(Part: 22) Mine (Manan)

Manik stepped into Nandini’s room and saw maids trying to apply ointment on her cut, but Nandini wasn’t letting them touch her. She was constantly crying, holding her finger. Blood was oozing down her finger. Manik rushed to her and his mind stopped working because he could only see the blood. It was hurting him to see her in pain. He sat beside her and sucked the blood from her finger by holding her hand without caring what maids would think about him.

Nandini was gazing at him only. After seeing his care, her all the pain vanished away. She got lost in his eyes, in which there was only love. The way he was sucking her finger, she could feel how much he loved her and cared for her. Because of him only, Nandini wasn’t missing her parents, Manik was caring and supporting her like a mother, and he was protecting and pampering her like a father. He was becoming her mother and father both with her husband. He could do anything to bring smile on her face.

“My baby, is it paining a lot?” As he asked her, she nodded at him in yes. As he placed lots of kisses on her cut, a adorable smile touched her lips.

“Manik, now it is better, thank you.” She thanked him cutely by placing her other hand on his face. As he saw her smile, he finally signed with relief and kissed her forehead.

“Baby, why were you cutting the veggies? You could have asked maids to help you. You know you’re very weak, look how much blood you have lost today also. Do you have any idea, it is very dangerous for you.” He was explaining her and applying the ointment over her cut carefully.

“I wanted to prepare lunch for you like in movie heroine was preparing for her husband. Mumma always used to appreciate me for my cooking, I love cooking, when you eat the food of my hand, then you will keep licking your fingers.” She was praising herself cutely and Manik chuckled.

“Then, I will love to eat the food made by your hands, baby.” He kissed her hand. “But you will not cut the veggies, you will just instruct the maids, they will do the work.” Manik said strictly and his word were showing clearly that how much he cared for her. Listening to his word, Nandini nodded her head positively like an innocent baby.

After putting bandage over her finger, he gently kissed her finger, pouring his all love. He wanted to take away the pain with the kiss.

He stood up and said, “Now it’s time to fulfil your dream.”

She narrowed her brows bemusedly and asked, “Which dream?”

“Did you forget?” As he asked, she nodded her cutely.

“I remember, me and you on the clouds and you’re singing for me.” She smiled gleefully, recalling about her beautiful dream.

“Wow, you will take me on the clouds. You will also sing for me, you are the best.” She squealed joyfully before jumping over him and hugging him tightly. He

smiled broadly, wrapping his warm arms around her. Her happiness was his life. She cried, he cried and she smiled, he smiled. His life revolved around only a one-person that person was his wife, Nandini. He loved her so much.

“Manik, it so dark, I’m scared. When will you open this?” She asked sadly because he had blindfolded her as he wanted to give her surprise.

“Baby, do you trust me? ” He asked, looking at her.

She smiled and said cutely. “Off course, hubby.” Manik chuckled softly after listening to the word hubby.

As Manik removed the blindfold from her eyes, Nandini widened her eyes in astonishment after seeing the view. They were on the hot balloon, all around they could see clouds. The view was breathtakingly beautiful. Nandini palmed her mouth in amazement. She never thought that Manik would fulfil her dream like this. Her eyes were twinkling, her lips were curved in a cheerful smile and her face was glowing.

Manik was a utter Manju of her. He was gazing at his baby fondly. He planned all this, just to see her glowing face and her beautiful smile. He was extremely happy because his plan worked.

He was also clicking photos of her every expression. He captured the photo of her first look when she saw the view in amazement. He took photo of her when she palmed her mouth. Lastly he took the photo of her smiling face. All the photos were beautiful and cute.

She whooped, “Wow, Manik, it’s so, so beautiful. Thank you, thank you so much.” She moved closer to his face and kissed his both cheeks many times. This was her cute way of showing her happiness. Manik was just smiling, seeing her so happy. He was happier after becoming the reason of his baby’s happiness. His baby was so happy only because of him.

He moved closer to her face and asked naughtily. “Now there are more surprises. After this what you will give me?”

“Whatever you say, I will give you.” She agreed as always not understanding his naughty intention. Manik shook his head in disbelief. He understood that it was a complete waste of time to tease her.

