(Part: 5) Burning Desires (Manan)

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Nandini’s POV

What the fuck just happened?

How can he behave so sweet?

I still can’t believe this.


This monster will surely gonna make me crazy!

Nandini, stay away from this monster!

“Be professional, don’t let him affect you.” Rubbing all these thoughts, I started working with my team.

Manik’s POV:

“So, do you want another shirt?” Cabir came as soon as Nandini left.

Wait! Was he standing outside my cabin?

Thank God, my doors are soundproof!

Wait… What the fuck I’m thinking?

“Hmm… You both were inside for a while” He stated as if he was indicating something and kept eyeing me up and down.

“Oh my god, I didn’t fuck her again” I blurted out of pressure under his Scrutinising eyes.

“Again?” He smirked.





“What are you talking about, Cabir? Don’t you have work?” I tried to deny but literally, he was grinning like a fool.

“You will not leave this,” I asked and he grinned more.

“Can you please stop? You’re looking like an idiot.” I continued.


“Ughhh… Fine… Last night I was with her and we.. Umm.. it was just a One-night stand. Nothing else.” I gave off.

“I fucking knew it. No wonder there’s an awkward tension between you both,” He said and jumped on me like an excited kid.

“But you didn’t tell me earlier, I thought we were bro. You ditched me, Manik.” He gasped dramatically and I rolled my eyes.

“Yeah, we are brothers, not lovers.” I sat down on my seat and start working on my laptop.

“Dammit, now I had to back off.” He muttered, and I looked at him in confusion.


“You’re are my bro, how can I go behind her.” He again explained dramatically but for some reason, I felt relieved.

“I’m not interested in her,” I said.

“That I very well know” He chuckled and left.



“Hey, Nandini.” I heard Cabir’s voice and looked up from my food. It was around noon and I was having my lunch in the cafeteria.

“Hey, Cabir, what’s up?” I asked, he seems a really nice guy.

“Thank god, you remember me. I thought, you just forget me.” He said dramatically and I chuckled. “Well, can we join you, if you don’t mind?” He asked.

“Umm… Yeah sure but we?” I asked in confusion as he was all alone.

“Yea-” He was going to say something but got Interrupted by a deep sexy voice.

Damn! His sexy voice. I can guess in thousands.

It’s him.

“Cabir man! Why are you standing here,” he stopped when his eyes landed on me.

“Ughh, I was just talking to Nandini. Come let’s have lunch together.” Cabir stated casually while I winded my eye’s.

“Umm… Sure.” He replied smirking at me but what caught my attention was a pair of hand which is wrapped around his arms.

Who’s she?

As if, hearing my unsaid words that woman herself took the charge to introduce herself.

“Hey Nandini, I’m Soha. Manik’s Childhood Friend as well as his PA.” She stated tightening her hold more on his arms.

“Ohh… Hey, Soha.” I said giving her my million dollars fakest smile ever.

“So Nandini, are you enjoying here?” Cabir took the initiative to start the conversation.

But before I could reply Manik said something which really boiled my anger.

“Yeah… Obviously! Why won’t she?” He said looking deep in my eyes, but my eyes are still fixed on Soha’s hand which was wrapped around his arm.

“I mean she had a such a cool boss who didn’t scold her even though she spills the whole mug of coffee.” He continued smirking like an idiot while I glared at him.

“What? Hot coffee? Shit! Manik are you okay?” That bimbo asked cupping his face.

“That’s was a cold coffee Soha,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Ohh” She uttered.

“Umm… Manik, you got ketchup on your …” Soha pointed at his face. He tried to wipe but before that, she wiped the corner of his lips by the tip of her finger and then licked her that finger.

Her act really boils my anger. I so wanted to kick his ass. Can’t he eat properly?



From the past one week, I literally avoided Manik. I don’t know why but I couldn’t forget that canteen scene.

“Why he’s affecting me?”

Don’t think about him, Nandini.

Concentrate on your work!

As the clock strikes 6, I gathered all my belongings lying around my cabin and proceeded towards the lift.

Once reaching the corridor, I started looking for my phone in my bag.

Not looking around while walking, I soon find myself bumping into someone. I closed my eyes waiting for the hard impact of my body to the ground but instead, a pair of the muscular arm wrapped around me.

I took a deep breath and my nostrils were invaded with an intoxicating perfume.

I know who the person is, but I don’t have the courage to open my eyes.

He tightened his hold around my waist and I opened my eye’s looking deep in his deep ocean-like eyes.

