(Part: 12) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“Take her out somewhere, where she can enjoy forgetting about her pain,” as Cabir suggested, Mukti nodded her head, agreeing to his words, and Sidharth was standing confusingly as like he was thinking where he could take her.

“Bhai, something like the water park, amusement park, she will enjoy there,” Mukti advised.

“But usually kids go there, what will I do there?” Sidharth asked, buttoning his coat. Mukti and Cabir glanced at each other and shook their head in disbelief.

“Bhai, Sana is like a kid only. If you want her to come out of her pain, so you have to go with her.” Mukti tried to make him understand, but Sidharth was Sidharth, he was still standing utterly confused.

“What is going on here?” Abhi asked, stepping into the hall where they all were sitting.

“Abhi, I missed you so much.” Mukti rushed to Abhi and hugged him tightly. Sidharth and cabir just smile at them. They were tension free for their sister because she got the best life partner. They knew he would take care of their sister and never let her cry.

“Abhi, now you have to make bhai understand that he should take Sana somewhere she can enjoy, so she can forget her pain.” As Cabir said, Abhi stared at Sidharth in shock.

He asked, “Did you tell everything to Sana?”

“No,” Mukti answered, staring down sadly.

Abhi freaked out as Sidharth told him everything. “Sidharth, are you out of your mind? What have you done?” Sidharth was looking down having guilt in his eyes.

“Abhi, please tell me something, what should I do now?” Sidharth asked, looking at him helplessly.

“Tell the truth to Sana, Sidharth, this is the last option, lying about her parents and making them bad is not right,” Sidharth shook his head at him and ambled to his room mutely. They gave each other a helpless look.

Sidharth stepped into his room and his heart broke down as he saw Sana shedding silent tears, lying on the bed. As she saw Sidharth, she instantly wiped her tears and hid the face in the comforter. Sidharth sat on the sofa and stared at Sana worriedly, wondering about cabir and Abhimanyu’s words.


“Abhi, I’m angry with you. Why didn’t you tell me about Sana before? You know I was blaming Bhai for marrying Sana.” Mukti growled at him.

“Your brother had only asked me to keep this a secret,” he paused as suddenly something came into his mind. Abhi narrowed his brows and asked, “By the way from where did you come to know about her parents’ suicide?”

“I visited her house, after seeing her house locked, I asked from neighbours and they told me about their suicide, Abhi, Sana loves her parents a lot, if she comes to know this, she will never able to come out of her pain, I am worried for her.” Mukti was hell anxious for her.

“Mukti relax, Sidharth loves her. You don’t even know how much he loves her, I have seen her love, you will yourself see Mukti, how Sidharth will change for Sana. He’ll handle her.” Abhi assured Mukti, holding her hand. She was feeling a bit better after listening to him.


Next morning

Sana woke up from her slumber, rubbing her eyes. She jumped out of her bed in shock as she found the room filled with chocolates, flower, balloons and teddies. She loves all these things a lot.

“Wow, it’s amazing, I have never seen lots of chocolates and balloons before, it’s so beautiful.” Sana squealed joyfully after picking up a teddy and hide in her chest. She was staring at everything like a baby, her eyes were sparkling with happiness and her lips were drawn up in a cheerful smile.

After seeing Sidharth at the door, teddy slipped down her hands and her smile faded into a frown. She strolled to him, narrowing her brows.

“What are you doing in my dream, monster?” Sana asked cutely because she was thinking that she was dreaming.

“This is reality,” Sidharth told her, holding her hand. She was just looking at him in shock.

“But I used to see all these things in my dream only, lots of teddy and chocolate, pinch me,” she suddenly asked him to pinch her.

“What? I will never hurt you in any manner, I will not pinch you.” Sidharth instantly denied because he was over caring for her.

“Monster, pinch me, or else how would I come to know that this is reality?” He rolled his eyes, annoyed and pinched her.

“Aahaa, monster itni jhor se nhi marna tha na. ( I didn’t ask you to pinch hardly.)” She cried out like a baby, rubbing her arm. She was looking dam cute.

“Oh baby, I am so sorry.” He apologised adorably and kissed her arm again and again where he had pinched her. Sana was gazing at him in disbelief, the way he was caring about her, it was clearly showing how much he loved her.

“Now is it okay?” He asked concernedly now, placing his hand on her face and she just nodded her head.

