(Part: 67) Mine (Sidnaaz)

It was the time when I was trying to come out of my pain, I was very young to handle everything and take the responsibility of my younger siblings and the business. The Sidharth you met, I wasn’t like that in my teenage, I was a free bird, a carefree boy, but when all responsibilities came on my head after the death of my parents, I changed, I became a person which I never wanted to become. Rude, arrogant, and what you say angry monster. But you know Sana you have changed me again, your love changed me again for good. Now, let’s start my story.

After a year of pain, when no one was there with me to support me, I stopped smiling, I had forgotten the meaning of happiness. Then I saw you, you were coming out of school with your friends, I clearly remember that day, you were eating the lollipop. You know after a year I smiled. Yes, you were a little kid and it is common, kids bring a smile on everyone faces, but it wasn’t something usual for me, as in that year I had seen so many kids, but I had never smiled seeing them and this was the only thing eating up my mind why I smiled after seeing you.

For a month my mind and my heart were fighting a battle and I was confused and shocked that how come I thought about a 10-year-old kid. Daily I started visiting your school to see after school. I used to see you for three to fives minutes and they were enough for me to spend my whole day. They were the best few minutes.

You became my addiction, I started following you everywhere, from your school to house, from the shopping mall to the amusement park, like everywhere. When one-day goons attacked you, I became anxious for you, that time only I hired two men for your safety because I only got two hours in a day to see you and I remained restless for you whole day.

I have seen you growing up in front of my eyes, I never got bored seeing you. You were different and still, you are different, you never make me regret my choice even for once. You are unique, you are not like other girls, your heart, your soul is pure like crystal, the best thing is that you are perfect for me. Anger, stress, tension, I forget the meaning of all these words when I remain with you. You are the precious gift of god and I feel very special because God has given you to me. I love you so much, baby. I don’t know how much I love baby.

Sana was overwhelmed after listening to his words for her. She was feeling lucky to have him, nothing is more special for a girl than knowing how much your life partner loves you and respects you and how much special you are for him.

“Sidharth, I love you very very very very very much, “she said hugging him tightly coming on his lap. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and her hands around his neck. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her back tightly as like he never wanted to leave her, he was really afraid to lose her.

After long twenty minutes, they finally broke the hug which they never wanted to break. Sana gave him her beautiful smile and he was gazing at her, having so much love in his eyes.

“Hubby, I never knew that one day my life would also be like a romantic movie, wow it is amazing, you, my hero and I am your heroine, a perfect couple.” She clapped her hands cheerfully and Sidharth chucked.

“But hubby, why always there is a pain in movies and real life too?” She asked, her lips drew down in sadness. Sidharth became worried for her.

“You lost your parents and I also lost my parents, it is so painful. Hubby, I miss them a lot, I couldn’t meet them for the last time, I couldn’t give them a proper farewell to them.” She uttered, dejectedly looking him. He was speechless and feeling so much pain after seeing her like this. He could understand her pain very well.

“I miss you, Mumma papa, very much.” She said after moving her face up to the sky. She was saying this to stars “but you don’t worry because you left a bodyguard for me behind you, I am sure that he will protect me as you both had protected, so you live happily there and I will live happily here.” She said, having a smile on her face, but her eyes stored so much pain. Her voice was clearly showing that she would start crying in the next moment.

He didn’t say anything, he just sealed her lips with his lips because he didn’t find any other option. He wanted to take away her all pain by kissing her and wanted to give her relief, Sana clutched his shirt tightly from behind and deepened the kiss. Their crotch was pressing against each other and driving both of them crazy.

Then next wild act of his baby shocked him like hell.

She mechanically ground herself against him, she felt so damn good. She accelerated the speed, he was kissing her wildly and deeply. For the first time, Sana was unintentionally giving him pleasure. He was becoming hard. They both enjoying the wild and passionate kiss.

After that, he pushed her on the ground, came over her because he knew, if he let her do this more, this would lead to what he didn’t want because he knew still his baby wasn’t ready for it.

They were looking deeply into each other eyes. But again Sana shocked Sidharth. She squeezed his hardness over the jeans and made Sidharth groaned.

“Hubby, like something happens to me when you rubbed me, I know, no no I am sure something happens to you also, I am very intelligent, Sidharth so now I will give you what it is called as plea.., pleasure, “she said naughtily, still squeezing and rubbing him, Sidharth was moaning like hell.

“Sidharth, stop her or else you can’t able to control yourself afterwards.” The inner Sidharth who was dying to come inside Sana warned him. As he removed her hand and she narrowed her brows bemusedly.

Before she could ask him anything further, he attacked toward her neck and started squeezing and massaging her soft twins. Sana forgot everything started and moaned, clutching his shirt from behind and Sidharth sighed.

After that, he pulled off her top, but when he was about to take off her bra, she stopped him. He gave her confused looks.

“Sidharth, what if someone comes here and sees us like this?” As she asked, having fear in her eyes, he chuckled.

“Baby, do you really think that someone will see us here?” He laughed after saying this, she innocently nodded her head in response.

“Okay, if you aren’t comfortable here, so we will continue this in Goa.” As he agreed, she smiled. Then he made her wear top.

After sometime Sidharth was sitting with support of tree and Sana was sitting in his lap, resting her head on his chest. His arms were wrapped around her tightly. He was humming the melody in her ear because he wanted to make her sleep.

“Hubby, what was the price of the plane? You told me that it was your private jet.” She asked after looking at him worriedly.

“Baby, you don’t need to be worried about money when your hubby is here.” He chuckled after saying this.

“And hubby what about pilot uncle? Did he jump or not?” As she asked, Sidharth shook his head in disbelief because she was anxious about a strange too.

“Off course he jumped down, now the end of your question session, now you need to sleep.” He instructed strictly after pulling her in his arm. She also didn’t resist because she was tired, she slept within a few second.

After some time, Sana woke up as she heard the tiger roar. It was midnight and she was lying alone in the forest, Sidharth was nowhere.

“Sidharth…” she started screaming after getting up and the roaring of the tiger was continuously coming. A smile touched her lips as she saw Sidharth standing in front of her, but her smile faded away and she started sweating as she saw a tiger standing behind him.

How do find the update?

What do you think what will happen next ?

How do find naughty Sana and Sidharth state?

Love Mehak

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