(Part: 41 Jealous Master) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

Our car came to halt in front of her home as I applied the brake. I kissed her lips gently before we stepped out of the car. We walked to her home hand in hand.

I pressed the button of the door and asked her, “Did you tell mom that I’m back.”

She shook her head. “No, I thought we would give her a surprise.”

I smiled. “Great. I’m so excited to meet her and see her smiling face. You know when she used to ask me over the phone that when I would come back, I had no answer to her question.” The corner of my lips drew down as I recalled those days.

She placed her hand over my face. “Hey, now everything is fine. Don’t be sad. Do you want to meet Mom with this face?” She asked and pouted sadly, looking super cute.

I chuckled and nodded my head. “Only you have the power to bring a smile on my face in any situation. I’m really blessed to have you, Princess.” A beatific smile flashed on my face, and I gazed at her intensely. I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead after clasping her face.

I whispered against her lips, “I love you.” I pecked her lips.

“I love you more.” She confessed, gazing into my eyes deeply, her eyes filled with immense love.

We came on the earth back as we heard the sound of the door opening. We stood facing the door, Mom opened the door.

She widened her eyes in utter surprise as she saw me. Her pretty black eyes are sparkling with happiness.

“Hi, Mom.” I smiled at her broadly, extremely glad to see her again after a long one month.

She held her hand out to place on my face but took it back as something struck in her mind. She curled her lips, crossed her arms and averted her eyes to show her anger. Princess and I glanced at each other and smiled because mom is looking adorable. I very well know how to pacify her.

“I missed you a lot, Mom.” I just hugged her tightly. I really missed her a lot. The warmth of her arms, her smiling face, the food made by her hands and her cute angry face.

“How could you just leave all of us for a month?” She complained as we broke the hug.

I clasped her hands and promised her from the core of my heart. “It was an important project, Mom. I promise I’ll never do this again.” I leaned down and placed a soft kiss on her wrinkled hands, promising myself to always take of her.

Her lips drew up to a delightful smile. “I trust you and I missed you a lot.” She placed her hand on my cheek and caressed my stubble.

“You guys always forget me when you meet each other.” As Princess uttered, we both chuckled loudly.

“Mom, don’t you feel like someone is burning?” I asked Mom just to tease her. She rolled her eyes as I looked at her.

Mom laughed. “Now you both will come inside or not? Someone is waiting for you.” She said to Princess. I narrowed my brows bemusedly, wondering who is waiting for her.

Princess raised her brows in surprise and asked, “who?”

“Come inside and see yourself.” She rushed inside, desperate and excited.

I also stepped inside. “Mom, who?” I asked her when she turned around after closing the door.

“Her school bestie. He has come back to India after two years.” She told me, and I gave her a slight nod. We wandered to the hall.

My eyes pooped up in shock as I saw Princess hugging her best friend. I just can’t see her so close with another guy. It burns my heart.

“I missed you a lot, Veer.” She added fuel to the fire by kissing his cheek after the hug. I frowned and clutched my hands in fury. I know, he’s just a friend for my Princess, but I really don’t trust this Veer. She should maintain distance with boys. They can take advantage of her.

Why don’t she understand such a simple thing?

“So do you like the surprise, baby doll?” My blood boiled as he called her baby doll. I knitted brows in fury.

Baby Doll? Really?

She’s not anybody’s Baby Doll, she’s my Princess only.

“How’s life in the USA? You got so busy there, no phone calls, no messages.” They settled down on the sofa. Mom brought snacks and drinks from the kitchen.

“It’s great. I’m enjoying there. You’re saying I’m busy, but what about you madam, couldn’t you call me or message me,” he paused and they both moved their eyes to me as Mom called me after serving drinks to them.

“Sidharth, come here. Why are you standing there?” I came on the earth back and slightly nodded my head at her.

I plastered a smile on my face and strolled to them. Princess passed a smile to me before turning her smiling face back to him.

“He’s Sidharth, my boyfriend and my English professor.” She introduced me to him while I sat down on the other side of her.

Mom held the tray out for me to serve me drink, but I denied by nodding my head because I’m not in mood to drink or eat anything. At this moment, I just want to eat my Princess to release my frustration, anger, whatever it is.

“Wow! Professor and Boyfriend!” He exclaimed.

I forcibly smiled at him, he smiled back. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to myself, telling him indirectly that she’s mine. She smiled at me.

“Sidharth, he’s my school friend, Veer. We have grown up together.” She introduced him. Veer and I glanced each other. I passed a fake smile to him.

“Veer, how are your mom and dad?” Mom asked him, settling down on the sofa which is kept in front of us.

As Veer got busy answering Mom. I leaned down and whispered in Princess’s ear. “Be ready for the punishment.” She instantly looked at me with narrowed brows, bemused.

I gave her a deadly smirk before standing up. Yes, I’m going to punish her for hugging and kissing somebody else in front of my eyes. She very well knows that I don’t like it when she does this, and I don’t like it when some other man touches what’s mine. She really deserves punishment this time, so that she never forgets what I don’t like.

“I just come. I need to use the washroom.” I gave an excuse and ambled to Princess’s room after last time glancing at her.

I slid my hand into the pocket and took out the phone before sitting down on the edge of bed with serious look.

Me: Meet me in the washroom within five minutes or else bear the consequences.

I sent the message to her and shook my phone, waiting for her reply. My phone beeped after a minute and an evil smile flashed on my face as I saw her message.

My Princess: What happened to you? Why punishment?

Me: No questions, just follow my order. You’re making me angry.

My Princess: Don’t tell me, you’re jealous of Veer. He’s my childhood friend, Sidharth. He’s a nice person. I know him, don’t get jealous.

I rolled my eyes after reading her reply.

Me: Are you coming or not?

My Princess: No. If you’re stubborn, then I’m more stubborn.

I frowned after reading her reply. Seriously this girl is rising my anger to maximum level by fighting with me.

Me: You’re doing nothing instead of increasing your Punishment, Princess.

I warned her.

My Princess: This time, I’m not accepting my Punishment because I’m not wrong, Master.

Oh God, today why she’s arguing with me a lot? It just because of her friend, Veer. Why did he come back from the U.S.? It would be better if he had stayed there forever.

Me: Are you arguing with your Master, Princess?

My Princess: You’re not my Master here.

This Girl is testing my patience. I’m losing my temper now.

Me: Okay, so I’ve my own ways to make you follow my order here. You gonna regret it, Princess.

My Princess: Let’s see.

She’s gone today. Really. We have met after a month, and she’s doing this with us, arguing with me like this, denying to follow my orders, challenging me, not accepting her punishment. It should be our special time with mom. I’m angry and a bit hurt too. I wasn’t expecting this kind of behaviour from her. But I’ve my own ways to bring her to the washroom.

So what do you think, who’s right, Master Or His Princess?

What do you think, what he’ll do?

Love Mehak

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