(Part: 3) Burning Desires (Manan)

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Nandini’s POV:

“I hope you’re comfortable here?” Mr Saxena, one of my colleague asked.

“Yes..yes! I’m comfortable, Mr Saxena. In fact, I’m so excited to work with this team.” I smiled at Mr Saxena and sat down in my seat instantly falling in love with my new corner office. It was located on the 15th floor and had an amazing view if Mumbai.

“It’s our pleasure to have you work for us, Miss. Kapoor.” He smiled Politely.

“Thank you, Mr Saxena.”

“If you need anything just let me know and yeah plz call me Harshad, I’m not that old you know.” He chuckled.

“Well, okay Harshad, I’ll call you if I need anything, “I smiled and dismissed him and let out a huge sigh, thinking about all the event’s that unfolded today but more importantly my was stuck on a certain pair of chocolate brown eye’s that kept haunting me since morning.

It was supposed to be one-night stand but damn… Like really… Out of all the places, he had to work here?

In fact… I should say.. Out of everyone he had to be my boss?


Who the hell does he think he is?

He probably doesn’t know anything about designs!

That stupid hot freak of a man!

It was fucking unbelievable. I hated the fact that he still affected me. I was never the type of a girl, to sleep with a random stranger but for some reason, I couldn’t able to control myself. Maybe I was just too emotional and alcohol didn’t help me either.

But I’m not Regretting!

It’s just a one-night stand nothing else. I need to control my self.

I shook my head and tried to control my designs.

It’s going to be completely professional and cold as always.


Manik’s POV:

Rest of the day went pretty well, after that conference room me and Nandini didn’t meet. Around 6, I was going in Cabir’s cabin when I noticed that Nandini was packing her stuff but what I didn’t like is, Harshad was helping her.

I mean why did she need anyone to help her? Can’t she pack her stuff by herself? I don’t know why anger runs down my spine. I marched in her cabin.

“Where do you think you’re going?” I smiled at them sweetly, folding my arms in front of my chest.

“Home, where else?” Nandini opened her smart mouth and had a sullen look on her face. Guess, she was still mad about my comment on her designs. Whatever, it sucked and she should learn to deal with some constructive criticism. I take my work pretty seriously and sure, she had talent but she needed to put some more effort to make it better.

“So soon?” I scoffed and she glared at me.

Wow… Here she’s glaring me and few mins back, she was all smiling enjoying that jerks company.

I continued to glare right back at her and neither of us broke eye contact until that her soo called new friend Harshad coughed beside her.

“Uhh… My office time is over, Mr Malhotra” She replied forcing her thousands per cent fake smile.

“Harshad you can leave if you have completed your work but Miss. Kapoor, you need to complete the designs,” I replied casually while she continued to grab her stuffs in her bag.

“It is twenty-four hours already?” She asked sarcastically with a smirk and j opened and closed my mouth, not able to think of anything smart to say. She did have a point.

Dammit! I wanted to kiss that sexy smirk of her face.

Wait! Wtf is wrong with you Manik? What are you thinking? Ughhhh! This girl will definitely make me crazy!

“Fine, I expect to see the designs in my office before I come in tomorrow,” I replied sternly while her so-called friend and her jaw hanging to the floor.

Lol! Now she will understand who’s the boss here!

I walked past them, without waiting for her reply.


Nandini’s POV:

Wtf! How can he do this to me? He knows very well this is impossible!

What a jerk!

He just left, ordering me. How can he? Now, I’ll show him what can I do.


Once I reached home, I threw myself ok my bed and closed my eyes. It was, all the same, every night. I come home to an empty apartment, cook something, eat and sleep. This was my life. People might think I had a perfect life and I was living lavishly but only I knew how fucking lonely it was.

I was an only child and my parents are divorced. I practically grew up my own and worked my ass off to be where I am. My parents hardly ever cared about me and I was used to it by now. Letting out a huge sigh, I pulled myself from the bed and made my way towards the kitchen to cook some food.

Also, I need to complete my designs all thanks to that Jerk!

I hate him! I so wanted to slap that sexy smirk off his face!



The next morning, I woke up and got dressed in a blue fit and flare dress that looked really pretty. After wearing minimal make-up and brushing a comb through my shoulder-length hair, I grabbed my stuff and rushed out of my apartment, not wanting to be late.

Today, I’ll show that monster the consequences to mess with Nandini Kapoor! I smirked thinking about my plan.

“Good morning, Miss. Kapoor.” I was greeted by a couple of my colleagues and I smiled them, greeting them back.

Well, everyone is so nice to me here, except that monster!

I walked towards his cabin with my bag in one hand and my coffee in another.

“Now I will show him, messing with me is not a good thing” I smirked and pushed the door of his cabin with my body, acting like my hands was fully occupied. As I made my way I deliberately bumped into his rock hard chest and intentionally spill my coffee all over his shirt.

Coffee and white shirt! Perfect!

I mentally praised myself.

I looked up to see him with a fake apologetic face.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He yelled, staring at me with wide eyes, ready to murder me any second now.

Monster! Never ever mess with me!

“Mr Malhotra, I– I was just d– dropping off the designs. I didn’t… I didn’t mean to–” Damn! I think I should be an actress dude! I’m acting so well.

“Get out,” He hissed in low voice, believing on my acting, lol.

Not looking at him, I rushed out of his cabin.

Lovely start of the day! Very good morning! Monster!

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