(Part: 6) Burning Desires (Manan)

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Manik’s POV:

It was around 11 pm and sleep was far-far away from my eyes. I couldn’t get over of her.

Damn, Manik!

How can you kiss her?

Oh god!

How could I lose myself so badly?

How can I just give in my desires like that?

Why I’m getting so possessive for her?

Why I find her so cute?

I get I never get attracted towards any girl like this, before. She’s making me crazy. And trust me, I want to get crazy, only for her.

That day, I knew she was virgin and I felt guilty for a moment when I took her virginity.

Any guy would be lucky to have her, but I don’t know why I couldn’t picture her with anyone.

Bu-but I never mixed my personal and professional relations. What she must be thinking about me?

Should I apologize to her?

I will definitely apologize to her, tomorrow.


Nandini’s POV:

I kissed Manik!!

No-no he kissed me!

Ughhh, both are the same, as I responded.

What have I done?

How can I let him kiss me like this?

Why I didn’t like the way Soha was getting close to him?

Why I was so upset with him?

Why I can’t see him with anyone else?

Damn! This is all so frustrating. I never get attracted to anyone like this, before. In fact, I never thought I would lose my virginity with a mere stranger.

But he’s not any mere stranger!

Why I always get so lost in his deep chocolate brown eyes? Why I feel butterflies in my stomach when he came close to me. Why I can’t control myself around him? How will I face him tomorrow?

God! Nandini! Sleep!


I stepped into the lift and widened my eyes a bit in shock as I saw her in the lift, looking hot like always in the pink shirt with a black knee-length skirt. I tried my best to control my horny self.

She was typing something on her phone, so maybe didn’t acknowledge my presence.

Apologize Manik!

“I’m sorry,” I blurted out, not meeting my gaze to her. I don’t know she heard it or not but I don’t know why I can’t able to meet my gaze.

“Look at me,” She whispered coming close to me. I flicked my gaze to meet her hazel brown eyes with thick lashes.

“Umm… About what happened-” She started and I interrupted her.

“I know it was a mistake and it won’t happen again,” I rushed out, stuffing my hands in my pocket and she scrunched her eyebrows in confusion.

“What?” She blurted out.

“Yeah, it was unprofessional and I acted in an impulse. Sorry about it.” I tried to remain as calm as possible but it was so hard not to focus on her lips and my greedy eyes couldn’t help but flick downward. I could notice her erect nipples piercing through her shirt which confirmed to me that she was affected by my presence too.

“Well, I kissed you back. So I guess I should apologize too.” She replied, clearing her throat but my whole concentration was on her eyes.

Her bewitching eyes! Damn!

I always find something different whenever I look in her eyes. She’s captivating me with her eyes.

“I’m sorry!” She gave me a small smile and my breath hitched.

Fuck, she smiled.

Her smile was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.

“Apology accepted,” I whispered coming more close to her.

“Yours too.” She whispered, taking one more step towards me. Our proximity is driving us crazy.

“Perfect,” I replied, trying so hard not to smile.

“Absolutely perfect,” She breathed out and we kept staring at each other.

The air between us was so thick with sexual tension and I mentally groaned before making up my mind.

Fuck this apology!

I grabbed her face and claimed her lips, pinning her against the wall. She responded immediately and pushed her body towards me, running her hands all over my biceps. I pulled her closer by her tiny waist, while she wrapped her arms around my neck.

She smelled like a newborn baby. As pure as holy water. As fresh as a Blooming flower.

I slid my tongue while my left hand yanked her skirt up to her thigh, tracing her sexy smooth skin, she moaned against my mouth, making me smile. My lips went down from her jaw to her neck.

“We should not be doing this,” She whispered as I sucked on her sensitive spot, grabbing her tight and placing it around my waist. I was so fucking hard already.

Fuck, this woman was going to be the death of me.

“I know,” I groaned, unbuttoning the first two buttons of her shirt. She was wearing a red lacy bra, turning me on more, if it was even possible.

“I hate you!” She moaned as I squeezed her twins, breathing hard.

“Trust me, you don’t, baby girl.” I chuckled, kissing her again to shut her up.

“You taste so amazing. I wonder if you taste just like that down there,” I whispered seductively in her ears and felt her shudder in delight against my body.

“We shoul..should s-stop,” She breathed, pushing me little, making me more turn on.

“I know,” I whispered, grabbing her again, exhaling a deep breath.

“But not before this,” I said, buttoning her shirt, having a deep eye lock with her.

Her eyes, her eyes have their own vocabulary.

What a beautiful language to learn.

“Your smell is intoxicating,” I whispered, rubbing my thumb on her lower lip and in response she just closed her eyes.

“Manik” She whispered my name just like a prayer.

“I never knew, my name sounds so sweet until you pronounced it,” I whispered, pecking her lips.

“Manik, stop.” She whispered again, closing her eyes and breathed heavily.

“We should talk about this, Nandini,” I whispered and she opened her eyes as soon as I took her name.

“Meet me, in my cabin,” I said in a husky voice, looking deep into her eyes.

“Come soon!” I whispered, giving a quick peck on her lips before going out and wandered to my cabin.

I can’t stay away from her!

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