(Part: 21) Mine (Sidnaaz)

Sana rushed to Mukti’s room and stopped at the door. The door was ajar and as she peeked inside, she widened her eyes in shock. Abhi was kissing Mukti hardly by pinning her against the wall and in front of her eyes, he pulled Mukti’s top out of her head and she removed his t-shirt. Sana turned around and darted to living room. She slumped down on the sofa and started bitting her nails.

“Now I understood why did Sidharth ask me that what I was doing when I was removing his shirt. Sana, you’re so stupid, in anger what you were trying to do today? What if he takes all this things in the wrong way?” She wondered after assuming everything wrong. She didn’t know that Sidharth knew her very well. He knew what she was trying to do that time.

“But now where I will sleep?” She asked from herself after getting up. “Cabir bhai room, yes,” she smiled and dashed to his room.

“Abhi,” Mukti pushed Abhi away when he was about to unhook her bra. He looked at her confusingly. “Abhi baby, close the door, anybody can come.” Mukti pointed her finger at the door, but she was unaware that she was late because somebody had already seen them.

Abhi smiled and walked to close the door. “Abhi,”Mukti shouted as Abhi lifted her into his arms and tossed her on the bed. He came above her and started kissing her lips hungrily, and in no time he removed her bra and started eating up her upper body and Mukti was moaning, moving her hand in his hair. After that, he pulled down her jeans and claimed her and he slammed her lips to suppressed her scream.

Sana happily reached in Cabir’s room, but again widened her eyes in shock as she peeked into his room. Today was her shock day. She again started biting her nails.

“Chor.. chor…” Sana shouted as she saw a girl stepping into the room from the window. The girl also looked at Sana in shock. Before Sana could say something more, Cabir palmed her mouth from behind. He took her inside the room and locked the door. The girl also came inside. Sana was trying hard to remove his hand by digging her nails into his hands.

“Sana, were you a wild cat in your last birth?” Cabir asked in anger, holding his hand and that girl laughed at him. Sana frowned at him, making an angry pout. She was looking dam cute.

“Bhai, don’t say like that, you-you hold my mouth like this.” She showed him by palming her mouth herself. “You know, I could have died also because I was unable to breathe properly when you palmed my mouth.” Sana said innocently. That girl and Cabir were staring at her in disbelief because the way she was complaining and innocently telling about her problem, that was very cute.

“And this girl, who is she? And why she was entering into your room like a thief?” She asked, pointing her finger at that girl. “She scared me.” she again complained about the girl, making a sad pout.

Cabir and that girl glanced at each other before moving their eyes back at her. “Sana, she is my girlfriend, I love her.” Cabir told her. A smile touched her lips and her eyes twinkled after listening to the word love.

“Her name is Navya and she also loves me.” Cabir added, and Navya nodded her head.

“But, why she was coming in your room like a thief? Did the main gate of this house get jammed?” She asked and laughed on herself by clapping her hands, and and she made them also laugh with her.

Navya placed her hand over Sana’s shoulder. “Oh god, Sana, you’re too hilarious seriously.”

“Sana, our relationship is secret, Bhai hates Navya’s family and I know he won’t easily accept navya.” Cabir told her the truth dejectedly and Navya’s lips drew down in sadness. Sana stared at them, opening her mouth in O shape.

“But, I know Sidharth will surely accept Navya when he comes to know that you love her because he knows that what is love, he will never separate you both.” Sana said with full confidence because she knew Sidharth very well and in her eyes, he was a hero as she had changed him.

“Sana, you don’t know, how much he hates her family. He doesn’t even want to listen their name, so many times I have tried to talk with Bhai about Navya, but he never let me speak. I don’t know, why he hates her family.” As Cabir became extremely upset, Navya held his hands and they both gazed at each other, having love in their eyes and Sana just smiled seeing their love.

“You both don’t worry, I will talk to Sidharth, he will surely understand. Hero will never say no to me, I will talk to him about this now, okay.” She assured them, thinking that it would be very easy because she didn’t know how much he hated Navya’s family. It was very hard to explain Sidharth.

