(Part: 65) Mine (Sidnaaz)

When she was cheerfully jumping after seeing the tickets, Sidharth was admiring her, standing on the door. His arms were crossed around his chest, he was smiling at her. Finally, after some weeks which were like ages for him, he got his baby back.

“Hubby, thank you so much, you are the best hubby in this whole world.” She squealed and hugged him. He hugged her back, having a smile on his face.

“Hubby, but there are only two tickets, where are the tickets of didu, jiju, Bhai, Arnav jiju, Navya bhabhi, Khushi?” She asked innocently after breaking the hug.

“Sana, only we are going.” As he said this, she pouted at him sadly.

“No, we all will go together. It will be so much fun, we will play lots of game there, please, hubby.” She requested and how he could deny his baby.

“Okay, baby.” He nodded his head. He was planning for their honeymoon, and she made their honeymoon a family trip.

“Wow, thank you.” She hugged him again. “When we will go, hubby?” She asked after breaking the hug and Sidharth told that they would go tonight.

“So I’m coming after informing everyone. You start packing.” She ordered him and left the room. He was just smiling, seeing her cuteness.

“Didu, Goa is on, start packing your bags.” She uttered merrily, entering into the Mukti’s Room. Mukti looked at her confusingly.

“What Goa?” Mukti asked, narrowing her brows.

“Yes, he has planned the trip for us. It will be so much fun. Didu, you will come with us na?” She asked cutely.

“Of course, sweetie.” Mukti agreed because how could anyone deny her. After that, she asked from everyone and made everybody ready for the Goa trip.

She came back to the room with a smile on her face, she was super excited for the Goa trip. Sidharth smiled at her, standing in the balcony. She rushed to him and gave Sidharth a shock by jumped over him and wrapping her legs around his waist and hands around his neck like a monkey. He difficultly balanced himself and hugged her tightly, he didn’t let anyone fall.

“Baby, be careful. You can fall.” He said concernedly.

“I know you will never let me fall, hubby.” She said cutely, he smiled at her broadly after listening to her words.

“By the way why did my baby attack me like this.” He asked and next moment she just slammed her lips with him. After so many days, they tasted each other lips. Those few days were like ages for them. They were pouring all love in their kiss. While kissing her, he pinned her against the nearby wall and with this he deepened the kiss. Her hands were roaming in his hair and her legs were tightly wrapped around his waist. After five minutes also, nobody was ready to break the kiss.

But finally, they broke the kiss indeed of oxygen. He left her waist also, but she wasn’t ready to leave him. Her legs were still wrapped around his waist tightly and her hands were wrapped around his neck. They both were so close to each other and they were feeling each other hot breath on their faces.

“That’s why I jumped on you. I wanted to kiss you, but my height, you know, hubby, I’m your smally smally tiny baby.” As she said cutely, Sidharth’s smile grew bigger.

“And my smally smally tiny baby is perfect for her tall hubby.” He pecked her lips and she giggled after listening to her words.

“Hubby…” She shouted and jumped out of his arms. Sidharth became hell shocked.

“What happened baby, are you fine?” He asked worriedly and her next words were unexpected.

“Hubby, it’s six pm, time is running, we have to pack our bags or else we will miss our flight.” She said worriedly and Sidharth took relief because there wasn’t anything serious.

“Baby, relax don’t worry about time, we are going by my private jet.” As he told her, she became super happy and smiled broadly.

“Wow, this means, now I have unlimited time to pack my bags.” She clapped her hands joyfully. He was just smiling at her like always. His happiness lies in her happiness.

“Sidharth, you know, for the first time I will sit in the plane. I thought that for the first I would go by plane with Mumma daddy also, but now,” she again became upset and a tear trickled down her cheek. He looked at her helplessly.

“But no worries, Mumma daddy is with me, in my heart right, let’s do the packing.” She smiled faintly and uttered, wiping her tear. Sidharth knew that still she wasn’t fully recovered from her pain. But he hoped that this Goa trip would make her forget her all pain.


Everyone settled down in the plane. She was admiring the plane. She found it very beautiful. “Wow Sidharth, it is magical, so amazing, I am so excited.” She whooped with joy and sat down. He smiled and sat down beside her.

“Listen, everyone, there will be no work in this trip, there will be only and only fun, Masti dhamal, if I see someone doing work and spoiling our trip, then I Sana Sidharth Shukla will punish him.” She strictly warned everyone like a teacher giving an order to their students.

“Yes, mam.” Everybody answered together and burst into laughter. She also laughed at herself. Everyone was happy after seeing Sana happy. They all are going on this trip for her only after leaving their all important work. It was clearly visible that how much they loved her.

When the plane was taking off, Sana held Sidharth’s hand tightly. She dug her nails and squeezed her eyes shut.

“Are you okay?” As he asked, she looked at him after leaving her hand.

“I am sorry, hubby, I hurt you.” after saying this, she started kissing his hand where she dug her nails. He was just smiling at her because he wasn’t feeling any pain, he was feeling glad to have her in his life.

“Scratch this hand also.” He held out his another hand in front of her and she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

“Are you angry with me? Please, forgive me.” She cutely said by holding her ear thinking wrong that he was angry.

“No, baby, I said that because I want your sweet kisses on my this hand also because after scratching my hand, you kissed my hand with so much love.” As he told her, a smile touched her lips.

“Hubby, but I want your sweet kiss on my lips, but now we can kiss each other after landing in Goa only, I don’t know how will I spend these two hours.” She said sadly. He smirked as a naughty idea came into his mind.

“Who said we can’t kiss here?” As he asked, she looked at him confusingly.

“We can kiss here.” He stated, smiling.

She instantly asked, “how, hubby? Everybody will tease us.” She had no problem in kissing each other publicly, rather she had a problem that they all would tease her.

He stood up and held her hand. “Sana, you are feeling sleepy, come with me.” As he said, she stood up, staring at her in confusion. He winked at her and led her into the private bedroom.

Sana widened her eyes in surprise as she saw the lavish room.

“It is like a home, Sidharth. Bedroom in the plane, wow amazing, I am not feeling that I am travelling in the plane.” She laughed, he was locking the door, his lips were curved in a smile.

After that Sidharth didn’t say anything, he just held her waist and pulled her closer to himself before capturing her lips with her. They go for another passionate kiss. After the kiss, Sidharth attacked her neck while his hand were massaging her twins. She was moaning, but suddenly something came in her mind and she pushed him. He raised his brows in shock.

“Hubby, someone will hear my moans.” She uttered worriedly and Sidharth chuckled.

“Baby, don’t worry, the room is soundproof.” He assured her.

“Oh, wow.” She squealed.

“Hubby, then why we are wasting time? Give me orgasm, I want it.” She said like she was asking for chocolate. Sidharth almost gasped after listening to her demand.

Before they could do or say something, the plane started shaking and weird sounds started coming. “Sidharth, what’s happening? I’m afraid, is our plane going to crash?” She asked, having fear in her eyes.

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