(Part: 25) Mine (Manan)

“Ahaaa…” Nandini shouted as Manik opened the door of the bathroom. He widened his eyes in shock as like he had seen a ghost. Within a second, she hid in water and even her face too.

He rushed to the bathtub and took her out by picking her naked body in his arms. He was not looking at her body, his worried eyes were fixed at her face because she was coughing badly, fisting his shirt. He made her sit on the slab and wrapped the towel around her body. She was vomiting in the sink. He was rubbing her back with his one hand and his other hand was wrapped around her shoulder. His every act was showing how much he cared about her.

“Now are you fine?” He asked after clasping her face, having so much concern in his eyes. She smiled slightly and nodded innocently at him.

“Why you do that baby? If anything had happened to you, what would I do?” He asked calmly, stroking her wet cheeks with his thumbs. His words were clearly showing that how much important she was for him.

“I am sorry, I was, I was scared, I,” she was stammering and adjusting the towel over her body. He instantly understood that she wasn’t feeling comfortable.

“Hey, relax, you don’t need to be worried. I’m your husband, but it doesn’t mean, I can do anything with you. I have already promised to you, I won’t do anything without your permission, and even I won’t look at your body until you permit me.” He explained her lovingly. He was a goal husband.

“What are you doing?” He asked in shock when she hastily removed the towel and tossed it on the floor. He was still looking at her face, not even for once he looked down.

“You have all right on me and my body too, you don’t need my permission because my everything is yours, even my body too.” As she uttered these heavy words, he raised his brows in shock. First, her act shocked him, and then her words made him more shocked.

“Hubby, don’t be so shocked. From childhood, I have been grown up watching lots of movies and I decided in childhood only that I’ll give my all right to my husband.” She smiled gleefully. He shook his head, staring at her in disbelief. He was shocked to see her innocence.

“Nandini, movies don’t show always right things, and giving all right to your husband is not right, it is wife’s choice, when she feels comfortable then the only husband has right to do anything with her.” Manik clarified her and covered her naked body with the towel without looking at her. She was looking at him with O shape mouth.

She moved close to his face. “But, I am utterly comfortable with you, hubby.” She said and smiled adorably, her eyes are filled with innocence. Manik just smiled slightly in response.

“I know you’re comfortable, but you are my small baby now, I will proceed when you get mature a bit.” She narrowed her brows in confusion because she didn’t understand him.

“How will I get mature, hubby?” She asked he chuckled because he found her so cute.

“With time, you’ll and I’m always there to help you,” Manik assured her.

“How will you help me with this?” She was asking questions after questions like a small kid.

“Baby, do you remember about romance classes.” He asked and Nandini nodded her head in yes, a bright smile spread across her face as she recalled about last night which was one of the best night of her life.

“I will make you mature by taking your class.” As he told her, her smile grew bigger and her eyes shone with happiness because she was enjoying the classes.

“Now I’m going out, baby and you wear your clothes.” He walked out of the bathroom after pecking her lips. She pouted, annoyed. She felt irritated whenever he just left after pecking her lips because he wanted him to give her a proper kiss.

She stepped out of the bathroom after wearing her clothes hastily because she was craving for the kiss. She pouted sadly when she didn’t find him in the room. She hurriedly came downstairs to check him. A beautiful smile spread across her face as she saw him sitting at the dining table. She rushed there, smiling gleefully. Mukti and cabir were also sitting there.

They both laughed at her and Manik raised her brows in shock. She narrowed her brows bemusedly after seeing their reaction.

“Why you both are laughing?” She asked sadly like a baby.

“Baby, you have worn the top in the wrong way. I mean tumhne ulta top phehna hai.” As he told her mistake, she slightly bit her lower lip, moving her eyes down at the top. Still, Mukti and cabir were laughing crazily. As Manik glared at them, they immediately stopped laughing.

“Manik, I want to tell you something, therefore in hurry, I wore this in the wrong way.” She made an innocent face. He stood up from the chair and strolled to her.

“Tell me now.” As he asked her to tell her, Nandini blushed. He narrowed his brows suspiciously now.

She stood on her toes and he moved his head down. She whispered in his ear. “Hubby, I want a kiss.”

Cabir and Mukti were looking at each other confusingly. Manik stared at her in disbelief, and she was giggling.

“Let’s go inside, hubby.” She clasped his hand and led him to their room. He was just staring at her incredulously. One day she would surely kill him with her cuteness and innocence.

They stepped into the room and he was still staring at her.

“Kiss me, hubby.” She ordered cutely after moving closer to his lips, becoming desperate for the kiss. He didn’t waste a single second and slammed his lips with her after pinning her against the wall by grasping her both arms. He was kissing her softly and she was equally responding to him. He clasped her face after leaving her arms and deepened the kiss. Their tongues were dancing with each other inside their mouth. She was enjoying a lot. She wanted him to kiss her till infinity. He was pouring all his love in the kiss like always. He was telling her through this kiss that how much he loved her. As they broke the kiss for a moment, he grasped the hem of her top and pulled the top over her head. He tossed the top on the floor before capturing her lips and kissing her again. He was gently massaging her twins, giving the pleasure to his baby and enjoying it too because they were so soft. Nandini was moaning in his mouth. She was enjoying his touch a lot. His hands were like always doing magic on her body.

As they became breathless, they broke the kiss. She was smiling shyly at him and he was grinning widely. He picked up her top from the floor and helped her in wearing the top. He was setting her top property and she was gazing at him fondly.

“I love you,” she suddenly confessed, and hugged him tightly, smiling merrily. He hugged her back, happiness gleamed in his bewitching black eyes.

“I love you more.” He whispered and kissed her head.

Malhotra’s office

“Bhai, Abhi and I, we wanted to talk about Nandini’s future,” Mukti said to Manik, sitting in his cabin and Abhi was sitting beside her.

Manik gave them confused look. “What?” He asked.

“Nandini is just only twelfth passed, what about her further studies?” Mukti was genuinely concerned about Nandini.

“What’s the need for her further studies?” As Manik instantly asked, Mukti stared at him in disbelief.

“Manik, there is a need for further studies. You can’t cage her in your house, you should make her independent and she should be graduated. Manik, think about once if one day anything happened to all of us, how would she survive? Manik, I know you’re overprotective for her, but it is for her betterment only.” Abhi tried to explain Manik directly and clearly.

“Abhi, I don’t want to think anything. I just can’t leave her alone, Abhi, you know that her life is in danger and still you’re saying this to me. No, no, I will never send her alone.” Manik denied, nodding his head at them. Abhi and Mukti glanced at each other disappointedly.

“Manik, please think about this once again, think about Nandini’s future,” Abhi said before leaving the room. Mukti also left behind him after last time glancing at him.

“Abhi is right, one day if anything happened to me, how would she manage? What to do, I can’t even leave her alone.” Manik wondered nervously, playing with the pen.

“Should I join the college with her as a professor?” He asked himself.

“I will able to remain with her, just only for a single lecture, what about other lectures?” He was utterly confused, but suddenly a grin spread across his face as an idea popped into his mind.

“I will join the college with her as a student only, yes this is good. I will be with her all the time, whatever she does, I will do with her. Yes, this is good.” He squealed to himself in joy. His words were clearly showing how much he cared for her because he was thinking to join the college with her at the age of twenty-six. His words were clearly showing that he could do anything for her.

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Love Mehak

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