(Part: 14) Burning Desires (Sidnaaz)

Shehnaaz’s POV

I shook my head and cleared my throat, knowing that he is waiting for my response.

“The date isn’t over yet. I’ll tell you later tonight,” I winked and turned around, trying to calm my racing heart. The night is so peaceful and calm with the cold air blowing around us. It felt so good against my skin and I felt free for the first time in forever.

“Sit down, baby doll.” He gestured towards the table, where lots of cushions have been placed, giving a romantic and cosy feeling.

I tried to hide the huge grin that was about to break on my face. I sat down.

I think I’m in a dreamland.

“Why you always called me by these childish nicknames?” I chuckled as he sat down opposite to me.

“Because you look like one!” As he answered, I narrowed my brows.


“Yeah..” He shrugged.


“Haven’t you ever noticed yourself?” He smiled and started to unravel the picnic basket.

“What do you mean?” I asked, raising my eyebrows. Confusion is clearly visible on my face.

“You look like a baby, innocent little baby, my baby.” He uttered and my breath hitched.

“That’s why I call you by these names, kiddo.” He chuckled and a small smile appeared on my face too.

He’s so caring and sweet.

Who said these things nowadays?

I never thought this guy can be this sweet too.

“I thought, you love troubling me only, I never thought you will be this sweet too,” I uttered trying to hide my blush.

“Well, I’m not sweet for everyone. My this side is exclusively reversed for you, I guess.” As he confessed, my heart skipped a beat. I can clearly see honesty in his eyes. His each and every word means the world to me.


I don’t know!

Or maybe, I don’t want to say.


I always know one thing, that most beautiful feeling in this world cannot be seen or even touched, they must be felt with your heart, and now, I can proudly say that I’m experiencing that feeling.

Only, because of him.

He’s trying to be vocal today, I can clearly see that.

For whom? Only for me!

He’s taking so much initiative, for whom?

Only For me, for my Insecurities.

And these things mean a lot to me. I’m so happy that I gave him a chance. No, in fact, more than him, I’m happy because I gave myself a chance.

And this happened, only because of him.

I don’t know what happened with me, but I couldn’t control myself and suddenly I uttered in a serious tone. “Why me, Sidharth?” For a moment, everything just stopped, I got so lost in his deep chocolate brown eyes that I almost forget about our surroundings.

“Ugghh?” He has no answer.

“Who am I to you?” I whispered, making him startled.

Maybe he didn’t expect this question that soon but what should I do? I too don’t know why I asked this.

Is he going to say that what I want to listen but am I ready for that?

“Shehnaaz… You are the first girl in my life, with whom I want to experience each and every beautiful feeling. You’re the first girl for whom I want to change myself. I’m not perfect Shehnaaz, but I want to be perfect, only for you.” He confessed genuinely.

“Why?” I asked suddenly.



“Because you’re mine.” He whispered, and my breath hitched.

Before too, he had called me “mine” but today I can see something more beautiful in his eyes when he uttered those words. Today, I can see something more powerful, more passionate, more pure.

Not for once, I take my eyes off him. Our eyes are communicating more, that we won’t able too.

“Can we have our dinner, kiddo?” He chuckled, breaking my trance.

“Umm yeah. Sure.” I uttered and started helping him spread out the food. I noticed he brought pizza, red wine and noodles.

Simple and sweet.

No fancy things! Just the way I love!

“I don’t want to make things fancy and you know… What I mean.. So… ” He spoke nervously and I’m literally blown away by this man who is right in front of me.

He’s so caring.

“It’s perfect, Sidharth.” I blushed, not meeting his gaze.

“Thank god.” A mischievous grin appeared on his face. “And I have bought spare cold coffee too, In case you want to take a revenge about something else… You know..” He teased, earning a glare from me.

“Stop teasing me, otherwise now I’m definitely gonna do that.” I threatened him and he chuckled.

“By the way, it’s yummy,” I said, mouth full of food, concentrating on my dinner.

“Thanks, kiddo!” He chuckled, taking a few bites of his food.

“Tell me about you,” I asked, changing the subject and he told me all about his childhood and family and his college days in London.

“So you were a player?”

