(Part: 59) Mine (Sidnaaz)

Sana knocked on the door of Mukti’s room.

“Come in.” As Mukti said, Sana opened the door. “Didu, I need your help.” She stepped into her room.

Mukti smiled at her, sitting on the sofa. “Which means you forgave us?” Mukti asked happily, standing up.

“Yes, but you have to promise me one thing that you will never hide anything from me or else I won’t talk to you.” As she asked for the promise, Mukti nodded her head negatively.

“Never, sweetie.” Mukti hugged her, smiling widely.

“Didu, I want the very short dress to impress hubby. You know didu I read on google, this is the best way to make hubby happy.” As she told everything, Mukti just smiled.

“Bhai is gone today because this is the best way to seduce your husband “Mukti murmured to herself.

“So tell me didu, how is my plan, it will work or not?” She raised her brows.

“Sweetie, it will work, I am assuring you. Wait let me choose a perfect dress for you.” Mukti was finding a perfect dress for her in the cupboard, Sana was standing, her eyes were shimmering with excitement.

Sana stepped out of the bathroom after wearing the red hot dress. For the first time, she was looking sexy. The dress was coming up to her mid-thigh and the neck was very deep. Her cleavage was fully exposed and those black heels were making her hotter.

“Hubby.” She sexily called him, standing at the door of the bathroom. As he heard her husky voice, he instantly moved his eyes to her. He became numb as he saw her in that Avatar. She strolled to him sexily. He was gazing at her, swaying his eyes from her sexy legs to her half-exposed twins.

“Ahaha…” she shouted as she lost her balance and about to slip because high heels, but he hurriedly caught his heroine on time.

“This happened when a cute girl tries to become sexy,” Sidharth said making her stand properly and she smiled sheepishly at him.

“So how I am looking, hubby?” She asked cheerfully, testing if Sidharth was still angry with her or not.

“I want to tear your dress and want to eat every part of your body.” He grasped her waist and yanked her to himself. Sana placed his hands over his chest, gazing at him.

“My plan is working, hubby has utterly forgotten that he was angry with me, haha…” she wondered, looking at. He was sexily brushing her lips.

“Hubby, kiss me, don’t tease.” She ordered him in a dominating tone. After getting the order from her sexy wife, he didn’t wait for a single second, he clasped her face and slammed her lips. Both of their lips were moving in rhythm. But before their kiss turned into a passionate one. Sana pinched his hand, first time he didn’t react because he was so lost in the kiss, but as she again pinched him, he broke the kiss.

“What happened?” He asked annoyingly, rubbing his hand where she had pinched him. She was looking at him guiltily.

“Hubby, my legs are paining, because of these heels I couldn’t able to kiss you properly, that’s why I pushed you, sorry.” As she answered him cutely, and her all irritations flew away.

“Jump on me.” As Sidharth ordered and she narrowed her brows in confusion.

Today Sidharth had no time explained to her because he was getting more and more turned on by seeing her in that sexy attire. So he hastily wrapped her one leg around his waist and same he did with her another leg.

“Hold me tightly, baby.” As he ordered, Sana encircled her arms around his neck. He pinned her against the wall before attacking to her cleavage

As he yanked her dress down, her twins popped out. He was kissing, chewing and biting her twins, and Sana was moaning like hell, moving her hands in his hair. After getting satisfied with her twins, he attacked her neck. He pulled the dress down her shoulder and placed a few kisses on her shoulder. She was enjoying the touch of his lips, feeling incredible. Her heart was thumping.

He made her stand on the floor and removed her heals after kneeling on the floor before her. He trailed kisses up her sexy legs, holding her waist. Sana held his shoulder to balance herself. His touch was driving her crazy. He tore her dress and kissed her thigh.

“Hww… hubby, you tore Didu’s dress, now what would I say to her?” She was thinking about the dress in romance too.

“Hubby… ” She tried to stop him, but he didn’t listen because he was so lost in her. He stood up and she again tries to speak something, but Sidharth placed his finger on her lips and stopped her.

