(Part: 31) Mine (Manan)

Nandini was lying on the table of the music room and Manik was on top of her. He was chewing, sucking and biting her lips. Nandini was moving her hands in his soft and silky hair. He entered his hand into her top. As he caressed her milky and soft stomach, she shivered. His hands finally found their favourite place that was her twins. As he pressed them, she moaned in his mouth.

He moved closer to her ear and whispered after breaking the kiss. “Baby, today is your new class of romance, so there will be something new which I will teach you. So be ready for it.” As he bit her earlobe, Nandini clutched his shirt, smiling.

He turned their positions, now Nandini was on top of him. They both were gazing into each other eyes, having so much love in their eyes. They both got lost in looking at each other.

“Ma…” Nandini was about to ask something but Manik stopped her by putting his finger on her lips.

“No baby, today no oral classes, only practical classes.” As he instructed her, she nodded her head cutely. He clasped her face and kissed her lips. After some time, he slid his hand into her dress from behind and his hands found what they were finding, her inner-wear. He unhooked it, and Nandini was fully lost in kissing him. She didn’t come to know when Manik unhooked her inner-wear. Now he trailed his hand into her inner-wear to feel her bare twins. As his cold hands touched her twins, she shivered on her place and started kissing him even harder. He was caressing them and making circles on her hard nipples. She was enjoying his touch a lot. Then they broke the kiss.

She realised what Manik had done with her. He was smirking at her and she was looking at him like an Innocent baby.

“Ma…” She was again about to speak something, but Manik cut her words.

“I told you there would be no talks today.” He gave her a naughty smile. Nandini clutched his shirt tightly, closing her eyes tightly when Manik again entered his hand into her top from behind, he hooked back her inner wear. They gazed into each other eyes deeply.

“Class over, baby, now you can get up.” As he said, she immediately stood up.

When he was about to get up, she slipped on him as her leg got stuck with his leg. She became scared and held his shirt tightly and hid her face in his chest. Manik smiled, hugging her back tightly and kissed her head.

“Baby, you’re always safe with me.” He assured her after coming close to her ear.

“I know, I’m always safe in your arms.” She uttered fondly, gazing in his eyes as they broke the hug.

“Mera toh man karta hai Manik ki, main humsha tumhri arms mein rahu. (I feel like to stay forever in your arms, Manik.) I feel so safe, peaceful. I love to be in your arms.” She hugged him and he hugged her back, having a broad smile on his face.

Nandini stepped into her room, wondering about their college romance, having a pretty smile on her face. She became shocked for a second to see Alia sitting on her bed.

Alia uttered. “Hey, Nandini,” she hugged her.

“Hello, Alia di.” Nandini hugged her back.

“Nandini, today I have to share something very important about Manik, I know Nandini, it will be unbelievable for you but you have to accept the truth.” Nandini’s smile faded into frown.

“Alia di, tell me na,” she asked.

“Uhmm, I just wanted to tell you that Manik,” she paused.

“Alia di, what Manik?” she asked, getting worried.

“Manik is using you, he doesn’t love you. Before you, he has used many others girls.” Alia lied to Nandini so that Nandini leave Manik because she was obsessed with Manik.

“What do you mean, Alia di? “She asked as always being an Innocent soul, not understanding what Alia was trying to say.

“I mean Manik will throw you out of this house when he get what he want. He doesn’t love you, he is using you and will throw you like a tissue paper.” Before Alia could speak more, Nandini knitted her brows and punched her on her face, making Alia shocked because she never expected this from Nandini.

“Shut up, Alia di, not a single word about my Manik or else I will show you who is Nandini Manik Malhotra.” Nandini warned her by pointing her finger at her. Alia wasn’t aware how much Nandini is possessive for Manik. Her words were clearing showing how much she trusted Manik. That’s mean she loved Manik, it was not only her physical attraction. Because love is trust.

“Oh, my Innocent nandu, come out of your dream world. Manik is evil, he will throw you out of this house.” Alia again tried to manipulate her, and this was enough of Nandini. She clenched her fist and again punched Alia on another side of her face with more force and the next punch came on her stomach and another one also on the stomach.