(Dekheya main chand dekheya

Nooran wale sitare dekheya

Par tere jaisa na koi dekheya main)

He moved close to her face and sang melodiously. She widened her eyes in shock as he heard his voice. She was utterly amazed because he was singing so well. The song which he was singing for her, he was singing through the core of his heart. He was saying through his song to her that he has seen the moon, he has seen the shinning star, but he never saw anyone like her.

(Lagta hai nigahon mein teri

Bin doobe rehna hi nahi

Mujhe ishq yeh karne se

Ab koi bhi na rok sakeya)

He sang, gazing in her eyes deeply and intensely. He sang the last line, nodding his head. He had a blissful smile on his face. He was saying that no one will stop him from loving her as loving her was his right.

(O haareya main dil haareya

O haareya main dil haareya

O haareya main dil haareya

Main haara tujhpe o..)

He sang after gently placing his one hand over her face and other on his heart. He was singing that he has lost his heart to her. Nandini had a contented smile on her face and her eyes are full of love. This was her dream, her hubby sing for her one day. He was fulfiling his baby’s every dream.

(Khuli aankhon se dekha woh

Haseen khaab hai tu

Dil mein jo utar jaaye woh

Pyari baat hai tu )

He sang, holding her hands and gazing deeply and fondly in her eyes. She looked down, having a smile on her face. His words were touching her heart and the way he was singing and expressing his all feelings through the song. She was loving everything and she was finding herself luckiest and happiest person. She was feeling blessed to have him in her life.

(Khuli aankhon se dekha woh

Haseen khaab hai tu

Dil mein jo utar jaaye woh

Pyari baat hai tu )

Now she was sitting on his lap in the hot balloon. He was singing by clasping her face. She had a constant and cheerful smile on her face. She was gazing at him fondly. He was saying that she’s that beautiful dream which he dreamed with open eyes and she is that lovely talk that descends into the heart. She is the shining star of him.

(Tere naam ka nasha nasha hai

Zubaan pe cha gaya

Iss bekhudi mein doobne se

Main khud ko na rok sakeya)

He sang after touching his face with her face. She closed her eyes and got lost in him and his song. Then he reached down to her neck and placed a soft kiss on her collar bone. A shiver rushed down her spine as his lips touched her skin. He was saying that the intoxication of her name is on his tongue, Now he can’t stop himself from drowning in this intoxication.

(Dekheya main phool dekheya

Khushboo ke nazare dekheya

Par tere jaisa na koi dekheya main)

He sang after picking up the rose bouquet and inhaled the it’s scent. He was saying that he has seen the flower and he has seen the scenes of full of fragrance, but he has seen no one like her.

(Lagta hai baahon mein teri

Bikhre bin rehna hi nahi

Mujhe Ishq yeh karne se

Ab koi bhi na rok sakeya)

He sang romantically, hugging her tightly. She encircled her arms around his neck, smiling broadly. She was enjoying his touch and the his song which was filled with immense love. They both were looking so beautiful in that hot balloon, all around clouds. The scene was mesmerizing.

(O haareya main dil haareya

O haareya main dil haareya

O haareya main dil haareya

Main haara tujhpe o..)

At last, he completed the song and broke the hug.

He yanked her to himself by grasping her waist and asked, “so how was my song?”

“Hubby, tum to arjit singh nikle, kya gate ho, Mujhe toh 440 vot ke jatka de diya tumhne.” She said dramatically and laughed on her herself. Manik also chuckled after listening to her compliment. It was the best and very unique compliment for him.

“Wow, my hubby is a great singer.” She cutely clapped her hands. “You know, it was my dream to marry a singer and today you fulfilled my this dream too. I’m so lucky.” She squealed merrily. Manik was keenly noticing her each and every expression.

He was so lost in her that he didn’t come to know when he clasped her face and started kissing her hungrily. She was taken a back, but after a few seconds only, she responded to him with equal flavour by grasping his collars. Nandini’s next move shocked Manik like hell. She started opening his shirt button. She gave him a mini heart attack through her act.

To be continued in next part, haha…

Love Mehak

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