(Part: 27) Mine (Manan)

Manik grinned at her. She was still staring at him in shock.

”So students, I am your new teacher of music and one thing I want to clear now only that I don’t want any kind of attitude in my class, if you want to learn music then cooperate with me or else, you can leave.” Manik said in his attitude, pointing at the door. Nandini was still looking at him with wide open eyes. She was in a big shock to see Manik as his music teacher, but inside her heart was jumping with joy.

“Haye, who won’t attend his class? He is so hot and sexy.” A girl who was sitting beside Nandini said, still gawking at Manik.

Another girl replied, “You’re right yaar, now it will be more fun in music class, he’s extremely charming.”

As Nandini overheard their conversation, she gritted her teeth and glared at them in fury.

“How could they call my hero hot, he is my hero only, no one have any right to call him hot, I will kill them.” She muttered, she was also possessive for Manik like he was possessive for her.

“So now everyone will come here on stage one by one and sing as I want to see at what level you all stand,” Manik sat on the chair and through the corner of his eyes, he was gazing at Nandini and grinning. One boy climbed on stage and started singing. Manik took out his phone and typed something, smirking.

As Nandini’s phone beeped, she immediately tapped open the message after seeing Manik’s name.

Manik: Baby, don’t be so shocked, it was your wish to be with me in college. I am here, so do you like the surprise?

As she read the message, a smile flashed on his face.

Nandini: Wow, sachi (really) you became my professor for me only. I thought you kept your this profession hidden from me. I was so upset, but now I’m so happy, want to give you tight hug.

Manik smiled broadly after reading her reply.

Manik: Nandini, please don’t tell anyone that I’m your husband because I don’t want anybody to say that you become a singer because her husband is so rich, nobody will see your talent.

She pouted sadly and typed the message.

Nandini: Oh hubby, it is so difficult for me to hide this. You know my stomach hurts a lot when I hide something. Being rich is also a punishment, today I come to know, side effects of being rich.

Manik shook his head in disbelief as he read her message.

Khushi shook Nandini and asked, “Nandini, next is your turn. What are you doing in the phone?”

“I was talking to my hubby.” She instantly replied and bit her lower lip as she realised what she was about to tell her. It turned him on.

“Nandini, are you married?” Khushi asked in shock because she was just eighteen years old.

“Yes, and I have two small children also.” She joked and laughed loudly.

“Khushi, I was just kidding.” Kushi smiled and shook her head in disbelief.

“You’re crazy, Nandini and so cute.” Khushi pulled her cheeks.

Nandini came on the stage and looked at Manik, smiling slightly. Manik smiled back at her, looking at her through the corner of his eyes. She cleared her throat before singing.

Mile ho tum humko

Bade naseebon se

Churaya hai maine

Kismat ki lakeeron se (x2)

Teri mohabbat se saansein mili hain

Sada rehna dil mein kareeb hoke

Mile ho tum humko

Bade naseebon se

Churaya hai maine

Kismat ki lakeeron se (x2)

(I have got You

by great luck

I have stolen you

from the lines of destiny

I get breathe from your love

Always Live in my heart close to me

I have got You

by great luck

I have stolen you

from the lines of destiny)

She was singing every word through the core of her heart. Everybody were mesmerised by her singing and Manik was utterly lost in her. He knew she was singing for him. Her sugary sweet voice took his heart all over again. She completed the song and there was a huge round of applause for her. She smiled gleefully after opening her eyes. Manik was feeling proud of her.

“This was brilliant, ba…” he was about to call her baby in front everyone, but stopped himself. Nandini giggled, putting her palm on her mouth.

He asked, “What’s your name?”

“Nandini, sir, and with love everyone calls me Nandini.” It was her style to introduce herself. She went back to her seat after winking at Manik, making him shocked.

As the bell rang and all student rushed out of the room.

“Nandini, you sing so well.” Everybody were praising her for her talent and she was the happiest soul. She was thanking them with a smile on her face. Manik was super happy seeing his baby happy.

“Nandini, you stay here. I have an important work.” As Khushi said, she nodded her head positively. Khushi left the room after giving her smile. Nandini was sitting on her seat, gazing at Manik. Few more students were present in the room, they weren’t giving privacy to them.

“Guys, go out, have some fun. It’s a break time.” Manik succeed in sending all the out.

“Wow hubby, I’m super duper happy, you will be there with me in college also, thank you so much.” As Manik locked the door of the music room, Nandini jumped over him and hugged him tightly. He hugged her tighter, smiling blissfully. As they broke the hug, Manik clasped her face.

“Manik, but I wasn’t liking.” She uttered sadly, playing with her fingers.

Manik became anxious and asked, “what?”

“When all the girls were looking at you and saying you hot. I was feeling like to take out their eyes and kill them.” Nandini was telling him about her feelings with action and Manik was just smiling at her.

Manik pulled her to himself by holding her waist and asked, “oh, so my baby was getting jealous.”

She nodded her head innocently and Manik chuckled.

“I want to say one thing more, there are two girls in my class who insulted me.” As Nandini told him, he frowned.

“They were calling me tiny. Manik, tum na unhai punish karna (you will punish them.” She asked Manik to punish them. She was taking full advantage of being the wife of a professor.

“Don’t worry, baby. They insulted you and now they will come to know what is an insult, just you tell me who are they?” Manik was fuming in anger.

“Good, I mean great, hubby. Now open the door, the bell is about to ring.”

He moved closer to her face and whispered against her lips. “Not before this.” Nandini closed her eyes and waited for him to kiss her. Before he could kiss her, the bell rang. He moved back and hastily opened the door. The poor soul was still standing, her eyes were close.

Khushi shook her and asked, “Nandini, why are you standing here like this?” Nandini opened her eyes and raised her brows in shock to find Khushi in front of her instead of Manik. She looked around and found Manik sitting on the sofa.

“Oh Nandini, you are totally mad, tujhe pata bhi nhi chala kab bell bhej gye, stupid girl.” She scolded herself mentally. “And kiss miss ho gya, kismis, haha.” She laughed and Khushi gave her looks.

After that remaining students were coming on stage and they were singing. Manan were busy, talking to each other through their eyes. When those two girls came on stage. In gesture, she told Manik that they had insulted her. He glared at them, wondering how to take revenge of his baby’s insult.

They both sang the song not so well and Manik found the reason to insult them and take the revenge.

“Wow,” As Manik said sarcastically, they both smiled, thinking wrong that Manik was praising them. Nandini also made a sad pout.

“I mean how can someone sing like this, it was ridiculous, you both even don’t know s of singing, there was no rhythm at all, and you both are thinking to become singer. I mean how, with this voice? Do you think, you can become singer? Never.” Nandini was happy, but felt a bit sad too because she couldn’t see anybody getting insulting.

“Wow, sir is great. He showed the bitches their right place.” Khushi was grinning with happiness.

“Akhir pati kiska hai.” She murmured to herself and giggled, covering her mouth with her hand.

Nandini: Wow, Manik, this was epic, thank you.

She sent the message to Manik and he smiled after reading her message. He moved her eyes back at her and she was already looking at him.

Nandini: Manik, I want kiss now.

He smirked as he read her next message.

Manik: Your wish is my command.

Nandini: How, Manik?

Manik: Just wait and watch.

She stared at him bemusedly, wondering what he would do. She was excited too.

So what do you think, how will Manik kiss his wife in college?

Love Mehak

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