, they knew she was very naive.

Manik was making Nandini eat breakfast. She was having breakfast, staring straight silently. Her face was pale and her eyes weren’t shining anymore. He was already missing his naughty and cute Nandini who was trying to run away by using her cute tricks. He didn’t know how to give strength to Nandini at this movement. Yesterday by his kiss trick, he had tried to calm her down, but she was not even responding to his kiss. He didn’t know how to console her.

She got up from the chair mutely and went to her room. Manik was just sitting sadly there and regretting that why he told her this. He wanted his cutie-pie Nandu back.

Manik was sitting in his study. Mukti stormed inside, crying. Cabir also came following her. Manik widened his eyes in shock and stood up. He hastily strode to Mukti

“Mukti, what happened? “Manik asked concernedly after clasping her face. He was looking hell worried for her. He couldn’t bear tears in his sister’s eyes.

“Bhai, why you didn’t tell us that Nandini’s parents are no more, they had committed suicide,” Mukti asked, shedding silent tears. Manik raised his brows in shock. He was wondering that how did she come to know the truth.

“I promised Nandini that I would make her meet her parents, but now this will never going to happen,” Mukti cried bad because she was feeling sorry for Nandini.

“Bhai, but why her parent committed suicide and why did you marry her? Please now don’t hide anything from us Bhai, we will support you.” Mukti asked her and Manik finally told Mukti and cabir the whole story.

“Nandini will break down after knowing this.” Her voice cracked and Cabir eyes became moist.

“Therefore, I lied to her that parents were going to sell her.” Manik fell the bomb over Mukti and cabir by telling this to them.

“Bhai, why?” Mukti asked in utter shock.

“Mukti, it wasn’t easy for me, but her parent last wish was that Nandini should never come to know about their suicide, I was forced.” Manik was trying hard to fight back with his tears. He didn’t want to break down in front of his siblings. Mukti and cabir were staring at him, having a tears in their eyes.

“But, I lost her, she became quiet after knowing this, she was in shock. I have spoiled everything by lying to her.” Manik uttered in guilt, staring at both Mukti and Cabir dejectedly. Mukti put her hand on his shoulder.

“Bhai, I have a plan,” Cabir said and drew their attention.

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