(Part: 29) Mine (Sidnaaz)

When Sana came to the parking area, Sidharth was standing, crossing his arms around his chest, having a evil grin on his face. Sana strolled to him with angry pout.

“Mein toh itni pyaari aur cute baby hoon. Kese mera hubby mujhe par shout kar sakta hai? (I am so cute and sweet baby, how can my hubby shout on me?)” As always she said dramatically and cutely, he chuckled.

“Cute and pyaara toh hai mera baby. (Yes, my baby is cute.) But she never thinks about her health and this always made her hubby angry.” Sidharth replied her in his baby’s style only. Sana gave him whatever look.

“Baby, I’m sorry that I shouted on you. I care for you and about your health. Therefore I always stop you, please Sana, understand your hubby.” Sidharth tried to explain her after holding her hands. Sana was thinking something.

“Okay, I will forgive you and listen to you, but there is one condition.” Sidharth asked her to tell her condition.

She grinned and told him. “In this week, you will let me eat junk food for one day.”

“No baby, not any chance.” He denied strictly. Sidharth was forgetting that Sana is more stubborn than him.

“This is wrong. I’m ready to sacrifice my love momos for six days. You can’t even allow me to eat them for one day.” She tried to convince him with her cuteness by making cute faces. At last he finally agreed.

“Okay, fine but only one time in a week.” She nodded her head happily and hugged him tightly.

Sana rushed to Mukti’s room and Sidharth left for office. Sana wrapped her arms around Mukti’s neck from behind. She was sitting on the couch. “Didu, I am back.” She squealed.

“How was your first day, sweetie?” Mukti asked and Sana sat beside her. She started telling her each and everything which had happened in college except their romance.

She asked, “Didu, I wanted to ask something from you.”

Mukti asked, “What?”

“Jiju and you, have you done that?” Sana asked and Mukti didn’t understand her words because she had no idea, what innocent question Sana was asking.

Mukti asked, “What?”

“Are, didu, jo rat ko, akele kamre mein hota hai?” She said cutely. Mukti looked at her, opening her eyes widely after understanding what she was trying to ask.

“No.” Mukti lied because she didn’t want to face Sana’s more questions and Sana started laughing.

“Liar, liar, I have seen you both that day. Didu your face is telling, you have done that.” She said while Mukti blushed, moving her eyelashes down.

“Sana, tum toh bhut badhi hogye ho ab, (you have grown up now.)” Mukti stood up from the sofa.

“Kha didu, I don’t know anything, Sidharth is giving me classes, Mujhe toh bsh yeh pata tha, wife and husband spends night. I mean they do voh s, didu smajh gye na aap.” She asked cutely and Mukti shook her head in disbelief.

“This kiss and all, this romance yeh to Mujhe ab pata chala, didu aap mujhe thodhi bhut romance ki tips de do na, jisne mein mere hubby ko impress kar pau.” Sana said cutely.

“Sweetie, now I am getting late for office, tomorrow I will give you tips.” Mukti rushed out of the room and Sana was standing, making a sad pout.

Sidharth came back home at eight O’clock. He was utterly exhausted. He hadn’t slept last night because he made Sana sleep on his back and from the morning, he was out. But as he came in his room, his all stress and tension flew away when he saw Sana laughing like a small baby, watching something on TV.

“Uhmm, so now my baby will tell me what was the scene which made her laugh aloud?” Sidharth asked, standing at the door. Sana rushed to him and jumped over him, hugged him tightly. It was her way to say hi to her special ones. Sidharth also hugged her back, having a peaceful smile on his face.

“You know Sidharth, in this show, a baby was sucking his thumb and this made me remind of my childhood when I used to suck my thumb, mein kitni cute lagti hongi na Sidharth, ” Sidharth chuckled after listening to the reason of her laughter.

“Baby, you’re still so cute and tumhri issi cuteness ne toh mujhe pagal kar rakha hai. I mean deewana bana rakha hai.” He cupped her face, Sana was just smiling, she was extremely joyful.

“Hubby, today I will make dinner for you.” She said suddenly.

“Okay, but I will also help you.” Sana raised her brows in shock.

“Tumhai cooking ati hai (Did you know cooking.)” She asked happily.

“Yes, voh tumhne kya kha tha, agar koe mere hath ka khana khaega, he will keep licking his finger vesa mere sath aisa bilkul nhi hai.” As Sidharth said, Sana giggled.

