(Part: 2) Burning Desires (Sidnaaz)

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Sidharth’s POV

I woke up and looked to my left, saw the bed empty. Instead of that girl, I saw the note placed in her place.

Where did she leave? That’s the first question came in my mind.

I can’t believe that girl left, that too she left with this stupid “Goodbye” Note? Fuck! Who wrote the note in the 21st century? Aghh! Where did she leave? I didn’t even get her name?” I groaned, throwing that note into the Dustbin.

“Wait! Why did I even care? I whispered.

I don’t know what got into me that I again picked that note from the Dustbin.

God! What the hell is happening with me?

I kept glancing that note for God knows how much time. I don’t know why I’m feeling that it’s not the end. I don’t know why I’m feeling that we gonna meet soon.

Wtf Sidharth! Get a grip on yourself.

“I don’t know why I’m feeling that we gonna meet soon Miss. Stranger.” I whispered.

Placing that note safely in my drawer as if that’s the most important possession of my life. I closed it. Chuckling my thoughts I went to the bathroom, to get ready for my work.


I was examining my paperwork when someone knocked on the door.

“Come in,” I said as I placed my pen on the desk.

The door opened and my best friend Cabir Dhawan walked in, closing the door behind him.

“Hey, dude!” He gave me a cocky smirk as he approached me, his hands in his pocket.

“Don’t start early in the morning Cabir?” I said.

“Why? First, you cheated on me and now telling me to keep quiet?”


“Yeah, what do you think, just because I was not present with you yesterday night in the club, that doesn’t mean I didn’t know anything.” He teased, punching my arms while I glared at him.

“What? Are you mad? What shit you’re talking about dude!”

“Oh really? I’m talking about that girl, with whom you were busy last night. You ditched me, bro! How can you do this with me?” He said while pulling me in a hug.

Such a dramebaaz he is!

“Fuck! I’m straight! Shut up, Cabir!”

“Haha…Well, leave it. Let’s go get some coffee.” Said Cabir.

“I have work, dude. I need to get the sample designs for our new project done, like now.” I replied, taking my seat again.

“Oh right, the new project. I heard that our new project designer is going to join today. She gonna assist you.”

“What? She? Didn’t I ask you to hire any male designer? These girls…Damn, I can’t handle them. They just throw themselves on me.” I freaked out.

“Haha… Why you’re irresistible… And for your kind information, your PA is also a woman.”

“Not again, Cabir. You know very well, she’s my childhood friend and I know she had a crush on me but she never crossed her line.” I explained him.

“Yeah… Whatever… Still, I don’t like that girl.”

“Yeah, because she never gave you line.” I chuckled dramatically.

“Haha… very funny… well, leave it too. And Dude! That girl is smart and confident, trust me. I don’t think she’s like other girls who kept throwing themselves on you. She seems very professional and on top of that, Uncle himself took her interview and he seems quite impressed with her.” I’m listening to him keenly.

“That we will see, let’s go to the conference. If I find any fault in her, trust me, I’m gonna fire her. I don’t like to mix work with pleasure.” I told him sternly.

“Lol! That’s so unfair. No one can resist you, but still, I met her before. So, I know she gonna impress you for sure.” I rolled my eyes.


The room was filled with our entire team which consists of around ten people. I sat down on my seat already feeling bored out of my mind. I don’t know why I’m here. I don’t need any help in my designing department. I opened my laptop and tried to keep myself busy.

“Guy’s our new manager is very talented and good at work what she does. She expects nothing, but best and I expect all of you to work your ass off to deliver this project successfully.” Dad stated and continued to go on and on about this Girl and I already wanted to kill myself.

“Here She is. Team, I would like to introduce our new Designing Manager, Shehnaaz Gill.” Dad beamed proudly. I looked up to see who this mysterious woman was and chocked on my Saliva, gaining everyone’s attention.

“Fuck” I muttered under my breath and loosened my tie to breathe a little.

