(Part: 51) Mine (Manan)

“In this game, baby, I will blindfold you and touch different things on your body and you have to guess what is the thing. You also have to spell the word and I’ll tease you with that thing until you don’t spell it without any pause.” As he explained her the game, her eyes shimmered.

“Wow, it so easy, let’s play.” She became super excited, and Manik was smirking because again something naughty was going in his mind. Innocent soul didn’t know that it would be very difficult for her.

“So you lie down on the bed.” As he instructed her, she gave him a slight nod and lay down on the bed. He took out a blindfold from the drawer, smiling mischievously. He crawled over her and tied the blindfold around her head. He smiled at her before climbing down the bed. He strolled to the table where flower vase was kept.

“Manik, where are you? Start the game.” Nandini said, getting desperate to play the game. Her excitement was increasing with each passing second.

“Baby, let me gather the things first, then only we will able to play the game.” Manik answered her, collecting the rose petals in the bowl.

After placing the bowl beside her, he came above her. “Now get ready, you have to feel it and guess the thing. Okay, baby?” Nandini nodded her head and he started falling rose Patel on her bare stomach, slowly slowly, having a smile on his face.

“What is this, hubby?” She asked, moving. Manik kept doing his work.

“Baby, you have to tell me.” He suddenly pulled down her bra and her twins popped out, she opened her mouth in shock.

“Hubby.” She was about to say something, but Manik shushed her by placing his finger on her lips.

“Baby, I told you until you don’t complete your task, I will tease you.” He whispered in her ear and bit her earlobe.

Now he was teasing her nipples with rose petals and Nandini was feeling incredible. She almost forgot that they were playing the game. Her Nipples were becoming harder.

“Hubby, please.” She requested because she wanted him to suck them. She was craving to feel his lips over them.

“What please, baby? What do you want?” He asked to tease her more.

“I don’t know,” she said Innocently, not understanding what she wanted

“But I know.” He uttered and attacked one of her twins, playing with another one. Nandini felt relief, she was moaning, moving her hands through his hair. Same he did with her other twin.

“So, time up, you couldn’t guess the thing.” He said and made her smell the rose after taking it near to her nose.

“I guess it, this is rose, R, O, S, E.” As she instantly answered, Manik chuckled.

“Good, but you’re late, still it is my turn.” Manik said and an evil smile flashed on his face, she made a sad face.

“You were distracting me, this is cheating.” She complained like a small baby.

“It is part of the game. Okay, tell me, don’t you want to play more?” As he asked, she instantly shook her head.

“I want to play, I’m enjoying it, but you are distracting me so much. I lost the game.” She uttered sadly and Manik smiled, listening to her words.

“Now keep lying here only, let’s bring another thing for you.” He said, getting up from the bed. “No, not now.” He stopped her when she was about to remove the blindfold. Then he went to bring another thing, leaving her excited baby behind him.

After two minutes, he came back, holding another bowl in his hand. She sighed with relief as she heard his footsteps. For her two minutes wait was like two days.

“Baby, this is very easy to guess, but remember that you have to spell the spelling without any pause.” He reminded her after coming top of her and placed the bowl beside her on the bed.

“I am excited, hubby.” As she said cutely, Manik smiled. Finally he picked up three ice cubes from the bowl, and as he placed them over her bare belly, she shivered on her place.

“It’s cold.” She shuttered, facing difficulty in speaking because Manik was rubbing her belly with the ice cubes.

“I know, complete the task, baby. You have only three minutes.” He placed one ice cube on her belly button. She was feeling incredible, but feeling cold also.

“This is ice, I, C…” before she could spell the word, he placed the ice cube on her nipple and she moaned, clutching the bedsheet and Manik smirked.

“I, C,” as she again tried to spell it without giving pause, he again placed the ice cube on her another nipple. She moaned again with immense pleasure. He was making it very difficult for his Innocent baby.

