(Part: 1) Burning Desires (Sidnaaz)

Shehnaaz’s POV:

I watched people around me having fun with their loved ones. Some were dancing, laughing, gambling, chilling while drinking and here. I’m sitting in the corner, drinking like a maniac to drown my sorrows and pain. It was a little early to be drinking at a bar but I didn’t give a shit. I could see people giving me weird stares at my attire. I mean, of course, it wasn’t normal to see a girl dressed in the heavy gown in a messed at a bar, drinking like a maniac, at this time of the day.

Well, fuck off, people! I had my reasons.

I kept sipping on my drink quietly and noticed one man sitting far most corner of the bar with his friends. I don’t know why I couldn’t move my eyes from him.

He’s hot!

As if, feeling my constant gaze, he turned and his eyes directly landed on me. His intense stare made me feel different inside and I immediately looked down at the floor being embarrassed.

Fuck! He must have thought I was checking him out. But he’s so hot! And his eye’s, damn irresistible. So, isn’t it normal to check him out? Damn! Woman control on you desires what shit you’re thinking. A few minutes back you were sulking and now you’re thinking about some random guy? Aghh!

“one more” I yelled to the bartender.

“But I guess you already had enough.” I heard a husky voice behind my ears and trust me, I shivered because of the intensity of that voice.

Damn! He’s the same guy I was checking out a few minutes back. His eyes! It’s Hypnotizing. I was literally staring at him without blinking my eyes.

“Done checking me out?” He smirked making himself comfortable beside me.

“I’m..I’m not checking you out,” I said looking here and there.

“Yeah! Yeah! And I’ve two horns on my head. Isn’t it?” He chuckled while making me more embarrassed while having no other reply, I just bit my lower lip.

“Well, don’t you think you’re a little more dressed up for the bar?” He said with a hint of humour, making me raise my eyebrows at his bold and confident tone.

“Let me guess, you were attending some party and caught your boyfriend making out with someone. So, you came here because you’re broken?” He continued.

Having no other option I just slammed my lips with his. His eyes went wide as he didn’t expect this coming. But what to do? He talks so much! Well, before he could react, I just removed my lips and whispered going close to his ear “Don’t you think, you talk too much?”

“Is it?” He breathed out before pulling me closer by snaking his arms around my waist and before I could process the bolts of pleasure started running through my body at his touch, he grabbed my face, capturing my lips. My eyes went wide as I realised what was happening, but I was too damn turned on to push him away. I was badly hurt and I don’t know why but I felt like he’s just not kissing my lips, he’s kissing my pain. I too just kissed him back, running my hand through his hairs.

I could feel his dick poking against my stomach as he bit my lip making me moan a little. He slipped his tongue inside my mouth, tasting every inch of my mouth and my hands went down, tracing his perfect body over his T-shirt. I pulled him closer and kissed him back even with more intimacy and urgency.

Fuck! My skip was burning with desires and I could feel wetness pooling between my legs.

We both pulled back as the need for oxygen but our eyes didn’t seem ready to be pulled apart.

The intensity of his eyes was making me crazy and I just blurted out. “Do you wanna fuck?” Without any shame. He was taken aback at my directness but not for eyes, he moved his intense gaze to me.

“You’re drunk,” He said and I could see in his eyes how much he’s trying to control his burning desires.

“Please!” I again whispered and he closed his eyes.

“Follow me”


We reached the parking lot and got into his car immediately. I was too drunk to register anything what’s happening. I didn’t even know I was doing the right thing but I didn’t care.

“You want to do it in the car?” I asked out of curiosity.

“Well, I don’t mind but we are going to my penthouse.” He chuckled.

God! How can someone be so hot?

By the time we reached his penthouse, I was sobered up a bit.

Once we made our way to his door in my half-drunken state, he unlocked it and in a fraction of few seconds I pushed him against the wall and he immediately closed the door behind me. I started kissing his lips and he responds with the same need.

“Oh my god! I just can’t believe it, I’m doing this.” I moaned as he squeezed my twins over my dress and pushed it down freeing them while kept nibbling my earlobes.

He latched onto one of my nipples and rolled his tongue all over my erect buds, while his left hand pushed my gown from my body.

“Damn!” I moaned as he parted my legs with his hands roughly and ran his fingers along the side of my thighs, making me moan out loud.

“God! You’re so fucking hot” He groaned, slipped his hands inside my panties which were soaked.

“You’re so damn wet” He groaned again and ripped my panties.

I too pulled his t-shirt harshly, moving my hands in around his sexy body.

And trust me, he’s hot!

As I kept staring at his body, smirked came on his lips.

“Like what you see?” He said while removing his pants.

“You wish, I’ve seen better,” I said capturing his lips again.

“Your words and actions are not matching” He groaned and pulled me more closer by my ass. I wrapped my legs around his waist instantly and started to breathe hard. He took his cock out and flicked his eye’s to meet my gaze.

“Condom?” I breathed out.

“Don’t ruin it.” He groaned and without any warning, he pushed himself inside me making me gasp.

“Ughh… Faster” I moaned which I could feel was enough to turn him on more.

“Fuck” I grunted as I was about to cum. I was so close. It’s my first time, I never slept with any guy before, neither I was in any relationship. Idk why I’m doing this because I never trusted anyone. But damn, this feels so good. I just wanted to get over of my pain and trust me he’s literally making me forget. For him, it’s maybe just random one night stand but for me, it’s something I can’t name.

We kept fucking each other like animals as I dug my nails into his skin. Soon I could feel we both realised ourselves inside each other.

It feels so good!

We both tried to catch out breathe and he pushed the hair behind my ears to take a proper view of my face.

“That was satisfying.” He whispered, rubbing his thumb on my lower lip, looking intensely in my eyes.

“Indeed” I too replied with the same intensity, totally captured by his deep chocolate brown eyes.

He without any warning, picked me up into his arm in a bridal style, moving to one of his bedrooms.


I stretched my hands lazily and rubbed my eyes slowly. I took a deep breath and looked beside me. My breath hitched as soon as the reality hit me.

I’m no more virgin!

Damn! What I did last night. In my pain, I just crossed all the lines, but the shocking part is that I’m not regretting it.

I again looked beside, admiring his sleeping figure. He looked cute. His hair all messed up, lips little parted.

Damn! This man is making me crazy, I need to go before he wakes up.

I picked up all my clothes and then rushed to his bathroom. I put them on real fast and then came out of the bathroom. I was going towards the door, but I don’t know why I looked behind towards that guy. Something was pulling me towards him.

I went back to him where he was sleeping, snoring softly just like a baby. Seeing him sleeping, a small smile came on my lips and I gently pecked his cheeks and whispered, “after this, we never gonna meet.”

I don’t know why I felt so bad for leaving without saying anything, so I wrote him a note.


Yeah, I know it’s weird, but I placed it on the side where I had slept last night and came out of his penthouse.

Enjoy.. and do leave your precious comments on Instagram.

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