(Part: 42 I’m hurt) {Sidnaaz} Master And His Princess

“Princess, I have a headache. Could you apply the balm?” I stepped out of the room, placing my hand on my forehead. So this is my plan to call her inside the room. She is still sitting with Veer on the sofa. I don’t know why my heart burns every time I see her with some other man. She looked at me and stood up.


“I just come, Veer.” She said to Veer and he gave her a slight nod.


She looked back at me, facing her back to Veer and shook her head in disbelief. She has understood my plan. I smirked a bit, she knitted her brows and rolled her eyes.



Why she’s angry?


She strode to me. Mom also came to me from the kitchen, her eyes are filled with concern.


She placed her hand on my face and worriedly asked, “are you fine, Sidharth? Come I’ll apply the balm.” I just stared blankly at Mom. She’s spoiling my plan. Today God is also not with me. I looked at Princess through the corner of my eyes and saw her smirking.


I frowned as Mom said to Princess, “Shehnaaz, you go and spend time Veer.” I glanced at Veer, my eyes filled with anger. He’s doing something in his phone.


“Sidharth, are you fine?” Shehnaaz placed her hand over my bicep and asked, showing her fake concerns.


I smiled forcibly and held Mom’s hand. “Mom is with me. You enjoy with your friend.”


I moved my eyes to Mom. “Let’s go, Mom.” We strolled into the room.


I’m lying, placing my head over Mom’s lap. She’s pressing my forehead gently and lovingly, my eyes are closed. I’m feeling incredible and enjoying the gentle massage. She’s telling me how much she missed me.


“Feeling better now?” As Mom asked, I opened my eyes and smiled at her contentedly.


“Now I’m feeling so good, Mom. I’m really blessed to have you.” I clasped her hand and placed a kiss on her knuckles.


“I’m blessed to have you, my son. You have brought immense happiness into my life, and you completed our family.” She uttered, ruffling my hair lovingly. I can vividly see true love for me in her eyes. She loves me unconditionally like I’m her real son, rather more than this. Our relationship is proof that a true bond is formed by heart. This women didn’t give me the birth but love me limitlessly. She can sacrifice all the happiness of the world for my happiness. I feel so lucky to have her.


She leaned down and placed a kiss on my forehead. I smiled with contentment.


She raised my head from her lap and placed it on the pillow. “You stay here. I’m bringing lunch for you.” She strictly instructed me before climbing down the bed. I’m just beaming at her.


She stepped out of the room after placing a quick kiss on my forehead. So now I understood why God spoiled my plan. He wanted to give me this special moment.


I picked up my phone from the table and saw two messages from Princess. I tapped open the messages.


My Princess: I know you have no headache. You planned to call me in the room. You’re seriously unbelievable.


My Princess: Veer is just my friend. Please, stop getting jealous. He’s a nice person.


I frowned after reading her second message. The way she’s defending him without even listening to me, deep inside it’s burning my heart. I tossed the phone over the bed in fury and took a deep breath to calm down myself. Why she’s not understanding that today I wanted her to be with me. Yes, I’m jealous. I know he’s just her friend and I’m everything to her, but still, I don’t like it when some other guy touch or kiss my Princess because I bloody don’t trust her male friends. She never listens to me in this matter. I’m feeling a stabbing pain in my heart because my Princess hurt me for the first time.


I picked up the phone from bed and typed the message.


Me: I don’t have any problem. Enjoy your day with him. I’m going to the office.


After checking important emails, I stood up from the bed.


As the door opened, I moved my eyes to the door. Shehnaaz stepped into the room, holding the plate. I rolled my eyes. She placed the plate of food on the table and stood in front of me. I’m glaring at her.


“Sidharth,” she paused as I showed her my hand, glaring at her. She swept her eyes to my hand and then back at my face.


“I’ll eat, you can go,” I said sternly.


“I want to,” Before she could say something, I stormed to the washroom and slammed the door. Now I’m really not in a mood to talk to her. I need time to calm down myself.


I stepped out of the washroom after a minute. I’m not feeling like to eat anything right now, but I have to eat lunch for Mom, because if I don’t eat, she will become upset. I sat down on the sofa and had lunch hurriedly.


I walked out of the room with the plate. Veer and Shehnaaz are sitting at the dining table, having lunch together. I directly strode to the kitchen, ignoring them. Mom is preparing chapatis.


“Mom, the food was tasty. You really have magic in your hands.” I praised her, putting the dish in the sink. She smiled at me.


I stood beside her and said, “Mom, I have an important work. So I’m going to the office.”


“You have come back after a month and you’re not well. You should take one day rest, Sidharth. Please.” She implored, genuinely concerned for me.


I want to spend time with her too, but I can’t bear Veer. He spoiled everything. If I stay here, I won’t able to control myself more. I don’t want to create any scene here.


I held her face and tried to convince her to let me go. “I’m completely fine, Mom and it’s important. Promise, tomorrow I’ll spend the full day with you and stay here at night too.”


“If tomorrow you ditch your mother, then I will beat you with this.” She warned me and showed me the belan (rolling pin.)


I chuckled and took her in a side hug. “I won’t, Promise.” I kissed her forehead.


“Take care and drive safely.” She bid me bye with kiss on my temple.


I smiled at her for the last time and wandered out of the kitchen.


Shehnaaz moved her hand to serve him the rice, but Veer stopped her by holding her hand. I clenched my hands in fury and glared at him. He could have just said no to her, but I can clearly see he’s just finding reasons to touch my Princess.


I took a deep breath to calm down myself before marching to them.


“How’re you, Sidharth? I mean your headache.” Veer asked as he saw me.


“I’m fine and now I’m going to the office,” I answered him and moved my eyes to Shehnaaz.


She asked. “Office? Aren’t you staying here?”


“I have an important meeting. You enjoy with your best… friend.” I said sarcastically, stretching the word best.


“Bye, Princess.” I clasped her that hand only which Veer had held and kissed her knuckles.


“I’ll come to meet you at night.” As she said, I smiled.


I placed my hand on her face and caressed her cheek with my thumb. “Your wish, Princess. Now have your lunch, I’ve to go.” I kissed her forehead and after last time glancing at Veer, I ambled to the main door.


She could have come with me right now, but maybe she’s enjoying more with Veer. I’m angry and hurt.


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Love Mehak



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