“I, C, E.” Finally Nandini completed the task. “Yippie, I won.” She squealed cheerfully, pushing him away. She removed her blindfold and threw it on the floor. Manik was laughing, seeing her so much happiness.

“So, do you like this game?” He asked after making her sit on his lap.

“Yes, I like it a lot, it made me super excited and I felt so good…. hubby.” She answered him after encircling her arms around his neck and then kissed his cheeks.

“Now my turn hubby,” she said coming out of his lap.

“Now you lie down on the bed, my hubby bubby.” She ordered him like he had ordered her after standing on the bed. Manik smiled at her before lying down on the bed.

“Where is blindfold?” She was searching for the blindfold, placing her index finger under her chin. Manik was just smiling at her. “I found it.” She whooped and jumped out of the bed.

“Be careful, baby or else you’ll fall.” He warned her being her caring hubby.

“Sorry, hubby.” She apologized cutely, holding her both ears.”

“Apology accepted, but be careful from the next time.” He said, his eyes filled with concern. She came above him and hugged him tightly.

“You’re so sweet, my hubby.” She said after breaking the hug and kissed her face thousand times.

“Now tie this blindfold. I am deciding the things for you.” She gave him blindfold and he smiled. He blindfolded himself and she giggled, removing her bra.

First, she took two minutes to unbuttoned his shirt, then she started moving her bra on his tummy. Manik had no clue that she was going to choose her bra. She was laughing silently, placing her hand on her mouth.

“Now you guess it, hubby.” She challenged him cutely, still laughing. He trailed her bra up to his chest and then to his neck.

“This is your bra, baby. B, R, A.” As he answered, holding her hand, she raised her brows in shock, wondering how did he come to know.

“How did you come to know? I thought it would be very difficult for you.” She cried out like a cute baby, and he smiled.

“Aww… my baby, I smell your fragrance from your bra.” As he told her, she opened her mouth in O shape.

“So, this is your bra, this means you are naked.” He said before flipping their position. Now she was under him, gazing at him. He was still blindfolded, his lips were curved in evil smile. He started sucking and licking her twins, playing with another one. She moaned, moving her hands through his hair. He pulled off the blindfold before taking her lips in his mouth. He was kissing her hungrily, and Nandini responded to him with equal flavour, fisting his hair. His hands were still massaging her twins.

“Manik, I want to play more.” She spoke up as they broke the kiss.

“Okay, my baby, but your turn is over because I guessed right.” He told her.

“No, it’s my turn, please, hubby bubby.” Manik agreed instantly because nobody could deny her cute request.

Manik again lie down on the bed and blindfolded himself. Nandini came with something in her fist and she chuckled opening her fist. It was her red lipstick. She started writing something on his tummy.

“Yes, my baby, I am only yours.” He smiled and spoke because he understood that she wrote on his tummy that you are the only mine. She again became confused that how he came to know that she wrote this, but she smiled because he still didn’t guess the thing.

“You have to guess the thing, hubby.” As she said, Manik immediately answered her.

“It’s your lipstick.” Nandini made a sad pout, but one idea came into her mind to win the game.

“L, I, P,” he started spelling it, but before that Nandini started applying the lipstick on his lips and she was laughing like hell.

“What the hell, what are you doing, Nandini?” He shouted, trying to push her away. But she sat on his stomach because she was so adamant to apply the lipstick on his lips. It was her cute way to distract him.

“Applying the lipstick on your lips, it is game, Manik. You can’t stop me like this.” She said cutely while still applying the lipstick. Manik was lying straight as he had no choice.

“Yippie, I won, you didn’t complete the task.” She squealed joyfully after three minutes, she was super happy as she became successful in distracting him. By doing this she won the game also, now Manik understood her plan.

“You’re very smart, baby.” He said after removing the blindfold and Nandini started laughing loudly seeing his face, he was looking funny with lipstick on his lips. Manik got lost in her, forgetting everything and suddenly one more game came into his mind.

How do you find the update?

How do you find this game?

Love Mehak

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