“No baby, today you have awakened the monster inside me, now bear the consequences.” He moved dangerously close to her and again started kissing her twins and gave hickey also. He slipped his one hand down into her panty and rubbed her core vigorously, Sana moan loudly. He got so lost in her, forgetting that she was his small baby. For the first time, he was so wild with her in romance. He had never made her twins red before with love bites. He just got carried away after seeing her in the sexy dress.

Tears dropped down her eyes and as they directly fell on his shoulder, he instantly stopped his work and swept his eyes to her face, then moved his eyes down to her twins which he had made red. He was feeling guilty to make her cry.

He freaked out. “Oh shit, I’m sorry, Sana, is it hurting you? I’m big a fool, asking the stupid question from you, you are crying which means it is hurting you.” He became crazy because he was feeling guilty for making her cry, he gave her pain.

“Hubby, you didn’t hurt me.” She sobbed and uttered, wiping her tears.

Sidharth narrowed his brows bemusedly. “Then why are you crying?” He asked.

“I felt very bad when you didn’t listen to me, I called you two times and you stopped me.” She cutely told him, still crying.

“Aww baby, forgive your hubby, and now I will listen, say.” He asked her to say after clasping her face, smiling.

“Hubby, the dress which you have torn, it was not mine, it was Didu’s dress, now what I will say to her?” As he heard her question, he chuckled.

“Seriously Sana, you stopped our romance and you were crying for this?” He asked in utter disbelief. She was staring at him as an innocent baby.

“Hmm…” she just hummed, nodding her head positively like a cute baby.

“Hubby, tell me what I will say to didu?” She asked again cutely.

Isn’t it is funny, Sana was standing naked in front of Sidharth and they were discussing the dress which had been torn off?

“Baby, from whom you have taken the dress, she already knew that the dress is going to be torn off, so just chill.” He explained to her.

“How?” Again Sana was ready with her question bank. Sidharth held his head and regretted why he said this to his small baby.

“Because this happens between all couples mostly. Therefore she knows this, so now you don’t need to take tension.” He explained her properly now. As she nodded her head, Sidharth sighed with relief.

“Hubby, now you can continue, again something is happening me there.” She told him sheepishly, pressing her legs. He grinned at her.

“So my baby wants to cum?” As he asked, he again regretted to use the word cum in front of Sana.

“Come, where I want to come to Sidharth, what are you saying?” Sidharth held his head again listening to her words.

“Sana I am not talking about C.O.M.E. come, I am C.U.M. cum.” He tried to explain her.

“What’s that mean?” She again asked.

“Sana, the thing which you was saying pee that is called cum.” He told her.

“But hubby, you told me that it is called orgasm.” She asked confusingly and this time Sidharth wanted to bang his head on the wall.

“Sana, it is called as orgasm and cum both, now please could we continue our romance, baby? I’m tired.” He asked she nodded her head cutely. After that Sidharth continued where he left.

Like this a week passed away with Sidnaaz romance and Sana took proper care of her hubby. After a week Sidharth went to the office after promising Sana, he would come back after completing the meeting in an hour.

An hour passed away, Sana was waiting for Sidharth. He didn’t come, but she received a message from him.

Sidharth: Sana a car is waiting for you outside and it will drop you where I am waiting for you.

A broad smile flashed on her face as she read his message.

After getting ready, she came out and sat inside the car which was standing out of her house.

“Mam, where you are going alone?” The security guard asked from Sana.

“Uncle, Sidharth has sent this car for me, he messaged me,” Sana told him cheerfully.

“Wait first I need to ask from sir.” The security guard said and hurriedly called Sidharth to confirm, but he wasn’t picking up his call.

“Driver uncle, Sidharth is waiting for me, start the car.” She said to Driver, her eyes shimmering with happiness. The driver started the engine of the car. ”

“Oh no, mam went away. Now, what would I say to sir?” Security guard became tensed and then he dialled Sidharth’s office number.

“What, I didn’t send any car for Sana?” Sidharth freaked out when Security told him.

“But, mam was saying that you have messaged her, “the security guard said.

“Oh shit,” Sidharth shouted as he recalled somebody had stolen his phone in the morning.

On the other hand, the driver stopped the car on the bridge.

“Sidharth, where are you?” Sana happily came out of the car after calling him. She looked down the bridge and got scared. “Ahaha…” she shouted as the driver pushed her from the bridge.

Love Mehak

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