(Part: 39) Mine (Manan)

He slammed her lips after pushing her down, hastily coming over her and pinning her hands against the mattress. Poor baby became annoyed and struggled to release her hand. Manik was not in his senses, he was kissing her widely like a hungry animal.

“Stay still.” Manik shouted in dominating tone because Nandini was disturbing him by moving under him to come out of his grip because she wanted to touch him. Listening to his shout, poor baby became scared and stopped struggling.

As Manik placed few soft kisses on her neck, Nandini had no choice left rather than moaning under him. It was giving her immense pleasure. He moved down to her twins. He kissed and sucked them hard after leaving her hands. He was playing with her twins and she was moaning in pleasure, moving her hands in his hair.

“Ehee…” She moaned loudly as Manik gave a love bite on her twin, marking them his. After hearing her loud moan, he came back to his senses and looked at her. She was lying with her eyes close and pursing her lips.

“I am so sorry, baby. Did I hurt you?” He asked concernedly, clasping her face.

As she heard him, she opened her eyes and negatively nodded her head like a cute baby.

“Hubby, you didn’t hurt me. Did you forget, you explained to me, whatever you do with love, it is beautiful whether it is a bite or anything else? Manik, I am a fast learner.” As she praised herself, a smile flashed on her face.

She came out of his grip and uttered, “and now, my turn.”

“What your turn?” He narrowed his brows bemusedly.

“You kissed me, holding my hands and didn’t let me touch you. Now I’ll kiss you and don’t let you touch me. Hubby, now you will see, how it feels when you won’t able to touch me.” She smiled naughtily. He was staring at her in disbelief. She was a copycat of him.

“Where are you going?” Manik asked, holding her hand as she stood up from the bed.

“Just lie down here, I’m just coming.” She smiled at him before strolling to the cupboard. She came back to him, hiding something behind her back.

“What are you doing?” He asked in confusion when she started tying his hands with her dupatta.

“Hubby, I’m so small. You’re so strong and tall, how will I able to hold you? Therefore I am tying your hands.” She said cutely and tied his hands with the bedpost. Manik was staring at her incredulously.

“Baby, open my hands. Promise I won’t hold your hands.” As Manik requested, Nandini smirked like a naughty baby.

“No chance at all, hubby, now I will kiss you.” She straddled him after coming over him and captured his lips. She was kissing him, but she wasn’t enjoying. Manik was annoyed, he was stretching his arms, he wanted to hold her.

“Hubby, it is so boring to kiss you after tying your hands. I love when you hold me and kiss me.” She confessed after sitting on his stomach, naked. She placed her hands over his chest.

He smiled gleefully at her. “Then open me.”

She gave him a slight nod before opening his hands. As she untied his hands, he didn’t waste any single second and just slammed her lips by clasping her face. They were kissing each other lovingly, she was ruffling his hair with her one hand and another hand was kept on his bare chest. They both were enjoying the kiss and got lost in their kiss which was filled with their true love.


It was Sunday morning, Nandini was standing at the balcony. Her eyes fell on another side where Navya was entering into Cabir’s room through the window.

“Poor Navya, she comes like a thief to meet Cabir Bhai. Hope my idea will work. I should tell them about my plan.” She pouted sadly, wondering about them. Something was going in her tiny mind.

As she heard Manik’s voice, she turned around and found him coming to the window, talking over phone.

“Manik, I’m hungry.” As she snatched the phone from his hand, he frowned at her.

“Nandini, give me my phone back, it is an important call.” He kept his voice low. He tried to take the phone, but she moved her hand away from him, nodding her head no. She looked at the Cabir’s room window through the corner of her eyes and Navya was till there.

He lost his temper and yelled at her. “Nandini, give me my phone back why you are not understanding?”

She knitted her brows and threw the phone on the floor in fury. Manik widened her eyes in shock and then glared at her.

“Nandini, have you gone mad? Why did you throw the phone?” He shouted after grasping her arms and pulling her to himself.

“Because you shouted on me.” As she uttered, Manik left her arms, still glaring at her. He bent down to pick up his phone from the floor and rushed out of the room after last time glancing at her.

“Thank god, hubby didn’t see Navya. Lekin in sab mein Meri toh band bajh gye. He is angry now and shouted on me, Monster. I’m also angry with him.” She stormed out of the room with sullen pout.


“How do you find my plan? Isn’t it amazing? After this Navya bhabhi will get excess in the house. Manik won’t stop her.” She was extremely happy and smiling proudly. Navya was thinking about her plan.

“No, a big no. What if Manik bhai recognise she is navya only then. No cutie, this plan won’t work.” Cabir denied because he was feared to lose navya.

“Navya bhabhi, make bhai understand. If Manik don’t recognise you, you can can come in this house any time as my friend.” Nandini tried to convince Navya.

“Cabir, she is right, we have to take the risk. Now I’m tired of this hide seek game.” As Navya said, Nandini smiled and Cabir nodded his head positively, finally agreeing.

“So let’s work on the plan.” As Nandini said, they both nodded their head at her.

“Thank you so much for helping us, Nandini. You’re really a sweetheart.” As Navya hugged her, Nandini hugged her back, smiling cheerly.

“I’m also here.” As Cabir said, Navya and Nandini hugged Cabir together.

“Bhai don’t worry, I promise I’ll complete your love story, just wait and watch.” Nandini assured them after breaking the hug.

So what do you think, their plan will work or not?

Love Mehak

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