(Part: 57) Mine (Manan)

“Hubby, wait, I will check, you stay here.” Nandini stepped out of the bathroom.

She was strolling to the main door and cursing the person who was on the door because he disturbed their romance. After setting her dress properly, she opened the door. There was standing Mukti and Cabir.

“No, you can’t go inside. I won’t let you meet Manik because like you hid the truth and now I will take revenge.” She said angrily.

At that time she was double angry, first because they kept the truth hidden from her and second they disturbed their romance.

“But Nandini,” before they could speak further, Nandini shut the door on their faces in fury. Mukti and Cabir glanced at each other helplessly.

Manik was smiling, seeing his angry Nandu, standing at the door of the bathroom. Nandini strolled to him with a serious look.

“Hubby, I’m still angry with you also.” As Nandini said this, Manik smile flew away.

“But Nandini, I hid the truth because I didn’t want to see you sad.” He tried to explain her by clasping her hands, but still, she was glaring at him with a cute angry pout.

“Hubby, we’ll talk about this later on, first let me a bath with you.” As she uttered in a serious tone, a grin appeared on his face, recalling about their romance while having a bath.

He held her face and moved closer to her. “I think we should continue our romance.” He whispered.

Nandini’s next reaction shocked him.

“No, no romance, not now, you’re not fine, you need rest, that’s why no romance.” She denied strictly, and he looked at her as a sad baby.

“Don’t you have any question about this?” He raised his brows and asked, trying to make her agree for romance because he knew she also wanted the romance, but she was not saying because of him.

“I have lots of questions, hubby, but I will ask after the bath, you need rest. Why are you not understanding?” She tried to explain it to him.

“Hey, Nandini, don’t worry about me, I’m fine. By the way, I was feeling less pain when we were romancing.” A smirk flashed on his face.

“Then please hubby continue the romance.” She squealed cheerfully, coming into his talks. Manik grinned broadly because he finally became successful in making her agree for romance.

“But hubby, why this part was vibrating like it will blast?” She asked shyly, pointing her finger at her middle of the thigh. Manik chuckled after listening to her words.

“Because you want me to come inside you.” As Manik answered her, Nandin widened her eyes in utter shock.

“You mean to say that I want sex?” She asked to confirm and instantly hid her face with her palms sheepishly. Manik just grinned.

“Oh, so my baby became so smart.” He praised her, removing her hands from her face. She cutely nodded her head at him.

“But hubby, one more thing I want to ask. Could I?” As she asked, Manik nodded his head in approval.

“When you were rubbing this,” she pointed her finger at the middle of thighs, flushing hard at him. “with this,” she added, swaying her finger to his thigh crotch “something was building up in my stomach, what was that hubby?” Manik was just grinning. She loved to answer her questions. He enjoyed it.

“Hmm, I can’t explain this to you orally. You’ll understand when I explain to you practically.” Nandini opened her mouth in O shape.

“So explain to me, because I can’t wait for more, something is happening here, I want relief.” She said innocently.

“I think it is high time to give you your first orgasm, but when I will get my first orgasm.” He wondered in his mind.

“So, lie down on bed baby.” As he instructed, she nodded her head at him. She sauntered to the bed and lay down on the bed. Manik smiled and came above her. First, he gently kissed her lips, pouring his all love and then he pulled her dress out of head by holding its hem. He placed lots of kisses on her tummy and she giggled under him, enjoying.

“Baby, could I remove this?” He politely asked, pointing his finger at her panty because he didn’t want to do anything against her will.

“If there is a need, then remove it.” She answered him innocently, her words were clearly showing how much she trusted him.

“Aww baby, I love you so much.” He confessed and pecked her lips after coming close to her face. “I love you more.” She pecked his lips like a copycat.

He moved down and grasped the waistband of her panty. He was pulling it down her legs, gazing at her intensely. He pulled it out of her legs and as he looked at her most private part, she instantly closed her eyes shyly. He moved his eyes up to her face and smiled at her.

“Beautiful.” As she heard his voice, she opened her eyes.

“It is beautiful, but I don’t like it, it is so hairy.” She uttered whatever was going in her mind without any hesitation. Manik chuckled.

“Don’t worry I will shave it, then you will also like it?” He uttered, and stroke her hairy private area. She closed her eyes in response as his hand touched her private part.

He grasped her thighs and opened her legs, and as he rubbed her most sensitive spot slowly with his index finger, Nandini clutched the bedsheet.

“Hubby…” As he rubbed her vigorously and faster, Nandini moaned under him. He came above her and sucked one of her twins, his hand was still doing his work. She moved her hand in his hair. Her eyes were closed, she got fully lost in him. She never imagined about this in her life before. She was feeling incredible.

Again like before something started building up inside her stomach and Manik understood, “Baby, let it go.” He spoke and continued rubbing her.

“Ahaaa…” She exploded, her legs were shaking. She experienced her first orgasm of life and she felt incredible.

He removed his hand and she was breathing heavily, her twins were rising and falling. “Hubby, what… was that?” She asked difficultly looking at him, he was just grinning. But now he had to explain to her about this in detail.

How do find Nandini’s first orgasm?

Few words for innocent and cute nandu?

Love Mehak

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