(Part: 55 I love her too) Love Or Sin {Sidnaaz}

Mukti came to meet Shivansh at his house. A maid informed her that he was in his room. She strolled to his room. She composed herself before knocking the door of his room.

She knocked on the door and after a few minutes, Shivansh opened the door. He stared at her for a few seconds and then threw his arms around her. He hugged her so tightly. She was shocked by his sudden hug. He was so happy to see her fine in front of his eyes and that’s why he couldn’t stop himself from hugging her. He was hugging her tighter and tighter while Mukti was fighting back with her tears. She wanted to hug him, even more, tighter but she was controlling herself by clenching her fist.

“Thank god, you’re fine.” He said after breaking the hug.

“Where were you? Why were you not answering my calls? Is everything fine?” Shivansh asked concernedly, holding her shoulders.

Mukti sighed. “Nothing to be worried about. I was busy in the work. I didn’t get time to use my pone.”

Shivansh chuckled. “You’re a very bad liar, Mukti.” He said in a serious tone and she instantly looked down.

“It is written on your face that you’re not fine. But don’t worry, I won’t force you to share with me. Come inside..” He stood on the side and gave her way to walk inside the room.

She stepped inside and he closed the door. They went toward the sofa and settled down there.

“I’m sorry Shivansh that I ignored like this. I was seriously busy in..”

He shushed her, putting his forefinger over her lips. “Shut up and stop lying.”

He removed his finger. “If you don’t have the courage to say the truth, it’s fine but at least don’t lie.”

She looked down and composed herself. “I just came here to tell you that I’m moving to Delhi. I have a flight in a few hours.”

Shivansh felt a stabbing pain in his heart after knowing that she was going away from him. He didn’t understand at that time about that pain.

“I have started a new business there and that’s..” Mukti started telling him why she was going there while Shivansh became blank at that time because of the unknown pain. He was just staring at her without having any emotion in his eyes.

“Don’t go..” He whispered suddenly and Mukti widened her eyes in shock.

“Is it so important to go? Can’t you stay here? What happened to you suddenly? I really wanna know.”

Mukti started looking around to avoid his questions. She was getting weak in front of him. “Why are you making this more difficult for me, Shivansh? Let me go..” She thought, looking down.

“Believe me, I’m fine, Shivansh. Don’t worry.” She reassured him and he just nodded her head.

“I should leave now.” She stood up. “Bye, Shivansh and take care.”

Shivansh was just staring at her silently. His heart was paining a lot and the thing which was disturbing him more that he was unknown to this pain.

She walked toward the door and looked behind, turning her face. “You can call me anytime if you need me.”

“Goodbye, Shivansh. I just hope you get all the happiness of life and I’ll always love you.” She murmured to herself after walking out of the room.

A lone tear trickled down both of their cheeks.


Cabir walked into Mukti’s room and found her packing her bags. “Where are you going ?” He asked bemusedly, walking toward her.

“I’m going to Delhi forever.” She said without looking at him and kept putting the things into his bag.

“Mukti, are you crazy? You’re not going anywhere.” Cabir glowered at her, snatching the clothes from her hand.

“Cabir, I can’t stay here. I can’t lie to Shivansh. I have to go. Please, understand.” She implored.

“Okay, fine. Do whatever you want to do.” Cabir threw the clothes on the bed and stormed out of the room in anger.

“I have to tell Shivansh about the baby. I won’t let my sister suffer more. She also deserves happiness. Shivansh should know how much she loves him.” Cabir mumbled to himself while walking out of the house.

Shivansh walked into the hall to meet Cabir. He was waiting for Shivansh, sitting on the sofa. Seeing Shivansh, he stood up.

“Cabir, you’re looking stressed. Is everything alright? Is Mukti..” Shivansh paused. “Is she alright?” He asked concernedly.

“I want to tell you something Shivansh. I can’t hide it from you anymore.” He sighed.

“What ?” He asked bemusedly.

“Mukti loves you a lot.”

“Even I love her too.” He said instantly.

“Not in that way.”

Shivansh was bewildered and he asked.” What do you mean ?”

“She was going to confess her love to you two years ago but before she could confess, you told us about Shehnaaz. And for the sake of your happiness, she never confessed.” Shivansh was beyond shocked after knowing this. He never knew that Mukti was in love with him.

“Yes, I am in love with somebody but he doesn’t love me. I’m fine because he is happy. His happiness is more important to me than getting him. I love him and my love for him will never die.” Her words echoed in his ear.

“And now she is leaving Mumbai forever because she is pregnant with your baby.” He staggered backwards and stared at him in utter shock. He felt like the floor slipped beneath his feet, listening to the truth.

“How can this be possible? I never..” He was utterly perplexed. Words weren’t coming out of his mouth.

Then Cabir told him the complete truth and Shivansh slummed down on the sofa, utterly shocked. He couldn’t believe on his ears that he had spent the night with Mukti that night. He was getting shock after shock. He was going crazy.

“She loves you a lot…” Cabir uttered and Shivansh said, cutting his words. “And I love her too.”

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