I literally avoided him, from past one week and now he’s standing so close to me.

I continued staring in his bewitching eyes while his hold was becoming tighter by each passing second.

Taking a deep breath, he whispered, “my office, now.”

That was all he said before turning around and kept walking.

Taking a deep breath I too went to his cabin.

“Come in.” He said with no emotion in his voice, but all I could focus was on his deep magical voice.

“When I told you that if you had any query regarding designs you can ask me. Then why you were taking Harshad’s help?” He stated making me come out of my world.

As soon as I understood his words, I raised my eyebrows, not getting what he stating.

“Yeah.. Don’t think, I don’t know anything that you were doing in this whole week. ” He continued and anger runs down my spine.

“I didn’t want to disturb you, Mr Malhotra, because you were so busy flirting with your childhood friend.” I blurted whatever came in my mind while I saw him shoving his hands in his pocket as a small smile crept the corner of his lips.


“Flirting? Really?” He asked and smiled, running his eyes all over my body, making me feel hot and frustrated.

I had no idea why it bothered me to see him with that girl, Soha. This was all new to me. Maybe I didn’t want him to forget about me, and that night already. I convinced myself thousands of time till now that, that night means nothing but I just can’t get over of it. I kept reminding myself to be professional, but I just couldn’t help it.

He gazed deep into my eyes after getting up from his chair. “Look, she’s just my friend.” He said in deep voice.

“And trust me, if you call that flirting then you have really low standards, Miss. Kapoor,” He whispered by grabbing my waist and gazed in my eyes intensely. I almost forgot how to breathe for a moment. This intimacy is really not helping me. But his words literally making me angry.

“Wiping the corner of the mouth, licking that finger, isn’t called flirting?” I uttered.

Shit, that made no sense. What was I even trying to do?

Why I’m asking these questions?

And she was doing all that stuffs, why I’m blaming him?

“Are you Jealous?” He asked and rubbed his thumb over my lower lip, gazing in my eyes deeply. I kept staring at his lips, wanting to pounce on him and have my way with him already. Catching my gaze, he chuckled and the corner of his lips again lifted into a smile. “But earlier, you said, you don’t remember about that night? He continued and that smile got replaced by the stupid sexy smirk.

“Oh please, I’m still saying the same. I–I hardly remember that night,” I whispered, taking deep breaths, holding on his shirt.

“Your words and actions are definitely not matching, Miss. Kapoor,” He whispered, tightening his hold around my waist. His hot breath is directly falling on my lips.

“I don’t know what y-you are talking about,” I stammered, breathing heavily, removing his hand from my waist.

His proximity is affecting me.

I must have bruised his ego or something because he started to breathe even more heavily and not breaking eye contact.

“You don’t remember?” He asked in a husky voice and took a step forward while I took a step back.

“No, I don’t.” I lied confidently this time as he kept strolling to me.

“You don’t remember the way I kissed you or how wet you got even before I touched you down there?” As he whispered bluntly, I widened my eyes.

“I don’t remember, I was drunk,” I whispered as I kept walking and my back hit against the wall behind me.

“Really?” He breathed out before pulling me closer by snaking his arm around my waist tighter this time. And before I could process the bolts of pleasure runs through my body at his touch, he grabbed my face, slammed his lips to mine. I raised my brows in surprise as I realised what was happening, but I was too damn turned on to push him away. I kissed him back, running my hands through his hair. Oh his lips, I can’t even describe in words. I’m feeling so amazing.

This man is making me crazy!

I could feel his dick poking against my stomach as he bit my lips, making me moan a little. He slipped his tongue inside my mouth, tasting every inch of my mouth and my hands went down, tracing his perfect body over his shirt. I pulled him closer by grasping his tie and kissed him back with the same need and urgency. Fuck, my skin was burning with desires and I could feel the wetness pooling between my legs.

Very professional, Nandini.

We both pulled back after good ten minutes, breathing heavily but not for once we moved away from each other.

“So?” He whispered, stroking his thumb on my lower lip erotically, in the same position gazing deep in my eyes.

His this gesture is literally turning me on again.

“I hope this made you remember because I still remember, every single little detail about you.” He smirked, before walking right out of his cabin while I stood there, looking dumbfounded and flushed.

Fuck, how can he leave like this?

I couldn’t believe that I let him kiss me. God, I hated him for making me feel these things. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my raging hormones.

Grabbing my bag, I too left his cabin.

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