“I used to cook for Mukti and Cabir because no one was there for us.” Sidharth uttered sadly, remembering about his old days which were not less than a nightmare for him. Sana felt sad for him and pouted sadly.

“Hubby, why are you getting sad, thinking about past, now I am with you, I will cook for you and didu and Bhai also.” She held his hand.

“I am blessed to have you, you’re a precious gift of god for me.” Sidharth cupped her face and placed a soft kiss over her forehead.

“Mam, you sit here and instruct me everything from here, I will cook for you today.” Sidharth made her sit on the kitchen slab .

“This is wrong, today I want to cook for you, hubby.” She pouted sadly.

“Are baba, we will make together, now you’re okay with this?” He asked and she nodded cutely.

“I have just call one maid who will cut the veggies.” Sidharth was about to call a maid, but Sana stopped him by holding his hand.

“Hubby, I have given a holiday to all maids, bechari roj itna kam karti hai, unhai bhi toh ek din ki holiday milni chaye.” Sana impressed Sidharth with her words. Her words were clearly showing that she has a pure heart inside her.

“Oh, so sweet of you baby, now I will cut the veggies.” Sidharth placed his hand on her face.

“But what I will do?” She rolled eyes cutely and twisted a few hair-strand over her finger, it was her pass time.

“You will talk to me and see me that I am cutting the veggies properly or not,” he opened the refrigerator to take out vegetable.

“What you will eat baby?” He asked.

“Your favourite.” She replied back instantly.

“Mere favourite to tumhai pata hi hai,” Sidharth moved closer to her face, smirking.

“Sorry, hubby but I don’t know,” she said innocently and he was coming close to her lips.

“Tell me na what is your favourite?” she asked cutely, not understanding what Sidharth was trying to say.

“Your lips,” he caressed her lips with his thumb, she blushed, moving her eyes down. As she confusingly looked at him, Sidharth raised his eyebrows.

“But how you will eat my lips?” She asked confusingly, rubbing her lips and he smirked.

“Wait, let me explain you practically.” Sana nodded her head innocently like a small baby.

He took a sauce bottle which was kept on the slab. He squeezed the sauce on her neck, little on her lips and her cheeks. “Hubby, why you throw sauce on me, mujhe itna ganda kar diya,” she said sadly not knowing, what was going in his mind.

“Sh, keep quiet and enjoy the show, you will surely gonna love it, baby.” He placed his finger on her lips, she was gazing at him innocently.

He leaned down to her neck, Sana shivered with the sensation when she felt his warm breath on her neck. Sidharth sucked sauce from her neck. Sana clutched his shirt, closing her eyes. He was licking and sucking the sauce from all over her neck. Sana was enjoying this a lot. After that he smiled, gazing at her, her eyes were still close. She immediately opened her eyes as she felt his warm breath on her lips. He licked sauce from her cheeks. Sana felt irritated and that what he wanted because he loved to kiss his desperate baby.

As he moved towards her lips, Sana grabbed his face tightly so that he would not able to move. He sucked the sauce from the corner of her lips before capturing her lips. He was feeling incredible after tasting his favourite dish. Sana also tasted the sauce through the kiss and she loved it. Both were kissing each other hungrily as like this was their only food left to survive. He moved up his hand into her top and as he found her boobs, he pressed them over the fabric. She moaned in his mouth in response. After a good ten minutes of kissing, means eating each other lips, they broke the kiss. Both were breathing heavily, gazing at each other.

“Now, my turn,” as she said after getting her breath back, smiling naughtily. Sidharth nodded his head, smiling back at her. She took sauce on her fingers and started applying sauce on his lips so properly as like she was applying lipstick on his lips and Sidharth was all the time smiling like an idiot. She took more sauce on her fingers and apply on both sides of the face as like now she was putting blusher on his face. She was doing his make up with sauce.

“Now I will lick it, okay.” As she instructed him, he nodded his head. She moved closer to him and licked the sauce from his cheeks first as like she was licking Ice cream. Then she came on the other side. Sidharth was enjoying a lot his baby’s cute romance. Her way of doing romance was also unique and cute. And at last, she licked the sauce from his lips. After licking the sauce his lips completely, she licked sauce from the corner of her lips cutely. She aroused him. Sidharth didn’t waste a single and go for second kiss.

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