“Umm… Not exactly. I never want to get into any relationship or any commitments and with the girls, I hang out, they knew. So.. Yeah… ” He confessed, honestly.

“But why you don’t want commitments and all?” I uttered.

“Umm… Maybe destiny has stores something beautiful for me. Someone special.” He uttered, gazing deep in my eyes fondly. The intensity of his eyes is making me feel out of the world.

“Tell me something about your childhood.” He asked making me startled.

Shit! Am I ready to talk about my personal life?

But everything is so beautiful, I don’t want to think about my past.

As he clasped my hand, I came on the earth back. “It’s okay, Shehnaaz. If you don’t feel like sharing then I don’t force you. Don’t think.” He uttered and I could clearly see the disappointment on his face.

Shit! I disappointed him!

I need to make him understand!

“Sidharth, it’s not like that. I mean, I want to share about myself but I just don’t want to think about that, not today at least. I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to ruin our date thinking about my past. This is the best day of my life and I don’t want to bring any bad memories today… Y-you k-know–” I tried to explain.

“Shh… Relax. I will wait.” He brought my hand near to his mouth and placed a soft kiss.

I’m so touched. I’m just gazing at him. He’s so sweet and understanding me so much.

“Okay?” As he asked, I came on the earth back and gave him a slight nod.

“Dessert?” He asked after clearing his throat and I stood up from my seat while his eyes followed my every movement.

“Scoot over,” I strolled to him and I was about to sit down next to him, but he yanked me to his lap by grasping my hand, making me gasp a little at the sudden action. I threw my hair to one side and placed my hands on his rock hard chest.

“I will admit that you have impressed the hell out of me only if the dessert is also a winner,” I whispered and he smirked.

“Everyone loves chocolate, baby girl,” He uttered, smirking more making me raise my eyebrows.

“That’s a dangerous assumption, Mr Shukla.”

“Are you saying you don’t like chocolate?” He asked with a small frown on his face and felt his grip on my waist tighten.

“Why don’t we find out?” I spoke seductively, running my hands all over his chest and he let out a shaky breath.

“Umm… Okay,” He pulled out something from the picnic basket and handed it over to me.

“Chocolate cupcakes,” I tried to hide my smile and he just shrugged.

God, he’s so cute.

“Do you like it, Miss Gill?” He asked as I took a bite of it, running my tongue all over my lips to lick the cream.

“I loved it,” I uttered after wrapping my arms around his neck. “Well, I’m impressed, Mr Shukla.” I licked the cream which was still there. “Don’t..” He warned me and his eyes darkened and I realised my actions are arousing him.

But I don’t care, I want him so badly, I licked my lips again, grinning. He grabbed my face and brought it closer to his lips, licking the extra cream at the side of my mouth. My skin was burning from where he touched and I crashed my lips to his without thinking twice. We both started kissing each other with so much need and urgency.

“God, you taste so delicious.” He whispered against my lips after breaking the kiss. We both were breathing heavily. This is not our first kiss, but still, this kiss feels like something more different.

“This is the best date ever,” I confessed, gazing deep in his chocolate-brown eyes and I could clearly see a storm of different emotions in them. I could see care, admiration, joy, satisfaction and love.

“The date isn’t over yet, Shehnaaz.” He uttered, joining our foreheads.

“There is much more.” He uttered, picking me into his arms again, making my heart skipped a beat.

He is taking me to another direction of our table and I’m too busy noticing his features that I didn’t notice when he stopped.

“Look there.” He uttered, putting me down. My gaze followed where he was pointing at and the sight made me gasp.

He planned an outdoor movie night!

“Oh my god! Outside movie?” I squealed in happiness.

“Yup!” He chuckled.

I proceeded to take off my heels, but he stopped me and knelt in front of me and tried to remove my heels, making my breath hitched.

But before he could do so, I stopped him.

“Sidharth, please don’t. It’s not required.” I said.

“I called you mine, Shehnaaz. So let me treat you like a queen. Sidharth’s queen.” He smiled gently at me making me feel go all weak on my knees.

He took my heels off and placed it aside. Honestly, I don’t want him to touch my feet but the way he took care of me, he’s making me feel like a queen.

