(Part: 13) Burning Desires (Sidnaaz)

Shehnaaz’s POV:

As I heard the doorbell, I quickly fixed my hair to go and open it. I have no idea why I’m feeling nervous in the first place.

It is just a date with a guy.

A guy who is making me feel all kind of emotions that I never felt before. I took a deep breath to compose myself and strolled to the door.

“Okay, this is it. No turning back.” I murmured to myself and opened the door to reveal a dashingly handsome Sidharth.

This is the first time, I’m seeing him in casuals and trust me this man has the ability to kill anyone by just wearing a simple tee with the red jacket and dark blue jeans. He’s such a Greek god. I couldn’t help, just trailed my eyes all over his muscular and appealing body.

Dear Lord, he’s so damn hot.

“Wow… You look..umm… Hot!” He breathed out, roaming his hand in his hair. I’m wearing a black dress that reached my mid-thighs and wore minimal make-up. I couldn’t help, but blush at his comment sheepishly.

Fuck me, I’m blushing like a typical teenage girl. This man is blowing my mind.

“Yeah yeah..you can do more better,” He said in a teasing tone.

Damn this guy is my death.

“What do you have in your hand?” I asked, ignoring his teasing.

“Nice try, Shehnaaz ” He chuckled.

“Hey, I’m serious. Tell me, what do you have in your hand.” I defended myself, and I was curious too. I had no idea what he had planned for our date, but I was excited already.

“Umm… Well… I got you some flowers and I wasn’t sure I should give it or not… Umm… This is the first time I’m taking someone on the date… You know… and it’s completely fine if–” I placed my finger on his lips, shutting him up.

I found him so cute being all nervous just like me. But the surprising part is that this is his first date. I can’t believe it.

He’s taking efforts for me?

Am I that special to him?

How can I get so lucky?

“You really talk too much.” I whispered, stepping closer to him, and he held out the flower to me.

Red Roses and my breath hitched!

“You’re precious to me, Shehnaaz. I never thought that any girl will affect me so much one day.” He whispered, snaking his one arm around my waist, coming more close to me.

His touch and our proximity accelerated my heartbeat and my breath became heavy. I’m just gazing in his brown bewitching eyes.

“If you become angry or sad, it affects me a lot. I want to see the smile on your face, Always. I want to fill your life with the happiness.” He continued, gazing in my eyes, making me feel all kind of emotions which I never experienced before.

His words touched my heart.

“So, will you permit me to be the reason behind your smile? Will you permit me to bring happiness in your life? Will you permit me to make our life beautiful? Will you permit me to experience these beautiful feelings?” He whispered and held out the flower in front of me, and my breath hitched.

Red Roses, his chocolate brown eyes!


“Yes,” I whispered, joining our foreheads together.

“And before this, I never had fond of flowers, Sidharth. I never thought these things can bring happiness in real life too. I tried to remember the last time someone ever got me flowers which were never. But now, this is my favourite flowers.” I confessed genuinely.

This is the most beautiful feeling ever. I don’t know what it is. In fact, I don’t want to name it because I just can’t describe these feelings in words.

This is beyond beautiful.

How I get so lucky?

These things happen in real life too?

“I don’t mind standing here with you whole night, but I really want to make you feel more special, baby girl.” He whispered, caressing my cheek with his thumb slightly. I closed my eyes in response, getting lost in his touch.

Oh God, his single touch is incredible.

“So can we leave?” As he asked, removing his hand from my face, I came on the earth back and opened my eyes. We passed a smile to each other.

“Let me take care of these.” I whispered, pointing at the flowers and walked to the dining to fill the vase with water.

A part of me is excited and happy at the way things are going, but I’m scared to be happy, it never really ends in a good way. I tried to fight my feelings for Sidharth and convinced myself that he’s making a genuine effort for me, and now it’s my time to just trust him.

I just wanted to let myself loose and give it a try for once.

He uttered, “you’re taking so long.” As I felt him behind me, my heartbeat accelerated instantly. Before I could turn around and respond, he wrapped his arms around my waist and moved my hair to one side.

“I hope our date is not going to be in my apartment,” I let out a nervous chuckle, but my breath hitched as I felt his hot breath around my neck. My entire body was burning up with desires, but suddenly I felt something touching my neck. He hang the beautiful pendant around my neck.

“The night isn’t over yet, Shehnaaz.” He whispered and nuzzled crook of my neck and began placing chaste kisses there, and that was enough to blow my mind off. I forgot about the pendant also.

“Sidharth–” I moaned, pushing my back against him, and his hands ran all over my sides. I squeezed my thighs together as I felt the wetness pooling between my legs. He turned me around swiftly and pushed me against the table.

“You have no idea what you do to me, baby girl.” He spoke with our forehead, touching.

“As much as I want to take you right here, right now, I also want to get to know you.” He caressed my cheeks and a small smile crept on my face.

“Let’s get going then, and yeah, you better impress the hell out of me, Mr Shukla,” I smirked and pushed him away, earning a chuckle from him.

We were soon on the road and I still had no idea where he was taking me. My guess was some fancy restaurant because he’s “The Sidharth Shukla”.

