(Part: 37) Mine (Sidnaaz)

“Sam, you,” Sana said in excitement and hugged the person tightly. He also hugged her back. Sameer was a school friend of Sana.

“Sana, where were you? Suddenly you disappeared.” As Sam asked, Sana made faces.

“It’s a long story, Sameer, why you palmed my mouth, I could have died.” Sana complained cutely.

“You haven’t changed a bit even.” Sameer laughed, Sana was making faces.

On the other hand, Sidharth was going crazy and calling her again and again, but she wasn’t answering.

He heard some voice and walked toward the direction from where the voice was coming. He frowned in jealousy and angry as he saw Sana laughing with another guy, that guy put his hand on her shoulder. He wanted to go there and take his Sana away from him, but he stopped himself very difficultly by fisting his hands.

“Bye Sam, we will meet tomorrow.” She bid him bye and wandered to their car. The innocent soul was unaware about the anger of her possessive husband.

“Hubby, see I won the miss fresher trophy.” She squealed joyfully, showing him her trophy.

He was staring at her silently. “How dare he touched my baby.” Only this was going in his mind. He took the trophy from her hand and kept in the car.

“Hubby, you know today I have met my school friend,” he lifted her from the floor and made her sit on the hood of the car before capturing her delicious lips. She widened her eyes in surprise with his sudden kiss. He was kissing her hungrily and passionately, trying to calm himself down through kiss. She also responded after a movement, but before she could touch him, he hurriedly grasped her both hands and pinned them against the front mirror and continued his dominating kiss. He was not even letting her kiss him back. Just he was kissing her like a hungry animal. She was irritated and struggling to take out her hand from his grip. She wanted to hold him and kiss him back. She cried like a baby in the kiss.

Sidharth was relaxed now, so as he released her hands, she hastily clasped his face and kissed him back with equal flavour. They both felt incredible. She was kissing him like a wild cat and he was enjoying her kiss, now his anger vanished. Her love was the cure of his every pain and his anger too.

After getting breathless they broke the kiss and touched their face with each other. They were breathing heavily after their wild kiss.

“You’re very very bad, hubby.” She spoke cutely, hitting his chest with her tiny hands after getting her breath back. Now it was Sidharth’s turn to bear his baby’s anger.

“Why did you hold my hands? Why weren’t you letting me kiss you?” She asked after crossing her arms around her chest. She made an angry pout and raised her eyebrows. A smile flashed on his face as he saw her cuteness.

He clasped her face and uttered, “Because I want to make you my wild cat.” She was looking at him bemusedly.

“Okay, tell me, did you enjoy the kiss more or not?” He was caressing her soft cheeks with his thumbs, gazing at her.

She nodded her head positively like a cute baby. “Yes,” she replied cutely and Sidharth smiled.

“Who was the guy whom you met before meeting me?” His tone became serious.

“He was Sameer, my school friend and my partner in crimes.” As she told him, Sidharth fumed in anger again because the flashes of Sam putting his hand on Sana’s shoulder was coming in front of his eyes again and again.

Sidharth was slowly leaning over shoulder and pulling the sleeve down her shoulder where Sam had touched her. “Hubby, what are you doing?” She asked innocently.

“Sh…” he shushed her by placing his finger over her lips. He placed thousands of soft kisses on her shoulder because he wanted to remove Sam touch from her Shoulder.

“Aaahaa, hubby.” She moaned, clutching his shirt as he gave her lovebite on her shoulder, marking her only of him. Then he took out the lipstick from her handbag and started writing something.

“Hubby, what are you doing?” She asked in confusion when he was writing ‘you’re mine on her Shoulder’ with her lipstick.

“So now did you understand after reading this?” He moved back and Sana was trying to see what he wrote, but couldn’t see it.

“Sidharth, it’s not visible to me. What have you written?”She asked cutely, still trying to see. Sidharth was just smiling at her.

He moved closer to her ear and whispered huskily, “you’re only mine.”

“Yes, I’m only yours, hubby. What’s the need of writing on my shoulder. I didn’t understand.” She innocently asked, not understanding why he did this. Sidharth shook his head in disbelief. Then without saying anything further, he pulled up her sleeve after last time kissing the love bite given by him on the shoulder.

“Hubby, why we’re going back home? I didn’t even meet Khushi and jiju also for last time.” She said sadly when Sidharth made her sit inside the car.

“Yes, we’re going back home now, because I’m feeling so tired, baby.” He said dramatically, but the reality was enough for him

“Oh hubby, how much work you do? Please, don’t do a lot of work.” She said concernedly, placing her hand over his cheek.

“Okay, I won’t baby.” He kissed her hand, and she smiled.

“You know baby, today you gave me the biggest happiness of my life, you gave back my childhood friend, you’re my angel. I’m blessed to have you in my life, you don’t even know how much important you are for me.” He held her both hands, and she smiled.