“Sana, please no, not now, don’t talk to Bhai about this.” Cabir requested after stopping her by holding her hand. Navya also nodded, agreeing with cabir’s word.

“Okay,” Sana said innocently, but she was lost in thought as like something was going in her mind.

“Bye, Cabir Bhai and Navya bhabhi, good night and enjoy your night.” Sana said before leaving the room. Her last line made them blush. As Sana left, Cabir closed the door, pinned navya against the wall and slammed her lips.

Sana came back to her room and saw him roaming across the room because he wasn’t feeling sleepy, he wanted to sleep in her arms. Sana didn’t say anything to Sidharth and lay down on the bed. He smiled as he saw her back in the room.

“No, you will sleep on the sofa today.” She suddenly yelled when Sidharth was about to lie down beside her. He pouted sadly at her, but Sana covered herself fully with the comforter. He disappointedly lumbered to the sofa and sat down, holding his head. Poor Sidharth, his happiness stayed only for a few seconds.

An hour passed, Sana was still awake because she became habitual of sleeping in her husband’s warm arms. She peeked out of the comforter to check Sidharth if he had slept or not. She narrowed her bemusedly and pulled the blanket down her face when she didn’t find him on the sofa. As she looked on her side, she saw him standing there, grinning widely.

“I’m going to the washroom. It is not like what you’re thinking.” She said innocently and climbed down the bed.

He moved closer to her face and whispered huskily, “Oh, then tell me what I am thinking?”

“You’re thinking that I want to sleep in your arms and therefore, I got up.” She unknowingly told him the truth like an innocent baby, he chuckled.

“And this the truth baby, you want to sleep in my arms.” He smiled and pulled her chubby cheeks.

“Hmm, you’re right, I was unable to sleep without you. Sidharth, I’m not angry with you now, punishment cancel, now please sleep with me, I want to sleep, mujhe nini ae hai.” She requested and rubbed her eyes like a cute baby. Sidharth didn’t wait for a single second and lay down with her on the bed. He pulled her into his warm arms and kissed her hair. She also hugged him tightly and slept within two minutes.

Next morning, Sidharth left for the office. She was wondering about Mukti and Abhi’s kiss. Something was happening to her. She wanted to ask from Mukti about this, but she had also left. Then she thought to watch the movie.

“Wow, I will also cook for Sidharth like in this movie, the heroine is preparing food for his husband, Sidharth will also get happy.” She got an idea to do something for her husband.

(Let’s see what will Sana prepare.)

“How many times, I have to tell you that I don’t want any mistake.” Sidharth snarled at the worker and threw the file on the floor lividly. He was hell frustrated today after the fight with the dealers.

His phone rang up which was kept on the table. A slight smile spread across his face as he saw the caller id ‘My Baby’. He had given her phone in the morning. He took a deep breath before answering the phone and placing it over his ear.

She squealed cheerfully. “Sidharth, thank you for the phone. Now I can talk to you whenever I want. I’m making something for you, think, think what I am making.” Sidharth all anger flew away as he heard her soft, sweet and pleasant voice.

He narrowed his brows and asked, “What?”

“Ahaa…” Sana screamed as she cut her finger by mistake while cutting ladyfingers.

His heart stopped beating for a second as he heard her scream. He stood up in shock and asked anxiously, “Baby, what happened why did you scream?”

“Sidharth, I cut my finger by mistake.” She cried, and this was enough for Sidharth. He didn’t ask anything further that what she was doing and how did she cut her finger, he just dashed out of the cabin because he got hell worried for his baby.

“Baby, I am coming, you don’t worry.” He reassured her. She was constantly crying, holding her finger. She was increasing his tension by crying constantly. The way she was crying, he could feel her pain. In true love if one gets injured then other one feels her pain. This proved that Sidharth loved Sana truly and unconditionally.

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Love Mehak

Stay Blessed

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