“Is it all mine? Could I eat all these chocolates?” She asked cutely looking around. Sidharth just smiled at her and picked the teddy from the floor.

“Yes baby, my everything is yours. You can eat all these chocolates and keep all these teddies.” Sidharth gave her the teddy, his lips were curved in a cheerful smile.

“Wow, thank you, it is so beautiful like a dream.” She whooped merrily, walking all around the room forgetting about everything. Sidharth was gazing at her fondly, having a smile on his face because his happiness was her happiness.

But his happiness did not last long. As soon as she recalled about her parents, her smile faded away and she threw the teddy on the floor.

“Mumma papa, they don’t love me because I am not their good girl, I irritate them a lot, I am bad, I am very bad.” She cursed herself and threw the teddies and chocolates on the floor, crying. Sidharth fisted his hand, trying to control his anger.

He hugged her from behind. “Baby, I love you, that’s more important.” He whispered in the ear.

She shrieked, “no, you are monster, I am bad, you also hate me.” She was trying her best to come out of his grip.

“Baby, now listen to me, yesterday whatever I told you, that was a lie, your parents, they didn’t try to sell you.” As he uttered, she froze and stopped resisting. He left her and came in front of her.

“The truth is that your parent is no more.” He told her, falling the bomb over Sana. She gaped at him.

“No, you are lying, say that you are lying again,” she staggered and stepped back, staring at him in utter shock.

“This is the truth,” she slumped down on the floor and started crying noisily.

“Then what is the true monster?” As she uttered, Sidharth came out of his thoughts. He was imagining that he had told her the whole truth.

“The truth is that I have kept your parents at a safe place because Aman was trying to marry you after blackmailing your parent, I love you that’s why I saved you.” He told her and she looked at him in shock.

“Then why you say bad about my parents that they were trying to sell me and what about the photo?” She asked like a small baby, pointing her finger at his phone.

“Because I am a monster and I lost my mind and that photo, Aman was giving money to your father forcefully.” This time Sidharth handle the situation smartly and calmly, making Sana understand everything.

“Really, is this the truth that you have saved me from that Aman, then you are not monster, you are my hero.” She squealed joyfully and hugged him. Sidharth was smiling happily because finally, he got his Sana back and now in her eyes, he had become a hero.

“I love you, Sana.” He murmured, hugging her back. He pulled her closer and hugged her tighter as like he wanted to store her in his warm arm forever and ever.

“Then, please my hero make me meet my parent.” She cutely requested after breaking the hug.

“No,” As he denied, she looked down sadly. “I mean, we can’t go there. If we go there, their life will come in danger, do you what this?” Sidharth asked and she innocently nodded her head.

“Baby, you try to live happily for them.” He clasped her face and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“So, now could I eat these chocolates? Monster, no no, not a monster, from now I will call you my hero,” she smiled at adorably at him.

“Yes, you can eat, but only one for now.” He said sternly.

” Only one, again you are becoming monster, my hero,” she said cutely and he just smiled.

“Yes, for your health, I am your monster.” She pouted sadly at him and sat on the sofa, holding the teddy. Sidharth shook his head in disbelief on her cuteness.

She rolled her eyes to show her anger to him. “Teddy, say to my hero that now I will not eat anything.”

“Okay, eat as much as you want, but from next time you will listen to me.” As he gave her permission, she showed him her all teeth, smiling broadly.

She was eating chocolates happily. Licking her fingers and by her tongue licking the chocolates from the corner of her lips. All this was arousing Sidharth and making him hungry for the kiss.

“My hero, come here and eat chocolates with me.” She asked him to join her. He grinned mischievously at her, strolling to her because something naughty was going in her mind.

He sat beside her on the sofa. “By the way, I hate chocolates, but today I will surely eat them in my style.” He whispered after moving closer to her face.

“What style? “She asked innocently and he just smirked at her. Sidharth took the chocolate from her hand and make her eat one bite. As he moved closer to her lips, she widened her eyes. Next movement he slammed her lips and started sucking her chocolaty lips. She also responded to him equally, clutching his back. Then entering his tongue into her mouth, he tasted the chocolate which was mixed with her saliva and for the first, he found chocolate very delicious. Sana was also enjoying this. After that he picked her up by holding her waist, he made her sit on his lap and kissed her till infinity.

Again an unexpected part, hehe no one had thought that Sidharth would handle the situation like this, right?

Love Mehak

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