“Sidharth, are you okay?” Dad asked with concerned look on his face, and I smiled assuring him that everything was fine. I could feel the pair of hazel brown eyes staring at me from right across the room and I swallowed hard, unable to believe my own eyes.

Is this what they call as coincidence?

Dad begins to introduce her to team members one by one and finally pointed at me.

“That’s Sidharth, My son and CEO of Shukla Industry. You gonna work with him. He’s the one who gives final words to all the designs.” Dad said proudly.

“Nice to meet you, Mr Shukla,” She said and I could see the confidence in her voice.

I smiled, adorning a knowing look on my face, my eyes lingering on her for a while longer than usual. She gave me a tight smile and looked away immediately.

Fuck, nothing made sense. How could she be my Designing Manager? But why I’m happy to see her here? And on top of that why I’m smiling? Control Sidharth!

“Sidharth, You are eye fucking her dude. Do you know her or something?” Cabir whispered and my eyes went wide.

“Wh– what? No, of course not.” I stammered nervously.

“Why are you stammering?” He whispered, raising his eyebrows.

God! Can’t he just shut his detective’s brain?

“She keeps glancing at you too” He continued.

And I want to kill this dog!

“I can’t help it if I’m good looking, dude,” I mumbled, wiping the beads of sweat on my forehead.

He literally should join RAW, what is he doing here?

I kept glancing at her occasionally and noticed that she was even looking more beautiful than the first time I saw her. She was wearing a sleeveless beige coloured top and grey pencil skirt that hugged her every inch of her body. She looked so poised and sophisticated, nothing like the woman I met at the bar yesterday. In reluctantly peeled my eye’s from her smooth olive skin which brought back sinful memories of that night. I finally took a deep breath to calm my ragging nerves.

The rest of the meeting went pretty well and she explained her design confidently. I could see she’s smart with her work. Now, I get it why dad seems so impressed with her work.

She finished it off and everyone stood up to leave.

“Umm.. Miss. Gill, I need to talk about designs. So, can you please stay back? I smirked and saw Cabir raising his eyebrows too but didn’t utter anything.

Thank god!

“Sure, Mr Shukla.” She replied confidently.

“Did she remember nothing?” I wondered.

“I’m still not done with you, dude,” Cabir whispered before walking out of the room, leaving us both alone.

“So you remember me?” I don’t know why I asked her this.

“Sorry?” She replied as if she didn’t know what am I talking about.

“Last night…” I started, but she cut me.

“I was drunk… Last night means nothing to me.” I don’t know why her words pinched my heart. Anger runs through my veins when she said.

I kept staring in her bewitching eyes, yesterday I saw her pain, but today her eye’s seems totally blank. No emotions at all.

“Ummm…did you really want to talk about the design?” She asked just to be clear and I raised my eyebrows, getting pissed with her, reason still unknown to me.

“Miss. Gill, don’t even get the idea that I’m going to treat you any different just because we fucked. We both didn’t see this coming, so let’s just put that behind us.” I replied bluntly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t remember anything so just chuck it. I too don’t want to bring past. And about treating me… So I didn’t expect anything from you.” She replied bluntly too.

Wtf! How can she talk like that? Didn’t she know I’m her boss?

I frowned and warned her sternly. “If you’re forgetting, let me remind you, I’m your boss, Woman. I can fire you.”

“You can’t! I have signed the contract.” She answered me back with confidence.

This girl! Now she’s really pissing me.

“Oh really? Well, cool. Let’s talk about work. Coming back to the project, your design suck, Miss. Gill. I want you to come back with a new design in the next twenty-four hours.” I replied casually as if it no big deal.

“Excuse me?” She uttered, I could see how shocked she is.

“Do you have a hearing problem?” I smirked.

“I worked my ass off to come up with that design.” She raised her voice a bit, And I don’t know why smiled formed on my lips.

I mean, I should be angry on her, right? But why I’m finding her angry face cute?

“Well, work harder. I heard some good things about you, so please don’t disappoint me again.” I turned, trying not to smile. I walked out of the room, leaving her.

She’s cute, Angry bird.


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