(Part: 2) Fallen For Vampire (Sidnaaz)

After he shouted at me, I wandered to the classroom wondering about my confused feeling. It was very strange for me that I was falling for the person whom I didn’t even know and the person who was behaving so curtly with me.

“But how could I fall in love with this type of person and that so soon?” This question was eating my mind.

And one more question was making me madder that why he was behaving so weird, he didn’t talk to anyone, he shouted at me without any reason, why he was like this? I was so eager to know about him, but who would tell me about him.

I stepped into the classroom after making my mind that today I would talk to him and ask him why he was behaving like this because my mind was blasting with lots of questions. My eyes found him, as always he was sitting on the first desk on the left side and like always he was engrossed reading the book, didn’t talking to anyone.

I took a deep breath and strode to him, staring at him. I sat beside him on the same desk where he was sitting.

He instantly turned his face to me and glared at me, frowning like I did a crime by sitting on his desk. I knew it was going to be very difficult for me to face the monster.

“Who gave you permission to sit with me?” He gritted his teeth and asked in fury as like next moment he would throw me out the window.

“Get up now and sit somewhere else.” As he roared at me, I flinched a bit.

I shook my head. “No, until you don’t talk to me properly, I won’t leave this desk.” I stated in attitude, inside I was scared a bit from him, but still, I was facing him with full confidence because today I was adamant to know why he was like this. I noticed that he became angrier after listening to my words.

“I’m giving you ten seconds, if you don’t leave this desk then you will see the real me.” He growled, moving closer to me, his eyes smouldering with anger.

“Leave from here right now.” As he bawled at me, all the students moved their eyes at us, but his behaviour didn’t affect me because I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t go until he talks to me. I didn’t know why I was bearing his anger and insult.

Is this the effect of love? Or there is something else? I was so confused because I was feeling a very strong connection with him which was forcing me towards him.

“Hey chill, bro, there is no need to create the scene here.” Abhi approached us and calmly said to Sidharth.

Thank god, Mukti wasn’t present in the class, if she had seen Sidharth shouting at me, she would have certainly punched him. Abhi was a very calm person. He always tried to handle all the matters calmly without losing his temper and this was the best thing which I loved about him. On the other side, Mukti was utterly opposite to him, she had short-tempered.

“Then take your friend with you.” Sidharth said in attitude looking at Abhi.

Before Abhi could say something, I again denied to go. “If you have forgotten, let me remind you that I won’t leave this place until you don’t talk to me properly.” I clenched his hands, glaring at me.

“Now don’t blame me for this.” He muttered before seizing my arm and tried to make me get up. I was shocked to see his stubbornness. I was just asking him to talk to me, but he was fighting with me.

“Can’t he talk for once with me? What is wrong with him?”I wondered, staring into his eyes which are smouldering with anger.

“Leave her hand right now, don’t you know how to behave with girls.” Now Abhi lost his patience, he tried to remove his hand.

“You are no one to tell me here, how to behave with girls, stay away.” Sidharth restored and jerked Abhi’s hand. Because of me, they started fighting and then I thought to end this as I didn’t want that they should fight more with each other because of me.

I stood up and held Abhi’s hand. He was glaring at Sidharth. “Abhi, stop and come with me.” Before Abhi could fight back, I led him out of the classroom, leaving angry Sidharth in class behind us.

I took Abhi to the canteen and we settled down. I told him everything that what I was feeling from the very first day when I had seen Sidharth. He was looking at me in utter disbelief and shock. His reaction didn’t shock me because even I was shocked too that this all was happening with me. I was falling for the person who wasn’t ready to even talk to me. It was strange.

“Sana, indirectly you are telling me that you are in love with him, am I right?” He asked to confirm and I moved my eyelashes down before giving him a slight nod.

“How could you fall in love with the very strange guy? I have never seen him talking to anyone. Today the way he treated you, then also?” Abhi asked incredulously.

I was completely agreeing with his words, but I was more confused than him why I was falling in love with him.

“Abhi, I don’t know what happens to me whenever I see Sidharth. I have seen some kind of a pain in his eyes and I want to know about that pain because his pain is bothering me. I know he is strange, weird, rude but you also know that love doesn’t see anything, love just happens.” I tried to explain Abhi about my feeling, that feeling about which I was still myself confused.

“It would sound stupid, but I really feel like I know him from ages.” I added, Abhi shook his head in disbelief.

“Shehnaaz, first be sure about your feelings and if you need my help in anything and want to share anything, I will be there for you.” He placed his hand over my shoulder and continued, “and don’t think too much, okay? We will do something about this, just trust in god like you always do and be strong.” Listening to his words, I felt a little better. I just hugged him and he hugged me back. He was my best friend. I knew that he would be there for me always.

“Abhi, whatever has happened and whatever I have shared with you today, please keep it a secret, don’t tell anything to Mukti as you know how she will react to this.” I asked Abhi to keep this secret because I didn’t want Mukti to know about all this. After all, she was very possessive for me. She couldn’t see me upset.

“Don’t worry.” He blinked his eyes.

I smiled at him. “I’m so glad to have you.”

He smiled too. “Always there for you.”

This type of friendship is blissful.

I came back home after this. I didn’t attend college today because I was disturbed and the main reason was that I didn’t want to face Sidharth. I didn’t know how to explain to him that what he was doing to me.

Why he is behaving so weird? Why he is so complicated? Why I’m falling for him? Why can’t he talk to me? Like every day, today also I kept thinking about all this, but no one could answer my question or explain to me except him.

Next day I ambled into the classroom, today I was wearing a black top with a blue denim jacket and white jeans. Like an idiot, I again strolled to Sidharth’s desk, it was like some magnetic power was attracting me towards him. He was making me crazy.

“Am I losing my mind?” I stopped and questioned myself after realising I shouldn’t go to him.

I turned back and bumped with a girl, my bag fell on the floor. I cursed my life before bending down and picking up my bag. I hastily strode to the desk far away from him.

“Thankfully he didn’t see me.” I sighed with relief, closing my eyes and resting my head against the desk.

After opening my eyes, I thought to call Mukti and Abhi because they were late today. As I searched for my bag, I came to know that my phone was missing. I instantly moved my eyes under the desk where Sidharth was sitting and unluckily my phone was lying there only.

“Why are you doing this with me, God? I’m trying to ignore him. You know that it’s so hard for me.” I murmured to myself before standing up. I walked to his desk, taking the slow steps, my heartbeat accelerating.

As he looked at me, he frowned at me and flared up. “So today again you want to create the scene. I don’t know what type of girl you are. I am saying you to stop interfering in my life, I am not interested in you, but you aren’t understanding such a small thing.” I rolled my eyes and bent down to pick up my phone, ignoring his words.

“What are you doing under my table? I am warning you to leave right now otherwise I will,” before he could say something more, I got up after picking my phone. He was shocked to see that I was picking up my phone. That time his face was worth watching. I difficulty control myself from smiling at that time after seeing his expression.

After this I decided that I would do something, I wouldn’t sit idle. I thought to make a plan so that there would be no other option left to him except talking to me.

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Love Mehak

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