(Part: 30) Mine (Manan)

Next morning, at space college

“So today, you all will write the song and the best one will get the price, you have to a write some romantic song.” As he announced, Nandini smiled, recalling about their last night romance. Manik also smiled, gazing at her.

“Haye, we’re getting chance to impress Manik sir, wow romantic song.” A girl squealed joyfully.

“vese Manik sir toh bhut romantic lagte hai, (Manik sir looks so romantic.)” Other girl replied and Nandini overheard their conversation. She frowned at them. Manik also noticed the anger in his baby’s eyes

“Nandini, are you okay, you’re looking lost.” As Khushi asked, Nandini came out of her thoughts.

”I am hell angry.” Suddenly she shouted and everyone looked at her in shock. Manik and Khushi were also shocked.

“What’s going on there, be quiet. If you wanna shout, you can move out.” Manik scolded Nandini, making her angrier. She made an angry pout and averted her eyes. She didn’t respond, she just started writing the song. Khushi didn’t ask her further.

“What happened to Nandini suddenly? A few minutes back she was happy. I have to ask her.” He took out his phone from pocket, looking at Nandini. She wasn’t looking at him now.

Manik: Nandini, what happened to you?

As Manik sent message to her and her phone beeped. She glanced at her phone which was kept on her table. She scowled at Manik as she saw his message. She moved her eyes down and started writing the song.

“What to do now? She doesn’t even reading messages.” He wondered after sending her more messages. He sat on the chair, placing his hand on his forehead. He became anxious for her.

“Hottie, hottie, wow atmosphere is becoming so romantic because of him. I will write a best romantic song to impress him.” As a girl murmured to herself, she frowned again.

She was fuming in anger, clutching the pen. “How could she call my Manik, hot? Mere Manik par dore dal rhi hai… I will kill her.” She broke the pen in two pieces in fury, glaring at that girl and hurt her hand.

“Aahu…” she cried in pain, holding her hand.

“Nandini, it’s bleeding, how this happened?” Khushi held her hand and Nandini’s eyes became teary because of pain. Manik was sitting, closing his eyes, lost in thought. He was unaware that Nandini has hurt herself.

“Sir, could I take Nandini to the medical room? Her hand is bleeding.” As Khushi asked for permission, Manik opened his eyes and looked at Nandini who was crying and then moved his eyes at her bleeding hand.

“What?” As he shouted, almost freaking out, now everyone looked at him in shock.

He took a deep breath to calm down himself. “I mean, how?” He asked in calm tone after controlling his feelings. His eyes were filled with concerns, and they were fixed at her bleeding hand. She was crying looking at him now.

“I don’t know, sir.” Khushi shook her head.

Manik strolled to them and ordered Khushi. “Okay fine, bring first aid box from the medical room,” She left after last time glancing at Nandini.

“Nandini, it will be fine.” He assured her by touching her hand. Nandini looked at him, having pain in her eyes. His eyes were on her hand only. He wanted to suck her blood to soothe her pain.

He thought for a moment and then did something on his phone.

After a few minutes only, they all heard the fire alarm.

“Guys, line up now, college is on fire.” As Manik announced, everybody became scared. Even Nandini didn’t understand that it was his hero’s plan. Everyone were rushing out of the classroom in panic.

Nandini stood up and held his arm. “Hubby, let’s go. College is on fire.” Nandini said worriedly and, Manik looked at her, having a smirk on his face. She was so innocent to understand that it is her manik’s plan.

“Stand here quite, no word.” He whispered after placing his finger on her lips to make her quite. She was now staring at him bemusedly.

He strode to the door and locked it.

“Manik, what are you doing? We will die.” She said innocently, strolling to her.

“Sh…” he again placed his finger on her lips and picked her up, holding her waist and made her sit down on the table, making her shocked.

He held her hand and as he kissed her injured hand, she closed her eyes and from her other hand clutched his shirt. Few more tears rolled down her eyes and it directly landed on Manik’s hand. He looked at her face sadly. He moved closer to her face and sucked her tears which were on her cheeks. He kissed her both eyes. With those kisses, he wanted to take away her all pain.

He took out first aid box from the drawer. “Hww, Manik, if the first aid box was in the room, then why did you send Khushi?” She innocently asked and Manik smiled.

“Because I want to do bandage of my baby’s hand,” he told her, caressing her hand. Nandini smiled widely, moving her eyes down.

“Now, will you tell me, how did you injure your hand?” He asked, having concern in his eyes.

“Because, I was angry.” She told him, again getting angry after remembering about the girl’s words.

“Why? Have I done something wrong with you?” he asked after clasping her face, looking deeply into her eyes.

“No, not you,” she nodded her head.

“All girls in the class, they were calling you hot and I broke the pen in anger.” She complained as like a small baby complained to her mother.

“Manik, you’re only mine, how could they call you hot and stare at you?” She became possessive about her Manik. He smiled evilly.

“Manik, why did you ask us to write the romantic songs?” Nandini asked, raising her brows.

“because I wanted to make you remember about last night.” Nandini again recalled about the last night and blushed, looking down forgetting her all anger.

“Hey, baby, now listen to me very carefully,” he clasped her face. “I am all yours, only you have right on me, right to scold me, right to call me hot and right to sleep in my arms and right to romance with me and right to kiss me hard.” He reassured her, and Nandini smiled on his last words.

“Are hubby, all these things I know, but I don’t have any trust on those girls, I have seen in movies, the girls like them, try to snatch hero from the heroin?” As she cutely told her problem, Manik chuckled, placing his hand on his mouth.

“Nandini, my innocent sweet doll, relax. Your husband is smart enough to handle those types of girls, don’t give so much stress to your brain.” He assured her and she nodded her head positively and said, “okay.”

“That’s like my good baby.” He pulled her cheeks. “Acha Nandini, I was thinking, why not today I teach you romance instead of music.” As he uttered, a naughty smile spread across his face. She shyly smiled, moving her eyelashes down and nodded.

“Ek minute.” She shouted as Manik moved close to her face to kiss her. He gave her confusing looks. “Bhar to aag lagi hai, Manik we will die.” As she said innocently, Manik started laughing loudly.

“Oh my god, you’re so innocent baby, it was my plan, it was a fake alarm. I became so worried after seeing your hand. I just wanted to kiss your hand, therefore I messaged peon.” She was looking at him in shock.

“Aww, Manik, for me, you have done all this. Wow hubby, you’re the best. You know after your kisses it is not hurting me. Oh Manik, main to tumhai pakar dhanye hogye.” She squealed joyfully and jumped over Manik. She hugged him tightly. Manik also hugged her back and laughed on her last words.

“Back to classes now,” Manik asked after breaking the hug and she nodded her head innocently, having a smile on her face. He moved close to her face and lie her down on the table. He was again about to kiss her, but before that Nandini again pushed him. Manik raised his brows in shock.

“Manik, this pen was hurting me, ganda sa pen, first it hurt my hand and now disturb our romance.” She cutely threw the pen and Manik shook his head in disbelief. He was making him fall for her more and more with her cute antics. He came top of her and slammed her lips.

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