“You bitch, how dare you?” Alia shouted, holding her hand, but Nandini was angrier than Alia. She kicked on Alia’s feet and pushed her on the floor.

“See, Alia the bitch, this is your place on the floor. One day you had shown me my place and today I am showing you your place.” Nandini crossed her arms on her chest, smirking in attitude.

“You…” as Alia stood up and rushed to her, Nandini showed her knife which she took out from fruit basket.

“Stay away from me, now try to speak anything bad about my hubby.” Nandini again warned her, but Alia was Alia.

“Nandini, I was just trying to help you out. I am saying the truth. Manik is using you.” This was more than enough for Nandini, she attacked Alia with the knife. But thankfully Manik came on time and held Nandini from behind.

“Thank god, you come back on time, varna iss pagal ladhki ne mujhe mar hi diya hota,” Alia sighed with relief.

Nandini was struggling to come out of Manik’s grip as she wanted to kill Alia. “Manik, leave me, leave me.” Nandini was saying this only.

“Baby, relax, tell me what happened?” He asked concernedly.

“Manik, this girl was saying bad about you. I will kill her, how could she speak anything bad about you hubby? She was saying that you don’t love me, you are using me. Hubby, I know you love me a lot and you will never leave me, I trust you a lot.” Nandini told everything to him.

Manik should get angry on Alia after listening to her words, but he was smiling at his baby because for the first time, he was seeing how much she trust him.

“Manik, she is lying. I haven’t said anything wrong about you, she is a liar.” As Alia dared to say this in front of Manik, he glared at her in fury.

“Alia, just keep your mouth shut.” As he snarled at him, Nandini shivered on her place. Alia’s face was worth watching. Mukti also rushed into their room as he heard Manik’s shout.

“I was bearing you because you’re Mukti’s friend, but it’s enough. Now if I ever see you in this house or near to Nandini, then you will see who I am, you are a girl, only that’s why I am leaving you, now get lost.” He roared with outrage.

Nandini was standing, having victory smile on her face. Alia immediately left out, and Mukti was standing confused there.

“What happened Bhai? “Mukti asked, she was unaware about bitchy act of her friend Alia.

“Mukti, I told you to stay away from that girl, but you never listened to me, now see, it because of you “before Manik could speak more Nandini cut his words because she felt bad for Mukti.

“Hubby, why are you scolding, Didu? We should never take out our anger on Innocent person.” Nandini said, placing her hand on Manik’s shoulder.

“I need a shower, my mind is blasting. I am sorry.” Manik dashed to the bathroom.

After that Nandini told about Alia to mukti.

“I never understand that Alia was using my friendship to get bhai.” Mukti was extremely upset after knowing this.

“Didu, I want to tell you one think more about her.” She said in low voice.

“What?” Mukti immediately asked.

“This is a top secret, if hubby comes to know about this he will become angry hulk.” Nandini whispered in ear and told Mukti that how Alia had helped her to escape from this house

“Didu, now I understand why she had helped me. I was thinking that she is good, but yeh toh movies wali villain se bhi gandi nikli.” Mukti was shocked after knowing about the true colours of her friends.


“Hubby, mujhe bhut jada wala gussa aa rha hai. I’m feeling to break this whole house,” Nandini told him when Manik came out of the bathroom, looking fresh after the cold shower.

“I have a trick, jise tumhra sara gussa chala jaega.” He yanked her to himself and move toward her neck. He placed few soft kisses there.

“Hubby, no kissy wissy, Meine kha na mujhe bhut gussa aa rha hai. Why did you stop me? I wanted to kill her.” She pushed him away and sat on bed, crossing her arms around her chest, making an angry pout.

“No kissy wissy okay. I have one more trick.” He strolled to her and started tickling her. She was laughing loudly. After a minute, Manik was on top of her and still tickling her.

“Hubby, stop.” She was saying this constantly while laughing and finally he stopped. They gazed deeply into each other eyes and, Manik moved closer to her lips.

Suddenly Nandini glanced up and raised her brows, horrifyingly.

“Manik…” she shouted and pushed Manik on the floor by putting her all force. The fan fell down on the bed. Manik was terrified.

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