Where are we going? I asked for the millionth time and he shook his head.

“Patience, kiddo!” He spoke, not taking his eyes off the road. But wait! What he just called me? Kiddo? Seriously?

“What did you just say? Kiddo?” I asked, shock clearly visible on my face.

“Yeah… Why? Any problem?” He asked and glanced at me, smiling before moving his eyes back at the road.

Is he mad?

“Problem? Are you even serious? You called kiddo to the girl whom you’re taking on a date?” I chided him.

“You’re the first one, did you forget already?” He shrugged, casually.

“How can someone look cute and annoying at the same time?” I murmured to myself and automatically a smile appeared on my face.

“Unbelievable, don’t call me that… Oh, wait… Are you making fun of my height?” I asked, frowning.

“What? Obviously not, why would I?” He defended himself.

“You better not be, otherwise I will kill you!” I threatened him, though the look on his face was treat to watch.

“Are you threatening your boss?” He asked, narrowing his eyes, looking hell sexy. Haye, I’m dead.

“Is it working?” I too played along.

“Definitely, this time you might spill hot coffee, nah?” He chuckled, and I widened my eyes.



HE KNEW!!!!!!

“Li–Listen actually–” I tried to cover up but definitely it’s not happening and I gave up, shutting my eyes tightly, feeling so embarrassed.

It’s so embarrassing, no wonder he’s calling me kiddo!

“And now you can’t stop me, calling you this, Kiddo!” He chuckled again, pulling my cheeks while I ignored his comment, sitting quietly admiring the chain, he gave me. It’s a beautiful platinum heart pendant.

And this is the first time, someone gifted me something.

It’s special!

I looked at his side from the corner of my eyes. He had a beautiful face with the perfect jawline all the girl gush about along with the perfect beard which was not too much or not little, just the right amount.

He’s perfect.

“Done checking me out?” He asked, interrupting my thoughts.

“Huh?” I blinked, coming out of my trance.

“You know, I won’t mind if you will check me out, openly.” He uttered, having sly look on his face.

“Wha–No! Stop teasing me,” I muttered, peeling my gaze away from his stupid hot face.

“We are here. Come on,” He laughed, unbuckling the seat belt. It was vividly dark outside and I noticed that we were in the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t see any restaurant or buildings.

“Are you planning to kidnap me?” I joked as I got out of his car.

“Yupp, you’re pretty smart.” He played along, scooping me in his arms, making me startled.

“Just feel each and everything, Shehnaaz. It’s our date.” He whispered, staring in my eyes and in response I just wrapped my hands around his neck, leaning against his neck.

It feels so good!

He started walking and all I can see is darkness around us, but I don’t care. I just want to feel these moments. I just want to get lost in his arms. I just want to be this close to him, always.

After good five minutes of walk, he kept me on the ground, so carefully as if I’m so delicate.

My eyes not for once left his angelic face. I can’t help it.

“Turn over here,” He pointed to my right and I followed his direction. My jaw dropped to the floor at the sight in front of me.

Holy fuck!

There is a wooden bench with a picnic basket and wine and some other stuff layed out on the table. The entire set of is next to a river with fairy lights all around the place, taking my breath away. It is so beautiful and thoughtful. I can’t believe he did all this for me.

It looked so romantic and intimate.

“You did all these arrangements for me?” I asked, tears brimmed in my eyes. It’s so heart touching.

When did I get so lucky? When? I asked myself this, again and again.

“Hey, I did these arrangements for your smile, not for these tears.” He pouted, clasping my face in his palm, rubbing my tears, making me feel all kind of happiness in just mere seconds.

“You know, this place is very close to my heart.” He uttered, stroking my cheeks with his thumbs, gazing deep in my eyes. I can clearly see tears forming in his eyes.

But why?

“When I was a child, I used to come here with my parents. This place stores best memories of my life. When my mom died, I was just eight. She had a brain tumour. I didn’t know that time why she’s leaving me but after her death, I and dad never came back here. We just can’t. But I don’t know what got into me that I wanted to come here, again, ” He confessed, joining our forehead, “With you,” He whispered, and tears rolled down his eyes.

“Sidharth, I’m- I’m,” I chocked, wiping his tears, feeling his pain.

“Shehnaaz, shit. Don’t cry, please.” He panicked when he realised that I’m in tears.

Damn! He’s so caring!

“Damn, shit! I’m a dumbass. You’re crying because of me. I’m such an idiot. I wanted to make you smile and what I’m doing. It’s our date, Shehnaaz. I don’t know why I started this topic, please don’t–” I placed my finger on his lips.

“Shh- I’m happy that you shared this, it means a lot,” I uttered.

“And yeah I forget to tell you that you really talk too much,” I said to lightning the situation while he chuckled in response.

“Now let’s see, what you got us for dinner.” I giggled and walked to our cute wooden table with him, following me closely behind.

“Well, Miss. Gill, is it safe for me to assume that I have impressed the hell out of you?” He called out, making me turn around. He looked so handsome under the fairy lights that all I wanted to do was pull and kiss him so badly. Even though our date was yet to start, I was sure of one thing.

He’s special for me too!

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