Sidharth’s queen!

This really feels like a dream.

These are the most beautiful two words I heard till date. These are the most magical words for me.

He too removed his shoes and jacket and then we settled on the mattress which is placed nicely on the grass.

He wrapped his both arms around my belly pulling me closer. My back was touching his chest. His face was so close to ear that warmth of his breath was directly falling on my neck, sending a shiver down my whole body.

His hold was so careful that I become so relaxed placing my head at his shoulder.

He’s making me feel like a home.

His care, his warmth made me realised that he’s my home.

The home, I craved for my whole life.

Thinking about him, unknowing tears rolled down my cheeks and directly landed on his hands which were wrapped around my stomach securely.

“Shehnaaz,” he startled but I stopped him immediately.

“Don’t say anything, Sidharth. Let me feel this beautiful night.” I whispered, wiping my tears, leaning more on his chest and he relaxed a bit.

He leaned forward and kissed the crook of my neck and I held his hands at my stomach tightly feeling his feather-like kiss.

“Didn’t I told you earlier that I want to be the reason of your smile, Shehnaaz?” He whispered and placed another kiss.

“You’re not the reason of my smile, you’re my smile. You’re the reason of my peace, Sidharth. You have no idea what I’m feeling right now. Thank you so much, Sidharth. Thank you.” I said in one go, taking fast deep breaths. I’m trying to control so many emotions.

He pulled me more into him making his hold around me more firm and strong.

“Then smile, baby doll.” He whispered, stretching my lips with his fingers, gesturing me to smile, making me chuckled.

He’s such a cutie.

“Now let’s enjoy our movie night, baby girl,” He whispered and cover us with the blanket.

I lay back placing my head at his shoulder while he slipped his hand and entwined with mine.

This is not the first time I’m close to him, but today, something has changed.

I’m feeling like out heartbeat is communicating with each other.

I tried to concentrate on the movie, but I couldn’t.

Halfway through the movie, I glanced up at him.

He was watching me intently.

“Fuck” He muttered under his breath and shifted us so that his body hovered over mine.

He looked down at my lips and then in my eyes.

“I don’t think, I need your permission for this.” He whispered almost inaudible to me. Before I could understand he lifted my chin with his fingers and pressed his lips against mine, gently. I too clutched his t-shirt, and responded immediately, getting lost in him. He was exploring each and every corner of my mouth. The kiss was gentle at first, but he accelerated his pace as I tried to match him.

I felt a shiver and tingles all over my body, the heat growing and creeping on my cheeks.

His lips were moulded against mine, perfectly.

He is right, he doesn’t need to ask my permission for this beautiful kiss.

We had kissed before too, but his every kiss will always hold different emotions, different meaning.

He broke the kiss when he feels that I’m out of breath.

I opened my eyes slowly and saw him gazing at me. I could see the satisfaction in his eyes. I could see a beatific smile on his lips.

I was going to say something, but before that, he once again captured my lips and kissed me passionately pouring his all heart out. I too pulled him more into myself, running my fingers in his soft hair.

The feeling is getting too much for me.

I moaned in his mouth as he tilted my face for better access while deepening the kiss.

We both pulled apart after good ten minutes when we were out of breath, breathing heavily.

“It was so magical.” He whispered, joining our forehead. I kept my eyes closed, catching my breath.

“I think, I need to stop.” He whispered, pulling us apart. I was going to pull him again but he stopped me.

“Let’s watch the movie, baby girl. I already got the best reward.” He uttered, rubbing his thumb on my bottom lip, making me smile, while I nodded my head.

He shifted back, pulling me more in himself, while I snuggled more in him. We continued watching the movie, while he had a calm face on, and It was like I just survived a hurricane.

I can’t able to concentrate on the movie, Flashes of today’s date, his magical words, his sweet and careful gestures are coming in front of my eyes.

A blissful smile didn’t for once leave my face.

Thinking about his sweet gestures, I fell asleep while I could feel him playing with my hair. Before I fell asleep completely, I felt a light kiss on the top of my head.

This night is the best night of my life because today I finally found my home.

Yes, my home. My Sidharth.

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