(Part: 19) Mine (Manan)

They were now sitting on the sofa, Manik was doing his work and Nandini was playing the game on the tab.

“Manik, you know I became afraid today, I didn’t even have a phone also, I tried to catch Auto but they were not stopping, I was missing you a lot.” She was sadly telling him everything because for her it was not easy to forget that bad incidence. 

He clasped her face. “Baby, relax and tomorrow you will get a new phone and now everything is fine, you are with me okay.” He was caressing her face with his thumbs, but his words weren’t affecting her as she was extremely sad.

“Baby, you didn’t show me what have you purchased today.” He tried to change her mood by changing the topic.

“I forgot sorry.” She said cutely “I am bringing wait.” She stood up and rushed to bring things.

“I have to do something so that she will forget today’s bad incident forever, think Manik think something,  you are a topmost business tycoon.” Manik wondered as she left. His every act always showed how much he loved her.

After a few minutes, two-three workers stepped into the room with the shopping bags. Nandini was coming behind them cheerfully. Manik was shocked to see so many shopping bags in their hands.

“Thank you, everyone, for helping me.” She thanked all the workers cutely. They left after giving smile to her.

She ambled to Manik. “Manik, I have bought something for us, you wait, I’m just taking it out.” Nandini was taking out all the things from the bags as she was finding the special thing which she had bought for them and Manik was smiling like a fool, gazing at her.

“I have found this finally.” She squealed joyfully after messing up the room utterly.

“This is yours and this is mine.” She showed him two cute sweatshirts, grinning. “You are Mr Soul and I am Mrs Mate and together we both are Mr And Mrs Soulmate.” She whooped cheerily and clapped her hand. He was just laughing.

“Do you like it?” She asked cutely.

He suddenly yanked her down by grasping her hand and she directly sat down on his lap. She widened her eyes in shock.

“I love this shirt. These are cute like you.” He placed his one hand on her face and his other hand was at her back. Nandini was just gazing at him without blinking her eyes.

“But, you didn’t tell me about these cartoons pictures.” He asked, showing her shirt, he was smirking as something naughty was going in his mind.

“This mickey mouse?” She cutely asked and Manik nodded his head. “This male mickey mouse is you and this female mickey mouse is me.” She innocently answered him, not understanding that what he was asking.

He moved closer to her face. “This I know, I am asking that what they both are doing?” She blushed and her eyelashes moved down.

He held her chin and pulled up. “Tell me na baby.” She shyly looked at him.

“Okay wait, I am telling you.” Next movement, she shocked him by sucking his lower lip. After a second Manik came out of shock and responded to her with equal flavour by clasping her face. Her hands were on his chest. So in this way she answered him. He loved the bold move of his baby, but he loved her cuteness the most. As she moved closer to him and their crotch pressed against each other. This made him crazy, but the innocent soul was unaware of what her body was doing to him. Manik gripped her face tighter and kissed her hard because she was making him crazy. It was a dominating kiss, only he was kissing her, he wasn’t letting her kiss him. This was making Nandini crazy, but somewhere she was also enjoying the dominating kiss.

“That is not fair, Manik. why you weren’t letting me kiss you? You don’t like when I kiss you, hmm?” As they broke the kiss, she asked cutely after getting her breath back. Manik nodded negatively.

“Baby, my knees are paining, please get up,” Manik said difficultly because she was making him crazy, he made an excuse as he couldn’t tell the real reason to his innocent baby.

She instantly stood up from his lap and Manik took a breath of relief. “I’m sorry, Manik, my hero for hurting you.” She apologised, becoming a bit upset. Manik again nodded his head in no.

He stood up. “I’m now alright, don’t be sorry.” He kissed her forehead and she gave him a slight smile.

They heard knock on the door. Manik went to open the door. Nandini sat on the sofa and slapped her head, calling herself crazy after seeing the mess created by her.

“Nandini, how are you? Mukti has told me about you.” Cabir asked from Nandini, stepping into the room. Manik just smiled at them and went outside to call the maid.

“Bhai, I am fine, Manik like a hero came on time and saved me. I have bought something for you, wait let me show.” Now she started finding the thing which she had bought for Cabir. He was just smiling at her.

“Where it has gone?” She asked from herself after searching for it everywhere on the bed and in all the shopping bags. Cabir was trying to control his laugh and at the end, he started laughing.

She narrowed her brows bemusedly and asked, “Bhai why are you laughing?”

“Because the thing which you are finding, it is kept here, see you are finding this, right?” He asked, wearing the cute cape over his head and Nandini nodded her head innocently. “But Bhai, how do you know I have brought this for you?” She asked confusingly and he just smiled.

“Mukti told me.” As he replied, she made an angry pout. “Hww, that’s wrong, I wanted to give you surprise and Mukti didu told you, this is very bad of her, tell didu that I am very angry.” She said cutely and Cabir was trying to control his laugh.

“Nandini, you are super cute.” He pulled her cheeks and she smiled adorably.

She replied to him, “I know I am cutest, Bhai,” Cabir just hugged her.

“Now milk time.” As they both heard Manik’s voice, they looked at him. He was strolling toward them with a glass of milk. Nandini hastily hid behind Cabir because she didn’t want to drink the Milk.

“Bhai, please make Manik understand, milk mein se gandi smell ati hai, I can’t drink it.” She whispered in his ear.

He chuckled, “Okay.”

“Nandini, drink it, Cabir, move away.” As Manik said sternly, Nandini held Cabir’s shoulder tightly from back and dug her nails, Poor Cabir.

“Bhai, you go, I will make her drink in my style,” Cabir assured him after snatching the glass from Manik’s hand and Nandini smiled cheerfully.

“Okay.” He was about to sit on the sofa but stopped as cabir said, “Bhai, first you go out. Then only I will make her drink.” Manik walked out after last time glancing at them.

“Thank you Bhai, you’re best.” She came in front of him and hugged him, smiling broadly.

“But you have to drink half glass and half glass I will drink, it’s a deal between us.” He held out his hand in front of her and she shook her hand with him sadly. She drank half glass of milk in one go, making a bad face. After that Cabir also drank it. Like this Cabir made her drink the Milk.

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