(Part: 9) Burning Desires (Manan)

I hastily drove away to that bar where we met that day, praying constantly.

Please, be there Nandini.

Please, be safe.

I hurriedly got down my car and made my way inside the bar. I literally ran inside the bar like a maniac. I was scared for her, I can’t see her in more problems, my heartbeat was racing so fast with fright. I don’t want anything wrong to happen to her.

I went to the way where she was seating that day. I could spot her figure from anywhere.

She is wearing a red dress that hugged every inch of her body. She is looking so beautiful. I want to put a smile on her face. I want to become the reason for her smile. I’m so happy that she’s safe. I was so scared for her. This time, I just wanted to hold her tightly into my arms and keep her safe in my heart forever.

After taking a deep breath, I decided to move to her, but as my eyes landed on that bastard who is sitting so close to her, I clenched my fist in fury.

Why the fuck he is here till now?

I’m filled with the rage after seeing her with that bastard. I’m killing him through my angry glare.

“Hey, I’m having a good time. Thanks for coming with me.” I heard her and stopped in mid-track as I saw that mother-fucker moving her few hair strands from her face.

Fucking Asshole!

How dare he touch her?

I don’t know what came in me, I marched to them and punched his face, making him groan in pain while I heard her gasp. As she turned to look at me, I saw her eyes go wide in shock and anger.

Why she only shows this anger to me?

How could she let him touch her?

“What the hell are you doing, Manik?” She asked, utterly shocked.

“Get in the car,” I spoke to her, but my angry gaze is fixed on that Asshole.

“No, I’m not going to follow your orders. You’re not my boss here, go ask your Soha to accompany you in the car, I’m not going anywhere with you.” She denied and pouted cutely.

Damn! Who pouts in this serious situation?


“Nandini, stop it,” I said, and gave a stern look to her.

“Why did you punch him? You’re such a monster.” She said, ignoring my words. I was literally losing my patience now. Didn’t she know that he deserves that punch for touching her?

How dare he touched her? I so wanted to chop his fingers for touching my girl and why the fuck, she’s defending him?

Did she like him?

Fine, don’t blame me.

“Get in the car, Nandini,” I said in a dangerously low tone, running my hands through my hair which made her swallow hard.

“Ma-” Before she could utter more, I picked her in my arms, in bridal style, gathering a few people attention towards us. She winded her eyes at my act.

Of course, she wasn’t expecting this, but what shocked me is that she didn’t try to free herself, rather she wrapped her arms around my neck, gazing deep in my eyes.

“Stay away from her, she’s mine.” I said clearly with rage to that jerk without breaking my eye contact with Nandini. He’s just staring at us, baffled.

I know I have anger issues but I never felt this much rage ever before. I brought her to my car and drove to home, neither of us is speaking. The car is only filled with the sound of our breath. I don’t want her to think anything wrong about him. I don’t want her to be scared of me. I didn’t want her to be in any problem because of me. I just want to protect her. I just want her to be happy.

It drives me insane when she remains silent. I kept driving stressfully, not knowing what to talk or say. I’m not good at talking and this is hard. But we can’t sit silent. This silence between us is killing me. If we don’t communicate, it will create more problems in future which I don’t want. She’s thinking utter wrong about me and now I’ve to clear the things. I have understood one thing that ignoring her and staying away from her is not the solution.

“Why did you always end up in the bar? That too fully drunk. Do you like to be in problems?” I asked and turned my head to her side. She glared at me and remained silent.

I sighed, giving up and fixed my gaze on road, but her next act literally hitched my breath.

She traced the bruise on my knuckle, making me freeze and I instantly applied the brakes as I felt jolts of pleasure passing through my body at her single touch.

Fuck, her single touch and my game over.

Get a grip on yourself, Manik.

I let out a shaky breath and looked at her with parted lips.

I wanted to kiss her so badly.

“Manik, why did you punch him?” She asked in a soft voice, not meeting my gaze.

I kept staring at her face, I went so blank. I want to stay away from her, but I can’t. I didn’t expect her to ask this question. I can feel her inner terminal.

Not hearing anything from me, she tried to remove her hands but I placed my hand on top of her hand and held it firmly. I pushed my thoughts aside. I love the feeling of her soft hands against my sightly bruised knuckles.

“Because he touched you, Nandini,” I whispered after clasping her face with my palm.

“What you said in the bar, do you mean that?” She asked directly, and I was taken back with her this question.

I know what she’s talking about. But even I don’t know why did I call her mine. I really don’t know why can’t I see her with anyone. We had nothing between us, still why I feel she belongs to me? These feelings are so new. These emotions are so new. Should I tell her that? Should I confess to her that I feel for her? But how can I? She thinks I used her.

I saw her gazing at me with those almond shape eyes, waiting for an answer and I saw myself drowning in them.

“I’ll drop you at your home.” I sighed, avoiding her question completely and started the car. She’s drunk, I don’t think she’ll be able to understand and even I’m also not comfortable talking about it right now.

I could feel her gaze on me but I’m glad she didn’t push me to answer her. We reached her home in fifteen minutes. She isn’t getting out of the car, gazing at me.

“Nandini, we reached,” I whispered, not meeting her gaze.

“You don’t want to come?” She whispered, taking me by surprise, her intense gaze is fixed at me.

I can’t believe what she just said. But, no, I can’t go inside. She’s drunk. She’s not in her senses, and I know what will happen if I go inside. I can’t do this. I can’t hurt her more.

“No!” I whispered, not breaking eye contact. I could feel her heart running fast, mine was too.

But I want to talk to her about us. And this is not the right time. She’s not in her senses. I can’t take any decision like this. I just can’t.

“Nan-” I was going to say something, but she Interrupted.

“Why? Now, I don’t affect you?” She asked, making me shocked. I could see insecurities in her eyes, I can feel her pain. I want to share her pain. I want to free her from these insecurities.

“Tell me, I don’t deserve anyone, right? Am I not worthy for anybody’s lov-love?” She continued, and her last words came out as a crack as tears made their way down her cheeks.

Fuck it, I unbuckled my seatbelt and roughly, smashed my lips to hers, grabbing her by her waist. She wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned against my mouth.

This is the first time I saw her in a vulnerable condition. That night in the bar too, she was broken but today I saw loneliness in her eyes. I can’t let her feel like this. I can’t ignore her like this. I want her to be happy and I can do anything for it. I want to see her beautiful and real smile. A smile which should reach her eyes.

My tongue swept against her lower lip, asking for entrance which she immediately gave in. We kept ravishing each other mouth. I want to take away her all pain and loneliness through this kiss. I want to make her feel alive.

My hands slowly glided up from her waist to her cheeks. Slowing down the kiss, I slightly pulled back, resting her forehead against mine.

“You’re very precious, Nandini Kapoor,” I breathed, gazing deep into her almond-shaped eyes. She’s panting, her warm breath is caressing my face and sending chills down my spine.

“Prove it.” She whispered with the same intensity.

I climbed down the car and picked her up in bridal style, staring deep in her bewitching eyes.

So what do you think, how Manik gonna prove Nandini that she’s precious for him?

Love Mehak

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