Manan Love Story (Part: 128 I’m blessed to have you)

Muskan had been playing with Aryan since morning. She wasn’t getting bore. She found him super adorable like a teddy bear. Now it was night time and she wanted to sleep with her chachu, Chachi and her little brother Aryan

Aryan was sitting in Nandini’s arm, Muskan was sitting in front of him. She was making adorable faces and Aryan was giving wide smile by showing her toothless mouth. Nandini was just admiring them. Manik was in the washroom.

Zoya stepped into the room to meet Aryan and to take Muskan to her room. Zoya and Nandini passed a smile.

“Haye, Aru.” Zoya snapped her finger before him.

“Gu…” Aryan screamed and tried to grab her hand by moving forward.

“Do you want to come to your badhi Mumma?” She asked, opening her arms and Aryan hid her face in his mother’s chest.

“Oh, my Aru is shying.” Nandini placed a soft kiss on his hair and cradled in her protective arms.

“It doesn’t seem like he has come today only.” Zoya said, seeing the bond of Nandini and Aryan. She was a bit shock. Nandini just smiled at her and then moved her eyes down at Aryan who was playing with her bangles. She didn’t feel like he’s not her real son.

“Mumma, today I’ll sleep wid (with) my cutie blother (brother), Alu (Aru),” Muskan said to her mother, playing with the tiny hand of Aryan. She caught their attention.

Zoya denied instantly. “No, Musu. Let them sleep comfortably.” Muskan’s lips drew down in sadness.

“It’s okay, Zoya. Let her sleep with us.” As Nandini spoke, Muskan’s little eyes glinted with happiness.

“Nandini, how you all will sleep? No, I’m taking her with me.” As she denied again, Muskan frowned at her Mumma, making an angry pout. Zoya glared at her. Aryan was playing with the nuptial chain which Nandini was wearing around her neck. He was trying to take it in his mouth.

“We’ll adjust, don’t worry.” Nandini blinked her eyes.

“Please, Mumma, only for one night.” Muskan requested and made a cute puppy face to convince her Mumma.

“Pi-ka-boo.” Manik whooped as he stepped out of the bathroom. Everybody moved their eyes at him.

“Goo-goo.” Aryan instantly looked at him and laughed, making a cute sound. They all smiled at him fondly. Manik rushed to him cheerfully and picked him in his arms, by holding his waist.

“Papa loves you, Aryan.” He caressed his nose with his nose and he stroke his daddy face with her tiny hand, smiling widely and adorably. Nobody could say that Manan brought the baby to home today only.

“I want to eat you.” He shouted and kissed every inch of his face. Zoya and Nandini laughed at him.

“Chachu, could I sleep with you and Alu.” Muskan stood up and asked in her sweet voice, catching everybody’s attention.

“Muskan, It’s Aru, not Alu.” Zoya corrected her.

“Off oh, Mumma.” She placed her hand on her forehead and shook her head like a grandmother. She looked at her mother and said, “let me talk to chachu.”

“Muskan, you can sleep with us.” As Manik gave her permission to sleep with them, she jumped on the bed gleefully. Aryan was just cutely staring at his big sister with his innocence eyes.

“Thank you, Chachu.” She thanked him, and as she showed her tongue to her Mumma, Aryan smiled adorably on her this act.

“You all are spoiling her.” Zoya scolded them and Muskan sat on her Chachi’s lap.

“We can’t deny her. She’s so cute.” Nandini pulled her cheeks and Muskan laughed adorably.

“Good night, Musu.” Zoya wished her.

“Goodie night, Mumma. When daddy comes back home, send him hel (here) to meet Musu.” She told her.

“Okay.” Zoya nodded at her, smiling. She strolled to Aryan. “Good night, Aru. Your badhi Mumma will meet you tomorrow.” Aryan smiled at her adorably and she placed a kiss on her chubby red cheeks before walking out of the room.

Manik sat down on the bed, holding Aryan in his arms. He was playing with his wristwatch now, trying to take it in his mouth.

