Manan Love Story (Part: 126 Our Peace)

Next day, Manan reached the orphanage to meet the baby which they were going to adopt. They were extremely excited to see and hold the baby who was going to become their world. Their faces were glowing and their eyes were shimmering with happiness. It was a big day for them, they were going to become parents.

A worker of the orphanage took them to the room where the babies were kept in the different coats. Manan stepped into the room hand in hand, their heartbeat was accelerating, it was a special moment, today they were going to meet their baby. They glanced at each other and smiled. They both were equally excited and happy to become the parents. They were utterly ready to adopt the baby.

A baby was squalling in the crib. The caretaker was busy handling another baby. Manan strolled to the crib. A small smile spread across their faces as they see a baby boy who was crying, making adorable faces, lying on her tummy. It seemed like he wanted somebody to him up.

Nandini instantly left Manik’s hand and picked the baby up, understanding him. She cradled him to her heart and hummed to soothe him. As the baby came in her arms, he instantly stopped crying like magic. He instantly calmed down as he heard her soothing heartbeat. As he gave a beautiful smile to Nandini, a delighted smile touched her lips automatically and a lone tear of happiness escaped out of her eyes. Manik was smiling gleefully at them. He was blessed to see his Angel’s precious smile and to meet his little champ. He was happy to become the daddy of an orphan baby boy of five months who needed him. It was a precious moment for Manan which they could never forget.

He caressed his hair gently, smiling broadly at him. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on his forehead. He promised to his baby with this kiss that he would always protect and support him.

Manan looked at each other and smiled blissfully.

“He is the only one,” she paused. “Our baby.” As she completed the sentence, their smile grew bigger.

They glanced at the baby who is sleeping peacefully in his mother arms. They looked back at each other, they had a constant smile on their faces.

“He’s our peace.” He whispered, smiling.

She smiled back broadly and whispered, “He’s our happiness.”

“Our small world.” They murmured together and smiled broadly, gazing at each other intensely.

“Our Aryan.” As she announced his name and baby smiled adorably in sleep. Manan just smiled at him before looking at each other.

“Wow, Angel, perfect name. Our baby also liked his name. When you told his name, he smiled. Did you see his beautiful smile?” He asked, going crazy with happiness.

“Yes, his smile is so adorable, Mr Perfect.” She squealed joyfully and placed a soft kiss filled with love on his forehead. She promised him with this kiss that she would never let him feel like he’s an adopted baby, and she would try her best to become a perfect mother.

She was gazing at him fondly, her lips were drawn up in a contented smile. He captured the beautiful moment in the camera. As she smiled at him, he clicked another photo.

He asked, “now could I hold him, Angel?” His shining eyes and an adorable smile on his face was vividly showing that he was extremely excited to hold his baby.

“Of course, you don’t need to ask, Manik. He’s your baby too. He’s our baby.” They beamed at each other.

She gave little Aryan to him. He woke up and frowned, but instantly calmed down as he came into his father’s arms. Now he was silently staring at his father with his big black eyes like he was trying to recognise him, his beautiful eyes are filled with innocence. He was looking so adorable at that moment. Nandini was just fondly gazing at them.

It seemed like God had listened to their prayers and sent their baby back into their life. Not even for a single second, they felt like he wasn’t their real baby. They were feeling like he was a missing part of them. They were feeling utterly complete after getting him. Their eyes were filled with immense happiness.

Manik smiled blissfully at Aryan and kissed every inch of his face before talking to him.

“Hello, little baby, I’m your daddy.” Aryan gurgled as Manik caressed his nose with him. Nandini took out her phone to click the photos of daddy and son. Aryan was wearing a light blue bodysuit with the attached hoodie. He was looking so adorable like a teddy bear. He had chubby cheeks, big black eyes, a tiny nose and beautiful lips.

“Call me, da…da…” Nandini chuckled as Manik asked Aryan to call him dada.

“Gu…Gu…” Aryan made the contented sound, moving his hands over his face in response. Manik laughed and kissed his tiny hands. He was utterly in love with him. After falling in love with Nandini, he had never thought that he would fall in love with anybody, but the baby proved him wrong. His every move, his contented voice, his adorable smile, everything about him was giving him immense peace.

“Oh my God, he’s responding to you, Manik. Wow…” she squealed with joy,

Manik broadly smiled at her and then his eyes moved back to Aryan who is now staring at him innocently. He gazed into his innocent eyes deeply and got lost in them for a few minutes. Now he was in love with him like he loved his family and Angel. Now Aryan Malhotra was also a part of his small and happy family. He completed his family. Now he didn’t want anything from God. He was now thankful to God for blessing him with such a nice family, a beautiful wife, and now his son.

So here is the part, there will be more parts of this story. I keep the baby’s name Aryan because I want to keep it different from other stories.

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Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    Awww finally manan ko apne happiness mil gaye finally they got back the lost piece of there heart which they lost after nandu lost there baby…
    The baby is also loving manan very much thats why he smiled when both picked him up re even stoped crying when nandu made him lie on her heart cute baby…
    Hope aab manan ko world ke sab happiness mile…


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