“Hubby, I did all this for your happiness. If you’re happy, then I’m super happy. You know when you were sad, I was feeling so bad.” She said cutely, he took her into his arms. She also hugged him back and both got lost in each other arms. With each passing day, their love was increasing and their relationship was becoming stronger and stronger.


They reached back home.

“Bhai, Didu, look I won the title of miss fresher,” she was joyfully showing the trophy to cabir and Mukti who were sitting in the hall.

“Wow, sweetie, so happy for you.” Mukti hugged her.

“Cutie congrats.” Cabir also gave a quick hug.

“Sidharth, where are you going? Let’s take some photos with the trophy.” She held his hand when he was about to leave. As he agreed, she clapped her hands cheerfully. She was clicking photos with Cabir, Mukti, Sidharth and off course with her trophy. Cabir and Mukti were laughing on one pose, in which Sidharth kissed the trophy from one side and Sana kissed from other side.

“Now time for a group selfie which I will take.” She squealed adorably, but couldn’t fit tall Sidharth in camera. She was standing on her toes to take a selfie.

“Sidharth, you’re so tall?” She complained and pouted sadly. Cabir was about to take the phone from her hand, but Sidharth stopped her because he was sure that his baby would surely do something to fit him in camera.

She stood on the sofa. “Now it is perfect.” They all smiled, seeing her cute acts. Then she took so many selfies, standing on the sofa.

“I am so tired.” She huffed and sat on the sofa after sighing deeply.

“Sweetie, you’re so cute.” Mukti hugged her tightly after sitting beside her.


She came out of the room after changing her clothes and Sidharth was waiting for her only.

“Hubby, now tell me about my feelings. You know something is still happening there. I’m so so confused.” She said innocently, sitting beside him on the bed and pointed her finger at her inner thigh. Sidharth was just smiling naughtily.

“Baby, today I won’t teach you about this.” He denied.

“Why?” She pouted disappointedly.

“Because before knowing about this feeling, you need to understand so many things.” Sana narrowed her brows bemusedly, she was trying to understand what he was saying.

“Baby, you explain me everything all together, I can’t wait.” She became desperate to know everything, her eyes shimmered with excitement.

“If I tell you everything today, then you will go in shock. So let’s go slow, okay?” He said because he knew her very well.

“Omg, no, I don’t want to go in shock. You go slow, please.” She requested cutely. Sidharth was grinning at her.

He came over her and asked, “so let’s start your classes.” She nodded her head cutely.

He was opening her shirt buttons and both were looking deeply into each other eyes. After opening her all buttons, he lovingly kissed her bare upper body, her stomach, her shoulder and her neck. His hands were massaging and squeezing her twins over the fabric. Sana was enjoying his touch a lot, moaning softly.

“Now it’s time to start a new topic.” He made her sit on his lap and unhooked her inner-wear. As he removed her upper inner fully. She hugged him tightly shyly.

“Hubby, I’m feeling very shy.” She hugged him tighter, he hugged her back, pulling her closer to himself.

“So don’t you want me to continue your classes further today?” He asked like a gentleman, caressing her bare back.

“Yes, I mean yes I want you should continue, but I can’t because I am your shy baby.” She uttered cutely, hugging him tighter and tighter and digging her face in his chest.

“Okay, my shy baby. When you ask me to continue, I will continue, don’t worry.” He uttered as always controlling his manly inner desires. Whenever he saw her, he wanted to make love with her and claim her his and his only, but he always stopped himself only for her.

“Now wear you clothes, my eyes are close.” He closed his eyes and broke the hug.

She smiled at him and hurriedly wore her clothes, gazing at him.

“I am done.” As she uttered, Sidharth opened her eyes.

“Good night, baby.” He scooped her into his arm and kissed her forehead. She was upset now, wondering why did she stop him.

Sidharth fell fast asleep as he was exhausted because of his hectic day. Sana was staring at the ceiling because she wanted him to continue the class, but her shyness came in between them. She was very eager to know that what happen further, but she spoiled everything. Now she was regretting badly.

“Hubby, hubby.” She was checking that he has slept or not by touching him with her finger.

She pouted disappointedly when she didn’t get any response.

“I should wake him or not, he was so tired today, I shouldn’t wake him up.” She was wondering to herself, wondering about him. He stared at the ceiling. Sidharth smiled with his eyes close. He woke up that time only when she called him.

“So, you want me to start your class, my shy baby, again?” He suddenly asked after coming top of her, she widened her eyes in shock. She nodded her head positively.

“I promise, I won’t back out now. I want to know about further things. I’m also enjoying this a lot.” She hugged him, moving her body up. Sidharth took advantage of this position. After sliding his hand into her shirt, he again unhooked her inner-wear.

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