“No, Aru, don’t take it in the mouth.” Aryan cried out as Manik took the watch away from her mouth.

“Aru, don’t cry, baby.” Muskan rushed to Aru and clapped her hands in front of him, but he started crying louder.

“Why are you crying, Aryan?” Manik rocked him, he whimpered louder.

Nandini stood up from the bed. “Manik, I think he’s hungry. I’m bringing milk for him.” She said to him.

“I also think so because she’s trying to take everything in his mouth.” Manik assumed, shaking him, he was squalling continuously in his arms.

“Mumma is bringing milk for you, Aru. Be quiet.” Nandini said to Aryan before ambling to the door.

“I wish I could breastfeed him.” She murmured, staring at Aryan, standing outside the room.


Muskan slept, hugging Nandini. Aru was sleeping peacefully between Muskan and Manik. He was sleeping adorably with open mouth, placing his hands above his head.

Manan were gazing at each other, their eyes were filled with immense love, their one hand was entwined above the head of Muskan and Aru. They were doing their most favourite work, talking to each other through their eyes.

“After losing my baby, I was so shattered. I never thought that God would bless me with the baby so soon. Life is really unpredictable.” She incredulously uttered in low voice.

“Yes, life is unpredictable, but you know when you wish something with heart, God listens to you and fulfil you that wish. Aryan and you’re my that wish.” As Manik told her, swaying his eyes from Aryan to Nandini. They fondly beamed at each other.

“I love you, Mr Perfect.” She confessed.

“I love you more, Angel.” He whispered, smiling.

“Now Papa Manik, check Aru’s lower.” As Nandini ordered, he gave a slight nod to her before checking him.

“He peed.” He told her.

“I knew it.”

“You’re smart.” He praised his Angel before taking out the fresh lower from the box which was kept on the table beside the bed.

When he was changing Aryan’s lower after removing the wet lower, Nandini was gazing at him, her lips were drawn to a blissful smile. He leaned down and placed a kiss on his forehead after changing it. Aryan smiled in sleep and a smile flashed on Manik’s face too as he noticed his adorable smile. He couldn’t stop himself from placing one more kiss on his forehead again.

“I think, we’re not going to sleep tonight,” Manik uttered, moving her eyes to Nandini.

“Seriously, I’m not feeling sleepy. I’m so happy today. I’m feel so blessed to have you with me. You make everything fine with magic. You’re a magician of my life.” Her happiness was vividly visible in her eyes.

“Don’t you get tired of praising your husband, Angel?” He asked in a fun tone.

“Don’t you get tired of being so nice, Mr Perfect?” As she asked back, both chuckled.

“I can do anything to see you happy, Angel. I can’t see the sadness on your face.”

“I love you, I love you, Manik.” She confessed again. “Now I want to kiss you.”

“Me too, Angel. Let’s do it now.” As he said, she widened her eyes in surprise.

“Really, now?” As she asked in disbelief, he nodded his head, grinning. “What if Muskan wakes up?” She raised her brows.

“We’ll handle her. The kiss is more important now.” He said, sitting on the bed.

“Okay.” She agreed and sat, facing him, smiling sheepishly. They slowly moved closer to each other above Muskan and Aryan. He clasped her face and captured her lips without wasting a single second. She pulled him closer to herself by grabbing his shirt. They both were kissing each other lips like there was no tomorrow, forgetting that Muskan was sleeping there. They just love to taste each other lips.

“Catch… catch…” they instantly pulled away as they heard Muskan’s voice.

Now what do you think, how will they handle Muskan.

Love Mehak


  1. Awesomee mindblowing update…
    It was filled with so much of love…
    The way manan ke life aab puri aru ke aage peche ghumti hai was so lovely to watch and even muskan is so attached to her little brother that she doesnt want to leave him alone…
    Aru ka ana nandu ke life mai bhit jaruri tha he filled the gap which appeared when nandu lost there child…
    Now waiting so see muskan’s reaction on there kiss hehe…


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