(Part: 72) Mine (Manan)

“Then do it now, because I want to know whether it will give pain or pleasure to me.” She uttered after knowing the meaning of fingering.

“No, on your birthday, we will do this and now you are going to sleep and today you have to listen to me,” Manik said strictly after taking her into his arms, his words were clearly showing that how much he cared about her.

“This is very bad, hubby, you are bad, bad, very bad.” She beat his chest with her tiny hands and he was just laughing loudly.

“Yes, I’m very bad and now you are going to sleep,” Manik said after hugging her tightly and kissed her head. She stopped beating him.

“I hate you, hubby.” She closed her eyes and tried to sleep.

“And I love you,” Manik confessed and kissed her hair. She fell a fast asleep because she was tired and Manik knew it, therefore he was forcing her to sleep.

She woke up at 11 pm, rubbing her eyes and found him gazing at her having smile on his face.

“Good morning, hubby.” She wished him and hugged him. He laughed, hugging her back.

“Baby, it’s 11 pm, it is night not morning.” As Manik told her and she inserted looked outside, and then she came to know it’s night time.

“That’s good, it is still night because tomorrow is my birthday and I will cut the cake at twelve o’clock, Manik, call everyone, I am super excited.” She excitedly clapped her hands. He was just smiling at her, he never saw anyone that much excited for her birthday before.

“Everybody will be here in an hour and now it’s time to have dinner.” Manik told her, and she agreed by nodding her head.

“But before this, I want something,” she said and Manik looked at her confusingly.

“Hubby, I want a kiss.” As she said, he hastily came over her and captured her lips. He was kissing her lips chastely, pouring his all love in the kiss, she also responded to him with equal flavour and passion. But he widened his eyes in shock as suddenly she started beating her hands on his chest. Manik looked at her confusingly after breaking the kiss.

“Why always you will on top of me, why not me?” She complained innocently and Manik chuckled after listening to her words.

“So this was the reason for beating me in the middle of our kiss?” He asked and she nodded her head innocently. He just laughed after lying beside her.

“Hubby, why are you laughing? This is not a joke, this is a very serious matter and we should talk about this.” She said in a serious tone. Manik nodded his head positively, still laughing.

“Come on, now come above me, what are you waiting for?” Manik said, turning his head to her after lying straight on his back beside her. She grinned and hurriedly stood on the bed.

She sat on his stomach and leaned down to his face.

“Why are you so good, Hubby? You always listen to me and fulfil my all wishes and take care of me always.” She said after clasping his face.

“But when in the evening I was asking you to sleep, what you were saying, I am bad, I am very bad, “Manik said to tease her, wrapping his arms around her.

“Hubby, voh toh Meine aise hi bol diya tha, you are super duper good, you are not even a bit bad and now I am saying this from my heart that I love you and you are the best.” She confessed and captured his lips. After this, they went for a long passionate kiss.

He blindfolded her and led her to the balcony. At 12 am, he removed the blindfold and she saw the crackers were lightening in the sky, then it appeared in the sky ‘Happy Birthday Nandini’. She palmed her mouth and widened her in surprise. She found it very beautiful.

“Happy birthday, my baby.” He wished her and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

“Happy birthday, Nandu.” Everybody wished her, standing downstairs, they were burning the crackers. She looked down them and smiled at them.

She squealed cheerfully, “thank you so much.”

“I love this surprise, this is beautiful.” She hugged him tightly. She was going crazy with joy. He hugged her back, smiling widely. He kissed her hair.

After this, they all came upstairs and then Nandini cut the cake. They wished her and gave her gifts. She was super happy after getting lots of gifts from everyone. They all were happy too because their cutie-pie was happy.

“Okay, so today is my birthday so all will play the game of my choice.” She said excitedly and everyone nodded their heads.

They were thinking that the game would be kiddish like her, but no one knew what type of game she was going in her mind.

“We will play this game with our partners. In this, we have to kiss our partner and the couple who will kiss till last without any pause that couple will win the game.” She explained the game to them. Everybody was staring at Nandini, they were shocked that their baby Nandini was asking them to play the adult game.

“Baby, do you want to play this game, are you sure?” Manik asked to confirm.

“Why not, if Abhi and Arnav jiju made us play that adult game, then why not this one?” She gave a valid point.

“Okay, we’ll play.” He agreed to play.

“Wow, Nandini, the idea of this game is amazing, this will show who loves their partner more.” As Abhi said, everybody laughed.

All the couples stood in front of each other, they were looking at each other, having a smile on their faces. Their eyes were glinting with excitement.

“Start…” As Manik said this, they all started kissing each other like a hungry animal, but Manan started their kiss with slow speed like always. It seemed like the game was never going to end, they all could kiss each other till infinity.

He shamelessly pressed her twins in between the kiss when through the corner of his eyes he saw everyone busy in the kiss. Nandini moaned in his mouth. She wanted him to press her twins more and rub her inner thigh, but she knew she wouldn’t get it because everyone was present in the room. She wanted it badly and she didn’t want to lose the game too, So an idea came in her mind.

She stopped kissing him and left his shirt too which she was holding a few minutes back while kissing him. As Manik broke the kiss, she fainted over him.

Manik freaked out. “Baby, what happened? Open your eyes.” He patted her cheek. He became anxious for her, not knowing that she was just acting to get what she needed. Listening to his voice, they all broke the kiss and rushed to them.

He picked her into his arms and put her on the bed. He splashed the water on her eyes. She slowly opened her eyes. He sighed with relief and kissed her forehead.

“Thank god, you are fine,” he pulled her into a side hug. They all smiled, seeing their love.

“I think we should leave now,” Khushi said and Nandini was super happy from inside because her plan succeeded. Everybody nodded and left the room.

As they all left, she burst into laughter. Manik stared at her in shock.

“What happened, baby? Suddenly why are you laughing like this?” Manik asked looking at her confusingly.

“Because, I fooled everyone. I wanted to spend alone time with you, so that we can do romance. I just acted to faint and they all believed me and even you too. Wow, I’m a great actor.” She was telling about her plan proudly and she didn’t know that this was her wrong decision to tell Manik about her plan because act made him angry.

“Are you out of your mind, it was your acting, you know that how much you scared me, I got so much worried for you.” He chided her and she made a sad pout like a baby.

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